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User Info: dsar901

4 years ago#1
Your game story,not gameplay, ideas for RE7.
Mine are; 1) Jill valentien and Barry Burton have to team up to defeat a new coorporation that has stolen the T-virus from Umbrella. Barry Burton and Jill fight through Coorporation headquarters trying to kill all the infected monsters and zombies, untill they find destroy the T-Virus which is in a safe.

But obviously its a trap, and the entire coorporation headquarters is set on self destruct mode. Haha just like RE1. But as Jill and Barry rush to the abandoned Train station, in the headquarters, its how employees get to work, because the headquarters are underground, they are atacked by Nemesis who has been revived. They fight nemesis in closed quarters combat, but can't defeat him, because he is too strong.

So they have to run from him. Just as they are about to escape, nemesis charges through a wall and badly injures Barry. but barry and Jill find a grenade launcher, Barry uses his magnum revolver adn il uses the grenade launcher and together they destory nemesis.

But the facility still has to self destruct. they don't have enough time, barry's leg is badly injured and he can't walk well, jill insists on helping him get to the train, but barry knows they don't have enough time. But Jill won't leave without him. So Bary uses his colt magnum and fired at his leg that isn't hurt. Now he can't walk at all, and Jill has to leave him behind and save herself. Jill runs for the train and just makes it in time. Barry stares at a photo of his wife and kids as the explosion kills him.

The last cutscene Kill and Chris are at Barry's funeral and after the funeral is finished Jill waits untill all the other guests leave. She is alone at Barry's gravesite, and salutes him. And then chris, Claire, Sherry, billy Coen, and rebecca all come up behind her and salute Dead Barrys' grave, while music like this plays "" skip to 1:20.

User Info: Archiantagonist

4 years ago#2
Everyone dies

User Info: DestinyKnot

4 years ago#3
Chris comes out as gay, and is now engaged to another soldier..he deserves to be happy. ^-^;
Jill is revealed to have gone to a mental institution after the events of Resident Evil 5.
Claire is pregnant.
Leon is still chasing after Ada.

..these four characters need closure bad, and introduce all new characters to the series, with Sherry, Jake, and possibly Sheva still have reoccurring roles, but Capcom needs to let go of Chris, Jill, and Leon already..of course they'll all be missed, but this series should return to its roots now, and have less experienced characters take over, and see how they handle situations the veterans of this series have, making it a much more intense experience for the much as I dislike Jake, it's inevitable he'll be in the next game. =_=;

User Info: Neutron15

4 years ago#4

Resident Evil Downfall (sounds familiar right??? :P)

Resident Evil: Downfall will be set between RE 5 and 6, staring Claire Redfield as she witnesses the downfall of humanity.

- Survival Horror
- Revelations Style
- Only Claire will be playable but near the end of the game, you will be joined by an Agent
- Mini-Games: Raid Mode, Battle Mode, Operation Mad Jackal, Leech Hunter, Master of Knifing
- RE 3 style dodging
- old RE style inventory system or Revelations Style inventory system
- item boxes or pick and drop mechanic of RE 0
- the return of poison mechanic
- no qte and less melee
- Revelations style health bar
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User Info: EmiliaTheSage

4 years ago#5
Jill had 2 children. Both names starting at letter P and became the characters of RE7.
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User Info: dillpickle69

4 years ago#6
I haven't played RE6 yet, so I don't want to post anything about RE7 until I know what happens in 6, so I'll post an idea for another game like Code Veronica or Revelations.

Resident Evil: Secondary File: Takes place across the length of the entire series, and features a whole bunch of side characters (Barry, Rebecca, Billy, Carlos, Sheva, Sherry, HUNK, etc.) and goes through what happens to them after the last time you see them in the main games. Each character gets at least two different scenarios that takes about the length of 3 chapters from RE6. The first scenario they get, which is always the first one to get unlocked, takes place soon after they separate from the spotlight. The last scenario is a lot more recent however, and shows their growth (if they survived that long). I'm thinking this should be a handheld title because of it's lack of a linear story, but after I detailed it's length, maybe it should also be a console thing, I dunno. Good idea or poop?
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User Info: edward18

4 years ago#7
Well this'll be long since I'm copying and pasting from my topic about it:

The earliest part of the story starts with Billy Coen who has been in a small town called Sharktown the past few weeks having heard that a man he'd like to speak with was there. Turns out he kinda runs the town as the wealthiest man and all that. One night Billy stumbles into a bar during a storm. Ragged and worn he sits down at the counter to get a drink. The bar tender talks to him a bit curious as to why he wants to know about the man he's after having heard about the ruckus that Billy's been causing ever since he arrived. All he can really get out of Billy is a murmur about something about his past.

Just as he gets his drink though the door slams open and a few people start trudging in. Hearing moans he turns and shoots two of them but the third lunges attempting to bite him. He almost does get it when the bartender takes out the final one with a gun he'd had under his counter. Billy's surprised but picks up his drink afterwards while the bartender asks if they've sent the hellhounds after him yet and if what's he's after is really worth the risk.

