What do you like about Ada Wong?

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User Info: pogititserko

4 years ago#1
1. her boobs
2. her voice
3. her moves

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User Info: Neutron15

4 years ago#2
her face back then but now her voice
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User Info: polarkuma16

4 years ago#3
dat ass

User Info: Keroro_2350

4 years ago#4
1. Her secretive
2. Her fighting style
3. Calm attitude
4. Forever Young Face and body
5. Her weapons
6. Her crossbow quickshot gymnastic

User Info: Archiantagonist

4 years ago#5
Keroro_2350 posted...
3. Calm attitude

+ Chinese

User Info: Sunburst

4 years ago#6
She's the next best thing to Jill V.
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User Info: aFriendofaDevil

4 years ago#7
Sunburst posted...
She's the next best thing to Jill V.

Jill is the worst female character in RE series
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User Info: Heatherlover

4 years ago#8
sadly her loadouts in other modes a suck so Carla is better.
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User Info: GiveMeSomeVodka

4 years ago#9
i like her calm and collected personality. there is a new sarcastic and colder addition to her personality in re6 which i don't really like too much.

also her loyalty to the color red (such as green chris), and starting from re4, the butterfly symbol.

User Info: UnknownWin

4 years ago#10
her eyes loooooooooooooooooooooooool.
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