RE 7 Game story ideas (even stupid ones)

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User Info: Starters

4 years ago#11
New story! New characters! New premise!!!

yepee!!! at least that's what i feel...
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User Info: largerock

4 years ago#12
Der dis gai whu doz stof und hi fishni al he stof.

teh nd.
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User Info: Kylo_Ren_

4 years ago#13
I refuse to read any of the above.

Just make it a sequel to 6, with a new character, no co-op, keep the same engine, horrific atmosphere that RE1 had.
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User Info: dillpickle69

4 years ago#14
New characters means no closure. What this series needs is closure, and the best way of doing that is with Leon and/or Jake, since Chris already got closure in RE5
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User Info: dillpickle69

4 years ago#15
Alright, I just now finished up all the campaigns, and the possibilities are pretty broad
Character wise, I'm gonna break it down like this

Leon- On one hand, Leon's being overused by Capcom, but on the other, I think he deserves closure (like Chris got in RE5), and to do that, he'd need to be in one more game. He definitely needs to wrap things up with Ada
Ada- Same as Leon. She definitely needs to stop making 5 minute appearances that leave more questions than answers. I'm not saying I want a full back story, I'm just saying it's about time she gets a finale and retires or something, but after one last game
Chris- He's done. RE5 was the end of his story and that's how I see it. I will shrug RE6 off as his epilogue.
Jill- Meh, I dunno. I wanna know what happened to her after RE5, but if anything she should just have a side roll or a spin-off title
Claire- I'm not sure about her, it's not like she's been overused or anything, it's just that there's really nothing left for her. She was looking for her brother. She found her brother. Now she's working with TerraSave to support people. I don't see her getting mixed up in another Bio-Terror plot, she's basically Red Cross. That's just silly. Though if she is in RE7, I wouldn't mind.
Jake- At the end of RE6 he's just a lone ranger, fighting bioterrorism in small villages. That's too badass an ending to ruin with more screentime. Plus he's already done, they used his blood and made a vaccine, there's no more need for him. And for you people who think that he's gonna have superhuman abilities like Wesker, just know that Jake was born in 1992. Wesker didn't get those abilities until 1998.
Sherry I see potential here. I think it's obvious what Capcom was trying to do by introducing Jake and Sherry was to get some young new characters since the other ones are getting a little old. I would definitely want her to play a role in another game, but I can't see her being the lead...

User Info: dillpickle69

4 years ago#16
So basically my ideal idea for a plot would be this. The Family takes over Neo-Umbrella, and developed new B.O.Ws by taking taking Type-2 plagas, and injecting them with the C-Virus. This greatly strengthens the plagas, to the point where they can live on their own and infect their own hosts, rather than being implanted.. This results in enhanced strength and several distinct mutations (and by that I mean bosses). They're operating in a building in Brazil, which gets raided by militia, who want the B.O.Ws for themselves. You know where I'm heading with this. There's a spill during the raid, C-Plagas get out, and infect everyone. BUT, due to the C-Plagas being prototypes, they weren't fully tested. This results in the weaker plagas breaking down and having a reverse effect - instead of allowing the host to retain it's intelligence, the plaga and the host lose most of it and become, zombies. But that's only half of the plagas, the other ones are either strong enough to not break down, or simply haven't broken down yet. This way, we get both zombies and advanced B.O.Ws. Anyway, back to plot. The infection reaches the ears of the U.S, who also heard rumors about Neo-Umbrella's HQ being there, and they obviously want a private investigation done before raiding it, and a sample of the virus. Who do they send? Leon Scott Keneddy and Sherry Birkin. Of course, if Leon's involved then Ada would also coincidentally be hired to go get a sample as well. I imagine since this would be the end game, at one point towards the end it would be scripted that Ada gets the sample, and her employer tells her to kill Leon, and after a brief thought, she quits and hands him the sample. Hell, TerraSave agents could have been dispatched in Brazil, and that could be a way to squeeze Claire in. It could be a good ol' RE2 reunion, which would be a perfect way to end the series. I don't have anything as for how the plot unfolds, all I have is the set up. What? I'm literally coming up with this as I type...

User Info: shagohad3

4 years ago#17
My idea? An awesome crossover with Parasite Eve, The Thing and Dino Crisis. That would be the most awesome thing ever.
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User Info: BasementDude

4 years ago#18
basementdude uses the progenitor virus to try and make a love potion to saturate the world with love but accidentally makes BOW's that hug people so hard they die
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User Info: Cartwheel_Kick

4 years ago#19
The game features Jake in a middle-east country. Everything goes exactly the same as RE5 because that game sold well, except in Africa and with somebody else than Wesker as antagonist. People are disappointed, but buy the game anyway.
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User Info: Dark_Epathy

4 years ago#20
Maybe an isolated viral outbreak in some snowy location? But that's pretty similar to several movies, like The Thing and 30 Days of Night.
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