Just beat this game's main 3 campaigns...my thoughts (SPOILERS)

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User Info: Rioken

4 years ago#1
Just got done with my first playthrough of the 3 main campaigns (on Ada chapter 2 as we speak)

Coming into this I thought I'd enjoy Leon's campaign the most because of the return of zombies and how the atmosphere looked a little darker.

I figured I'd enjoy Chris' campaign for the character progression (never expected to see RE's poster boy a washed up drunk) but overall I thought it'd be trash because of how it looks like it took the "action-oriented RE" to the next level of action.

Thought I was going to vomit playing Jake's campaign. Already disliked the character before I even played this game. Just seemed like one of those douchey, cliche, force-fed individuals that would be a deadweight character in this game.

Now. I just got done beating all 3 of the campaigns.

Here's how I rank how much I liked the different campaigns after actually playing through them


To my surprise despite Chris' campaign being exactly what I thought it was oddly enough it felt right within the realm of the story and the character that is Chris Redfield. Above all else Chris' character progression and eventual redemption, his interesting dynamic with Piers throughout the story, and the whole journey of a broken man picking up the pieces of his life and putting them back together was easily my favorite part of all 3 campaigns. Whoever voices Chris also did a phenomenal job this game in comparison to RE5 and definitely imo outshines the other VA's. Lots of emotion relayed and you can really feel the ice, cold steel emanating from Chris' voice early on. As for the gameplay itself, I found that Chris' campaign was the ONLY campaign in which I had to conserve and ration my ammo which I really enjoyed for the challenge (as opposed to Leon's campaign where I had ammo and grenades shot up my veins intravenously by every checkpoint). And although I've got my nostalgia goggles on for Sherry, I have to say that out of all the new "partners" I really started to care about Piers the most. At first he came off exactly how I thought he would: annoying and preachy as hell. But you know what? As per the story, as Piers started to get through to Chris so did he to me. If I would've wanted to see any character introduced in RE6 to come back for another RE game it would've probably been Piers. Overall I found Chris' campaign the most immersive story/characterwise (this played a huge part), the most challenging, and really the most satisfying to beat.

I could go on and on about what I liked about Chris' campaign. But what I didn't like about it was obviously the action-oriented path that was taken (but as a whole the ENTIRE-game is action oriented, even more-so than RE5 so you have to adjust your expectations for that) even though it balances out with all the positive points I mentioned. Also Piers transforming into Mr. Krabs to help beat Haos in the end felt a little cheesy to me. I was halfway hoping for some really badass scene where Piers throws himself into the belly of the beast and does a hand-grenade suicide, exposing Haos' weak spot so Chris can finish him off. Still cheesy but hey I'm not a writer.

I was sorely disappointed in Leon's campaign. Voice acting and line delivery was satisfactory but after you realize the initial part of the campaign is just a tease and Leon's campaign has just as many "horror" elements as the other 2 main campaigns you feel a little sour about it. Two notable things that I really enjoyed about Leon's campaign. Atmosphere and Chapter 5. I think I just might like Leon's locales and environments best overall. Despite it being a tease I liked Tall Oaks and I thought the Cathedral and Underground sections were two of the high points of the campaign. Also loved that we saw Cerberus dogs return. Oh how shocked I was to see them in the subway lol.

Next post...
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User Info: Rioken

4 years ago#2
Leon also happens to have (imo) the best done chapter 5 out of the main 3 campaigns. It felt extremely climactic to me and everything about it really felt like a game-ender. The fights with Simmons were very decent and appreciated but that brings me to my next problem. Simmons. He felt so...thrown together as a character. We barely see enough of him or know enough about him to ever feel like...really any sort of emotion towards him. Saddler gave me the creeps and you were always feeling like he was watching you. Mr. X? Didn't even have a personality besides track you down and rip your guts out but you were damn terrified of him.

I mean as a whole I guess I felt like we don't get nearly as much buildup as we need to care about Simmons and as a "bad guy" he's as cliche'd in his motivations (and everything else really) as they come.

Speaking of characters I couldn't give two rat tails about: Helena. Literally started this campaign thinking "Hey it's Claire's replacement" and ended the campaign thinking maybe if Helena was 1/2 of that then I might care for her character. Like Simmons, (except worse because this woman is supposed to be your partner for the game) I couldn't force myself to have any emotional response to this character. Idk, she just didn't have any outstanding qualities about herself in any respect (at least to me).

And Leon? Well Leon just acts like Leon. He does his thing and drops a cheeky one-liner on occasion.

