Resident Evil 5 better than 6 but still not as good as 4

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User Info: Brutal_Gamer97

4 years ago#1
since RE revelations is finally coming to the consoles and i will finally be able to get my hands on it i just wanna say that from what i have heard.. it could have been RE5 and RE5 could have been 6... RE 5 was still better than 6.. story wise and gameplay wise.. i mean.. at least the shooting action starts at the near end which makes perfect sense.. and for me RE6 wasn't canon and just a fan service.. they wanted to see leon and chris together at the same game.. so capcom wanted to make more money and threw RE6 in our face creating Helena, Piers and Jake.. which are ridiculous .. they should have at least got jill and claire for chris and leon respectively, and this game (RE5) has an RE atmosphere :P and really, come on.. wesker has a son? sounds like the writer was drunk that time.. RE story ended with 5 and now they need to make a reboot or another story.. if they really think that the characters are getting wiser every RE game then they need to make a whole new story with new characters.. still, RE5 wasn't really scary so i gotta say RE6 was dogcrap,, RE4 still awesome!

User Info: Dark_SilverX

4 years ago#2
RE4 is pigeon s***

RE6 is the right direction
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User Info: DestinyKnot

4 years ago#3
I agree I guess. XD

Resident Evil 6 was a major disappointment for me, I still can't believe I paid full price for it..**** my life. -_-;

Resident Evil 5 had a pretty decent campaign, and two very fun Mercenaries modes.
Resident Evil 4 had an epic campaign, and Ada's story mode was equally as fun..they don't make quality games like that anymore.

User Info: edward18

4 years ago#4
4 is the absolute worst main game in the series that I've played. I haven't played 6.
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User Info: Coryo61827

4 years ago#5
Quote:RE4 is pigeon s***

RE6 is the right direction


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User Info: Ic_Zero

4 years ago#6
RE4 has the worst story in any of the main RE games, that says a lot.
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User Info: Syn_Vengeance

4 years ago#7
RE4 has an awful campaign with no relevancy to anything, it could have been released as a side game.

I have been trying to play it again just to unlock mercs so i can play as hunk, since i have the HD version. the story is so boring and saddler and sazzler get my vote for worst villians in the series next to the ashford twins.

the inventory and merchant are dumb and ada felt forced into the game just because leon was the main character.


User Info: Bob the Almighty

Bob the Almighty
4 years ago#8
RE 4 is a friggin' masterpiece and one of the greatest video games ever made. It's also the best out of the new style RE games.

I like every RE game but out of the new ones I'd say 4>5>6. Hmm... Looking at that downward trend makes me worried about RE 7 haha.

And as for the story in RE 4 it's really no less or no more important than RE 3 or Code Veronica (the only important thing about CV is reintroducing Wesker). I'd venture to say even RE 5 didn't really move the story forward, outside giving closure to the Chris vs Wesker thing. The series' story is fun but ever since they started turning everyone into super heroes (which started before RE 4) it's been over-the-top.

RE 2 was really the last time the story was majorly important. RE 3 was a throw-away game story wise. Code Veronica didn't contribute much overall other than setting up Chris vs Wesker and closure for Claire (finding her brother). We never even got a proper "take down Umbrella game" that RE 2/3/Code Veronica hinted at because Umbrella was already gone by the time RE 4 rolled around and honestly RE 4, 5, and 6 work best as individual stories than long, over-lapping arcs. I mean some of RE 2 bled into RE 4 just like some of RE 1/CV lead into RE 5 but honestly none of the new games set up a new main villain like Wesker or a new main focus like Umbrella. So in that sense RE 1-CV told a tighter continuing story line where as RE 4-6 each feel more like isolated and confined stories, even if they have connections to the older games.

Just my take.
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User Info: KonaseRitsuko

4 years ago#9
Why I like RE4 than 5 and s*** RE6:
> no co-op
> merchant
> gun upgrades
> not too action-y
> separate ways was a good story-telling of Ada's portion of the game
> the s*** story and cheesy one-liners made it super enjoyable
> for some reason mercs here is the most challenging compared ton 5 and 6

At least 5 had Wesker, had no dumb cross-overs, had no dumb characters like Sherry, Jake and Helena.

Piers is the only thing RE6 did right.
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User Info: Automocide

4 years ago#10
All three are terrible RE games, but I guess I'd give RE5 the top billing. RE4 deserves most of the blame because it's the game directly responsible for turning the series into a damn third person shooter. RE5 & 6 just copied the framework RE4 established.

I have no problems with new ideas because the series needed them and had been recycling the same formula. But there are such things as bad ideas. Throwing everything away about the series and turning it into a shooter for sales isn't thinking outside the box. It's taking the lazy way out.
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