A few days later Barry rides into town having received reports about strange happenings in the area. With the BSAA preoccupied elsewhere he decides to investigate. Due to his age and body Chris and Jill wouldn't let him join, something that he'd always somewhat regretted so he took up work as a private investigator to look into situations more obscure and low-key than the BSAA tend to get on their radar. He parks in the desolate town and gets out lighting a cigarette as he wanders into a nearby house. Takes a bit of looking around before he actually is able to find anyone. When he does they allow him to stay simply thankful to see another normal person and warn him not to go out at night.

Around that time Claire is headed into town on a motorcycle quite a bit miffed that Chris isn't able to look into the ordeal. She knows that BSAA or not someone needs to do something. Just as she's about to head down the hill into town however something speeds up next to her and slams into the motorcycle sending her and the bike toppling down the hill into some backyard. Knowing it was probably a B.O.W. of some sort she stumbles into the house she'd landed behind now that her vehicle's been wrecked.

During the night the streets are filled with distant haunting moans and people with glowing red eyes. Barry knows it's Plagas, but these ones are different than reports of the Ganados and Majini. Instead of running and using weapons effectively, most of these people seem to have also been infected with T resulting in some rather...dangerous and wild acting Plaga mutations if the parasites actually get exposed.

Claire and Barry eventually meet up, normal zombies being the only humanoid threat during the daytime and both are surprised to see each other. Barry recognizes her as Chris' little sister and Claire remembers Chris talking about Barry. She warns him that she can take care of herself which he just chuckles at. Barry tells her that the resident he'd stayed with seemed to think that a rich man in town might have had something to do with what's going on and is gonna go back to tell the person he should probably head out of town while it's still daytime. Claire meanwhile decides she'll stop by the bar that she'd found the previous night and talk to the bartender there who seems to know a bit about the town himself.
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User Info: edward18

4 years ago#8
Billy meanwhile has made his way into the courtyard of the mansion that belongs to the rich man. He manages to sneak past (or kill depending on how you play) two of the guards and makes his way in followed soon after by Claire (neither have met yet) having gotten information from the bartender. While Claire's investigating in the lower areas of the mansion she notices a young boylike being across a sewer canal playing with the entrails of a dead creature. He's all gray and isn't wearing any clothes. His eyes are glowing red. Noticing her as well the boy-like thing smiles and waves at her before skipping off to another part of the mansion.

Having seen that the person he'd stayed with had started heading out, Billy goes to investigate the mansion himself. The guards by this point have either been killed by the other characters or have retreated into the mansion to deal with the intruders leaving the front gate pretty clear for Barry to enter save for the Longmas or Hippocamps patrolling the courtyard. It takes Barry a while to get into the inner workings of the mansion due to another being that seems to be stalking the grounds. This monster is more yellow skinned and has a scar across its head with a purplish tentacle sticking out of the back of its neck and snaking down into its arm. On the other arm is strapped a metal hook-like device. He shudders when he hears it speak. It says few words such as "Timothy" or the name of the rich man. But the ones that get him are "Steve" and "S.T.A.R.S.". The last one really gets him concerned. It sounded just like what Jill told him Nemesis was like.

Billy eventually comes across the rich man in his private quarters. He's calmly sifting through some paperwork but looks visibly surprised when he sees Billy. He recognizes him as the person he's been sending his forces after and irritably asks him if there's something he wants. Billy says he wants to know why his squad really had to kill a village back in Africa. That's when the rich man realizes who he is.

Slumping into a more calm posture the man asks someone called Timothy over the intercom to come into his office. Billy takes a step back when the boy that Claire had seen enters. The rich man tells the creature that Billy is the boy's new playmate. Timothy looks up at Billy and smiles before slamming his fist into his stomach knocking him back through the door he'd entered through. He scrambles to get up and charges towards the door at the end of the hall only to open it to find the Nemesis creature staring down at him. Hesitantly he leaps to the side causing Timothy to run right into it. Immediately the Nemesis creature throws Timothy back yelling his name. Billy stares at the scene stunned until Timothy smiles at him and says "He (Nemesis) fun. Me play with you later!". Hastily Billy flees the scene.

The next meeting occurs when Barry runs into Billy. The two have no idea who each other are, but when Barry tells him it's alright to talk to him and that he used to be with S.T.A.R.S. Billy says that he sure as hell isn't going to. Regardless Barry tells Billy about Claire so that he knows she won't do anything to him as well as informs him that T-Veronica is somehow involved in what's going on (from some notes he's read). Eventually those two meet up and exchange more information since Billy's more comfortable around a non-S.T.A.R.S. member. Claire is shocked to hear about T-Veronica.
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User Info: edward18

4 years ago#9
But this has gone on for WAYYYY too long now. It's midnight so imma wrap this up. Eventually the rich man starts up a sequence that begins to shake the mansion apart. Billy finds the old leading officer of his squad from Africa in the basement of the mansion severely mutated from the viral strain he used to make Timothy what he is now as a test subject before it was used on Timothy. The old officer says he likes how he is now since he's more powerful and blah blah blah. Fight thingy happens and Barry and Claire make it into the lowest part of the mansion as they chase the rich man and Timothy. The mansion shakes apart once Billy defeats the old officer and he either (haven't decided yet) makes it into the area that the others do or his game ends there and he heads back to town to find the bartender who tells him a girl showed up looking for him in case he needed patching up. Billy smiles and says "that's princess..."