Jake's campaign. I already hated Jake coming into this but you know what? By the end of it I still didn't like Jake as a character or his overall story for that matter but by the end of the campaign I really did enjoy the transformation his character went through with Sherry. Jake starts out a snide, sharp-tongued, merc who imo despite having a necessity for it like everyone, perhaps chases money out of grief (one of the files mentions Jake got into merc work to get money to save his dying mother). He lost the one person in the world that meany anything to him because he didn't have the money to save her. He trusts nobody but himself and you get the impression that he doesn't have or make friends with anyone. Then Sherry comes into his life and throughout the campaign you see a change in him. He's still got a smart mouth but you see that he genuinely starts to care about Sherry and you start to see that. The exchanges between Sherry and Jake in chapter 5 and PARTICULARLY the final cutscene (might've actually been the epilogue post-credits can't remember) where Jake lowers his "asking price" really speaks volumes about just how far Jake has come as a character and it's symbolic in a way. Aside from that, I really liked what was done with Sherry. She's got a real ""Rebecca-esque" innocence and cuteness about her.

Things I disliked about Jake's campaign? Aside from the hospital-esque research facility which was a nice change of scenery and atmosphere, I really wasn't impressed and was mildly disappointed in the environments. Also the final fight with Ustanak really ticked me off. a QTE sequence where Jake bare-knuckle boxes Ustanak into the lava? Really? I didn't enjoy playing through Jake's campaign really. I just enjoyed the story.

Interestingly enough,

I enjoyed Chris' story for the story/characters and environments. The whole shebang. Chris' campaign was thoroughly enjoyable.

I enjoyed Leon's for the environments/atmosphere. The story/characters were weak.

I enjoyed Jake's campaign for the story/characters. The environments and overally gameplay was weak.
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User Info: Archiantagonist

4 years ago#3
Well, as long as you liked the game overall, it's all good.

I can say that I had "a little bit" different conclusion

Leon's Campaign =

Good atmo(for the most part)
+ Decent eviroments
+ Zombies win against J'avos any day, for me
+ Overall story - meh
+ Close to none char development
+ QTEs? I really don't mind them
+ Unnecessary 5 sec cutscenes, where you lose control, just to get it back when you're already surrounded

= Not something you'll be too excited about, but I liked it(mostly due to the fact that I played it 1st)

Chris's Campaign =

Atmo? Didn't like it at all
+ The absolute worst enviroments(to me his campaign was one big neverending industrial slums)
+ I hate J'avos(probly my biggest issue with the game)...both the idea and execution
+ Story is IMO pure farce (some say that others not better,
but for me it's like comparing an empty glass with one that is filled with bad taste...
and I personally would prefer an empty one any day given)
+ There's certainly some char progression here, but the points earned only by the very fact of it,
cos' when you think about what kind of progression it is, it's defly turns out to be not so good...
+ Gameplay is pretty boring(for the most part as well)

= Honestly, the best thing about Chris's Campaign is....Chris
I mean if you're the fan of the char, you will like his campaign no matter what.
Nothing wrong with it, as long as people don't make some laughable excuses.

Jake's Campaign =

Atmo really stands out for...being different.
Endless run from the powerful foe is not necessarily the good thing, but it's defly rememberable
+ IMO best enviroments. I liked lurking in the snow part, also this campaign is the only one IMO
where China looks at least a bit like China, the final fight location(lava) was also not that bad
+ I hate J'avos...
+ Overall story is - meh
+ Char progression? It has some, but it doesn't change the overall aura in the slightest
+ While I don't like Jake as a story-relevant char, his hand- to-hand is extremely fun to play with
(even though it's completely out of place for RE game)
+ Vehicle sections? I don't mind them. I'm pretty calm about dying in VGs in general
(most folks are whinning about every single moment, where they have to die or lose, these days).

= Defly fun to play...especially if you can stand the annoyance that brings that Jake fellow.

Ada's Campaign = I liked the most

I won't describe everything...
Instead I'll just state that playing alone(no partner) = insta win, in my book

User Info: sbn4

4 years ago#4
I'm glad you liked Chris' campaign the most. I personally agree with you 100%. It was the one with the fewest issues in my opinion. No forced segments and constant button prompts or QTEs. The gameplay felt the most solid in that this how RE6 should have been played. Characters and character progression were easily the best. None of the characters in RE6 even come close. Not saying its stellar, but compared to the rest it wins by default. I make no secrets that I prefer Chris as a character, but despite my bias, its no contest. Gameplay not being a chore, J'avos being an actual challenge and fitting the mechanics of the game, and characters/story makes Chris win out for me. It still plays like a clunky TPS, but its better than the rest.

