POLL: Should a RE2/3/CV remake be done like REmake or RE6?

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User Info: SSJ_Jin

4 years ago#1
Which do you want? - Results (63 votes)
REmake style
74.6% (47 votes)
RE6 style
25.4% (16 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I think perhaps a "mix" would be the best option, but let's just keep it down to the bare. REmake style, tank controls and fixed cameras, or RE6 style which would be over the shoulder and complete freedom.

By mix I mean like it's fixed camera, but you have free movement for example and an option to change the style if you wanted. I'm not including this option simply because of the ridiculous arguments that have occurred and since both sides seem so sure that one style would be better, let's see what the people who visit this board think. Keep in mind this is NOT for a "new RE title." This is for a remake.

I would easily, most definitely go with REmake. Look at MGS for example. If MGS1 was remade, (not TTS please) then please add the free camera, CQC, etc. But why not remake the old RE games to be more action like the new ones?

Simple. Because the old RE games and the new RE games are two different games. It wasn't constant addition to the gameplay like MGS did. RE changed the gameplay completely.

User Info: Kill_Goku_2

4 years ago#2
The thing I feel some people don't realize is, up to RE5, the core gameplay wasn't really changed much... It was the camera... sooo

At this stage, a "Remake" would be perfectly fine, but if we could just keep it like RE5-ish personally I'd be the happiest.
but if you had to twist my wrist for the vote, i'd go RE6

User Info: SSJ_Jin

4 years ago#3
Yes, gameplay wise it was just the camera that changed, controls were the same. However, the rest of the game wasn't. You don't get all that ammo in the classic games like the new ones. And then if you look at RE6 specifically, you see Gears of War/Call of Duty. It's nothing like survival horror.

It's really two different games now, TBH. Although Revelations tries to blend the two. I stress try lol.

User Info: slapper1

4 years ago#4
I'd kill to play RE 2/3/CV modeled after Remake, with a little extra content, expanded stories and new areas to explore while keeping their traditional Survival Horror elements such as limited ammo and supplies, puzzles and jump scares. Please make it happen Capcom!
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User Info: Dark_SilverX

4 years ago#5
Like REmake with online co-op for mercs modes. Add four players for Mercs online as well.

Should add all RE6 modes but let it be top down view
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User Info: DestinyKnot

4 years ago#6
..if anything make it like 5, or Revelations.
I'm not a big fan of 6's style at all..diving, sliding, and rolling is just silly. XD

User Info: Neutron15

4 years ago#7
Revelations Style or REMake Style
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User Info: edward18

4 years ago#8
4's the same crap 5 pulled.
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User Info: SSJ_Jin

4 years ago#9
edward18 posted...
4's the same crap 5 pulled.

Do you think RE4 is still the worst main RE game? Because RE6 takes the cake. I know you haven't played it, but I assume you watched it?

User Info: Coryo61827

4 years ago#10
Remake style. Remake was the ultimate resident evil game. No game should ever have to be like resident evil 6. Not even resident evil 6 should have been like resident evil 6.

Basically I'm saying don't screw up the classics. They're already running the series into the ground.

Thank god revelations is pretty good at least.
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