I don't understand why people say that RE 4 is a great game but RE 6 sucks.

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  3. I don't understand why people say that RE 4 is a great game but RE 6 sucks.

User Info: Fez_Watley

4 years ago#21
Ps1 games haven't aged well? Damn, next thing you'll tell me, FF7 hasn't aged well either.

User Info: skermac

4 years ago#22
RE4 and RE6 were very good. 5 was no good, didn't like it

User Info: MallyPureSmooth

4 years ago#23
1. RE4 was much more balanced than 6.

2. The QTEs in 6 are atrocious (a split second to grab a parachute is ludicrous).

3. The gameplay is unpolished and feels weak compared to 4.

4. RE4 didn't try to be like Call of Duty.

5. 4 has a degree of creepiness to it, unlike 6.

6. In 4, there were a large variety of weapons at your disposal, but in 6, each character only has 5 weapons "unique" to them. So if you want to use a specific weapon, you'll have to use a specific character.

7. 6 has no replay value, and no, minigames don't count when the main attraction is supposed to be the campaign.

8. the inventory screen in 6 is flawed. Whose idea was it to place all weapons in a horizontal line and all the items in a vertical row? I usually end up fiddling through the inventory until I find what I'm looking for.

9. Melee is overpowered in 6, and the fact that you can melee whenever you want reduces the challenge (even though the challenge isn't great to begin with).

10. The game isn't as fun to play as 4 was.

I could go on, but I'll stop here.
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User Info: Vegeta1000

4 years ago#24
RE4 was revolutionary for its time. It populized the over-the-shoulder camera that other successful franchises like Gears of War and Dead Space adopted. Other gameplay mechanics like meleeing and laser aim for weapons was well received and they got rid of them god awful ink ribbons. The graphics were just breathtaking too. RE4 had the following over RE6:

Better atmosphere
Much better pacing
Less and better Q.T.Es
More puzzles
Some survival horror (Ashely segment, avoiding Verugo, blocking windows/doors)
Exploration (to some extent)
Typewriters (last RE game to have them
Better inventory usage
Better enemy variety
Better boss fights
Better weapon variety
Better Mercenaries (imo)
Better unlockables
Much more replay value
More polished overall
Last but not least, the merchant

Seriously, what does RE6 have over RE4? Mercenaries? I actually liked RE4's Mercenaries better because all 5 characters played differently (weapons, melees, health, speed) and each stage was a lot different meaning you had to use different strategies with each character and each stage. It feels like every character on RE6's Mercenaries plays the same excluding the weapon layout. Plus, the only Mercs map I actually enjoyed on RE6 was Urban Chaos. Story? RE4 does have a laughable story, but what RE game doesn't? At least RE4 never took itself serious. That was part of the game's charm. RE6's story tried too hard and fell flat on its face. Sure, it has much more plot connections, but so many cringe worthy moments it's not even funny. Bad and repetitive boss fights, poor pacing, cringe-worthy moments, Q.T.E. Hell (Leon's campaign alone had more than all of RE5), unpolished sloppy controls, terrible vehicle segments, too many damn explosions (worst than CoD), bad unlockables (where's the unlockable costumes?), so many problem I can't even list all of them. The Q.T.E.s had to been the game's worst addition (which is saying a lot). Way too many of them and they come awkward times. What's up with all the terrible vehicle segments? Even RE5 only had a few of them. And the boss fights really suck. Way too repetitive and just uninteresting. And what happened to the character notes?" That has always been RE tradition even RE5 had them. I'm just disappointed at how Capcom handled the game. It's no wonder why RE6 is considered to be the worst main game in the series (that title used to belong to RE0). RE4 is a far superior game to RE6. That's all there is too it.

User Info: Vegeta1000

4 years ago#25
I thought Leon's first two chapters were done well since it had a good mix of old and new-school RE. But it was all downhill from there. Chris' campaign is just a watered down RE5 and I don't know what to make of Jakes (it has its good and bad moments). Ada's was okay I liked her puzzles, stealth combat, and playing solo, but Carla's death was lame and should of been handled better. I guess Capcom tried too hard to please both crowds (old and new-school fans). They rey need to sit down and figure out where they need to take this franchise.

User Info: edward18

4 years ago#26
RE4 was revolutionary for its time.

For the wrong genre (and it's astounding that it took THAT long for that crap to get to that level).

Other gameplay mechanics like meleeing and laser aim for weapons was well received

In RE meleeing shouldn't have even been included.

The graphics were just breathetaking too.

I've yet to see any beat 0's.

Last but not least, the merchant

That crap has no place in RE.

Story? RE4 does have a laughable story, but what RE game doesn't?

CV, Remake, Outbreak....

At least RE4 never took itself serious.

That's one of its main damn problems -_-

That was part of the game's charm.

No, it was just ****ing annoying.
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User Info: dsar901

4 years ago#27
Because it's a far superior game, that also revolutionised shooting game mechanics and still kept the creepy atmosphere that resident Evil games are know for. Even though it wasn't a survival horror game. I still play Resident Evil 4 once a year and it still has fantastic level design, environment art, creepy atmosphere, awesome music and voice acting and great gameplay. i don't think I'll ever play RE 6 a second time.

User Info: SolidStryder

4 years ago#28
It introduced a great camera system, and introduced a lot of people to "this brand new series called 'Resident Evil'"

Other than that, it was pretty terrible as an RE game. The only suspense in that game was the fact that at any moment, it could turn into an actionfest forcing you to fight waves of enemies while moving around like a decommissioned tank. Seriously, that's it. It abandoned every aspect of the series except the worst one. 6 is atleast playable, it's a chore trying to play 4 or 5 after the gameplay changes in 6.

Also, RE3 mercs sucks.

User Info: Vegeta1000

4 years ago#29
It's like beating a dead horse with edward18. Not even going to bother to respond to that mess.

User Info: Dark_Epathy

4 years ago#30
RE4 is just far better designed. It's as simple as that.
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  3. I don't understand why people say that RE 4 is a great game but RE 6 sucks.

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