Countering feels so good

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User Info: Nathbuds123

4 years ago#1
In previous RE games you would have sit there and take the pain. With countering I never have to worry, unless I mess up. How do you think the counter mechanic worked for this game?

User Info: GiveMeSomeVodka

4 years ago#2
i was just thinking the same thing playing a few games of onslaught.

finally! i liked the dodging of resident evil 3 so much, so i'm glad they brought countering attacks to re6.

but the game seriously needed to add the names of melee prompts. i cannot tell you how many times i've stepped on a downed enemy's head thinking i'd counter a leaping bloodshot or dog by executing the prompt.

User Info: good_tobi

4 years ago#3
Yeah it is good but I think it should be left out from Resident Evil game.
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User Info: Sephivengeance9

4 years ago#4
Considering the AI partner has God Mode, Godly Reflexes and the incredible ability to teleport me right into their arms in order to execute their counter, I've come to despise the system.
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User Info: YermomHoudini

4 years ago#5
fighting against AI on agent hunt mode is a nightmare! they will counter every time you try to go for the agent.
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  3. Countering feels so good

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