so far.... I love this game

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User Info: Mavidduckey

4 years ago#1
I just got this game since it was pretty cheap on PS+. I've been playing Leon's campaign, i've heard people say it's the worst RE but i found myself nervous playing his second misson walking around the lab type places. I found myself with my gun aimed at all tiimes ready to shoot anything that comes in my way. Those crystal type things that were around the areas i think made me most nervous.
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User Info: Bob the Almighty

Bob the Almighty
4 years ago#2
I bought this game new on launch date last year and didn't start playing it until last week LOL.

My backlog is more freightening than any RE game ever!

I'm really digging it though. I beat Leon, Chris, and Jake's stories and playing through Ada's. Overall I really like it and I think it's better than RE 5.
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User Info: Erick_Damon

4 years ago#3
I really like the game too so far. Got it during the sale. Finished Leon's campaign and started Chris'. Mercenaries is fun so I bought all the DLC maps for that.

User Info: Soaks

4 years ago#4
So far.

So far.
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User Info: bobocova

4 years ago#5
Resident evil is my top 1 game ever...starting from Zero all way to the top...i love you mwah
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  3. so far.... I love this game

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