*SPOILERS!* I still don't get how Helena....

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  3. *SPOILERS!* I still don't get how Helena....

User Info: werewolfgold

4 years ago#21
Because everything Helena did was done under duress and threat. Don't forget that Helena was also kidnapped.

They don't throw the dude that got a bomb forcefully strapped to his chest by someone else in jail.

From: Safer_777 | #018
She didn't knew that the whole city would be like this.She only thought that just the security of the president would be loose because of the supposed assassins that she told them that they were around.That is.It tells that on a file.She didn't expected for Simmons to wipe out a city.

And that.
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User Info: SamA7X

4 years ago#22
At the end of the day there wasn't any evidence, the town was bombed, destroying any edvidence and Simmons was the only man that knew the whole truth about Helena being involved. Can't arrest someone without sufficient evidence.

User Info: dreamcleaver

4 years ago#23
The better question is how did Simmons get away with conducting biological experiments on the sister of one of the Presidents bodyguards in the first place? Simmons could have chosen anybody so why Deborah?

Helena could have just go to the President and tell him that his home security advisor kidnapped her sister lol.

User Info: Safer_777

4 years ago#24
Because of the Family of course.He can do whatever he wants.
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User Info: Richterdgf

4 years ago#25
Helena got away with it because there were no snooping kids present.
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User Info: YermomHoudini

4 years ago#26
imagine if a 911 terrorist confessed the same thing and was proven to be telling the truth, he's still going to guantanamo bay
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User Info: KonaseRitsuko

4 years ago#27
Frozen_Memories posted...
Seriously, great name aside, Helena is a pretty damn unlikable character.


The ending should have shown the creature in prison, or in a ward, or a dog pound. Hahaha look at it, her sister died and then she spends the rest of her life in prison! Then there should also be death penalty by torture!
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User Info: Plant42

4 years ago#28
I'd lock her weapon less in a room with a gang of zombies and revel in the screams and sounds of flesh being ripped from her bones.

User Info: sevil_yelims

4 years ago#29
None of you people understand. The President wouldn't have wanted it. Leon said so himself. So it's okay to not try someone who confessed to aiding and assisting in a terrorist plot. So long as she was sorry for what she did. Even better is to let her keep her job. Just give her back her gun and send her to work. As long as she learned her lesson then everything is fine.
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User Info: AndyDono

4 years ago#30
I would of tolerated it if she at least lost her government job, but no... She's gets absolutely no punishment.
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  3. *SPOILERS!* I still don't get how Helena....

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