The mansion however has completely collapsed revealing a chamber that split open beneath it allowing a large mansion-sized blimp to float up into the sky. Claire eventually finds Steve shocked to see him alive. She breaks him out of his cryogenic sleeping chamber and the two hug and stuff. Barry meanwhile faces off against the Nemesis creature in one of its many fights (it's now mutated to like its third form (it's a G-Type Nemesis sent by the Organ-I'll explain later)). Steve tells Claire that he's been being used to control the B.O.W.s since most of them have T-Veronica in them and he's the one that the rich man got T-Veronica from.

The group eventually meets up with the rich man and Timothy again. The rich man tells them he's just trying to keep his son safe and for that he needs funds to keep the science part of it up and blah blah blah, I was driven to do these things for my son and crap (his son's Timothy if you haven't caught on. If you have, get a cookie). Since the gang knows too much he orders Timothy to attack. Timothy rolls his eyes and his dad starts to yell at him more and more (throughout the game Timothy would get more and more irritated with his dad) until finally he smiles, walks over to a lever, and pulls it. His dad's jaw drops when he realizes where he's standing. The floor gives way beneath him and instantly he gets sucked out of the blimp. The gang can't believe what Timothy just did and look at him as the floor closes back up. Timothy shrugs and just says "he we have real fun!". Fight ensues.

The gang survives but Claire and Steve get separated from Barry. Even using blood fire Steve only got Timothy to mutate into a second form from the damage. The two receive word in a communications room from Chris that he's on the way (once he knew Claire had gone in he immediately set out to get her) and tells them to get to the roof of the blimp. They do but Timothy meets up with them there.

Billy runs into Nemesis a final time in the helicopter hangar of the blimp now completely mutated. They fight and ultimately Barry is able to trick it into getting sucked into the path of the rockets of the blimp a few times eventually blasting the monster out of the blimp hopefully disintegrating. He gets a helicopter and flies up to find Chris firing at Timothy from the copter that Josh is flying him on. Chris signals for Barry to get Claire and Steve.

Now here is where endings can be different. Based on previous choices in the game Steve can decide to sacrifice himself to take out Timothy with his T-Veronica powers or they can get away while the blimp crashes headfirst into a tower on an island it'd been intended to land on. If Steve doesn't sacrifice himself Timothy's shillouette can be seen in a ranking screen leaning on the edge of a sewer pipe across from the island where the blimp crashed.
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User Info: edward18

4 years ago#10
Now then! Explanations: Steve was abducted by the rich man from the Organization to get unlimited access to T-Veronica to use in creating the viral agent for Timothy. The viral agent was T-Veronica mixed with Progenitor and synthesized through a Master Plagas like Progenitor mixed with Ebola being synthesized through Leech DNA to create T. This new viral agent allowed pretty much complete mentality retainment when bonded in cryogenic sleep and allowed the user control over both Plaga and T-Veronica specimens (which the dad would have been Timothy (much to his annoyance) ordered to do throughout the game. He kept Steve around just in case).

Timothy used to be a young boy that got in a car crash with his mom. The mom died but he was left in critical condition. His father swore he'd save him somehow and knew of Umbrella's dealings back in the 80s. When the opportunity arose he was in charge of commanding Billy's squad when Billy got locked up. Turns out they were sent to Africa to get a direct Progenitor sample since Umbrella wouldn't hand it over. Bought everything he could from Umbrella and The Organization during Umbrella's fall eventually stealing Steve from the Organization. Organization was pissed so they send in their G-Type Nemesis to get him back (as well as the new viral agent that the dad had made). They didn't know where he was exactly or who exactly he was (used lots of different accounts to get stuff) until Billy started stirring up trouble at the beginning of the game. Rich man got hesitant sending out more and more B.O.W.s each night until eventually the Organization figured him out and sent in the Nemesis G-Type which accidentally broke up containers or something causing a T outbreak.

The blimp was designed in case the man and Timothy needed to evacuate to another facility that'd been set up. When the town was essentially ruined he saw no point in staying.

PHEW! God damn that took practically two hours to type up!

And to finish off here's concept art of things in the game:

E-Angel Virus Schematic:

Angel Mutant, Sewer/Dungeon, and Steve Ideas:

Philip Mutant:




Plagas Monarch:

Timothy and Final Battle Concept:



Las Plagas T-Type:



Nemesis G-Type:

Scene Ideas:

Sidescrolling Gameplay Ideas:
Before you die you see the Tails Doll---Backdrop Observer of the Metroid: Other M board
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