Have you ever gone back to a game..

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User Info: Ein_Soph

4 years ago#1
which you had already played before and you had either a "meh" or low opinion of it? Reason I ask is that I'm planning on getting RE5 and the first time I played it (alone), the game was just alright, not amazing, not horrible, just alright. I plan to play it through with a friend this time around and I'm wondering if this'll change my opinion of the game.

Something like this ever happened to you? Not necessarily replaying a game with a friend but just replaying it some years after you first played it.
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User Info: Plant42

4 years ago#2
RE5 is far more fun when you have a friend to play it with you.

User Info: slapper1

4 years ago#3
Oh god yes, 2 games I just went back to after playing them years ago (and loving them the first time around) left me with a "meh" feeling and ultimately I couldn't finish them. The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess and Bioshock 1, both games that I adored when I played them 3 years ago just seemed boring when I decided to play them a few weeks ago. Maybe it's because I'm getting older, but I'm noticing design flaws in games a lot more now after I have played and beaten a game at least once, and my level of patience with a game's mechanics has diminished over the years. As Plant said, RE5 just feels rather bland if playing Solo, it needs to be played with Co-op (especially with a good friend while using mics to enhance the experience) to be enjoyed to the fullest.
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User Info: jpv2000

4 years ago#4
All my RE games. I still replay REmake 2 to 3 times a year. I also return to my Mass Effect games, though not as often. I just replayed Justice League Heroes last week. I also still play Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2 quite a bit.
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  3. Have you ever gone back to a game..

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