Leon's had so much potential. I felt the first two chapters were pretty well done. The subway segment nearly won me over. But the more you progress, the more asinine and over the top the game gets. It completely abandons "horror" and next thing you know, you are falling out of planes, jumping off 30 story buildings, etc. Leon also felt there. He had little relevance to the story outside of an angle with Ada that goes nowhere again. Zombies also feel cheaply designed when compared to J'avos. The ****ing zombies on the floor that grab you and then remove a block of health is just idiotic game design. I also hate it when a zombie grabs you, doesn't bite you, and you are able to kick their face off.... but they STILL take a chunk of health. Lousy design. Zombies are annoying in this game. Not challenging. Needless to say, the campaign becomes terrible after chapter 2. Chapter 3 is a chore, chapter 4 and 5 repeating boss battles are really tedious.

Jake's campaign is utter trash. It was so sloppy and unfocused. Nothing redeeming in this campaign at all to me outside of the cabin and locker room cutscenes. Sherry is okay, but I felt literally everything that happens in Jake's campaign could have been relegated to cutscenes and nothing would really change. I would really like it if Jake's campaign was scrapped and more resources went to improving Chris and Leon's campaign. I hated this campaign. It was the worst thing I've played in years.

Ada's is simply hit or miss for me. Some segments are cool, but others are really boring (the onrails helicopter sequence in chapter 5 for instance).

Anyways, glad you liked the game at least. And by the way, Roger Craig Smith who voiced Chris in RE5 also did RE6. He did a good job in both games, but this was clearly better.
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User Info: Rioken

4 years ago#5
Oh which reminds me.

As per forum advice I did my first playthrough like this

Leon Chapter 1
Leon Chapter 2
Leon Chapter 3
Chris Chapter 1
Chris Chapter 2
Jake Chapter 1
Jake Chapter 2
Jake Chapter 3
Jake Chapter 4
Chris Chapter 3
Chris Chapter 4
Leon Chapter 4
Jake Chapter 5
Leon Chapter 5
Chris Chapter 5

and of course I'm now on Ada's campaign in the second chapter.

In retrospect I like that I switched between the different campaigns and chapters as opposed to just playing through Leon's campaign, then turn back the block ALL the way to the beginning and playing Chris, and then to Jake. Made everything seem more fluid and like 1 giant campaign that switched perspectives at certain points rather than 3 separate campaigns.
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User Info: Pato468

4 years ago#6
In my case, I liked Chris's campaign the most (his levels have a clear military feel to them, feeling like a spec ops mission gone wrong -pretty much always being surround and low on ammo, for example-), I like that you start with a team and I believe is one of the most atmospheric ones (going down the chopper, finding BOWs killing parts of your team, holding the line until the last guy meets with the team, the giant snake...I'm not a big fan of the carrier, but oh well)

Leon's is cool too, though it does have some annoying parts, parricularly all things Ada-Leon.

Jake is the flawed one IMO, many QTEs and a few parts that I wasn't crazy about, like the blizzard and the bug-stealth part, and the driving wasn't that well implemented IMO.

Now Ada...I hate her campaign... I'm on chaper 4 now, the stealth is VERY basic, I did it all on my first try and I'm not good at stealth games. The "running away" parts are badly implemented: on the flooding sub a few ladders require a precise position or she won't go up, the part with the chainsaw guy sawing the platform under you has a similar problem with a corner not shifting until you pass it, the sniping is innefectual as the NPCs never seem to die, the puzzles are too simple and the story is even more rubish than the rest of the campaigns (and the bar wasn't high at all). I had a pretty good impression of this game, but I gotta admit, I understand where those that dislike it are coming from when I play this crappy campaign.

Edit: I forgot, one of the chainsaw guy"s fight in Ada 3, is a reaaaally easy fight, followed by 3 QTE prompts on a row, each of which has you restarting the fight if you fail, only to go on to a second round with the same incredibly dull and easy enemy, which cuts off to yet another QTE mashing of the left stick (which actually requires a lot of shuffling in this particular QTE to be honest) which, again, sends you back to replay round 2 if you fail it...horrible, boring game design. This is the only campaign I'm playing just to get it done. Really takes the game as a whole a few notches.

User Info: tevin1569

4 years ago#7
I agree with a lot of this. But I enjoyed Jakes the most and I agree he really developed. Sherry still reminded me of RE2 Sherry, just grown up and cute. Helena...stood out for me, I connected with her. An her voice actor, Sherry's and Chris's were amazing. Even Simmons was alright. Ada, Jake, Leon and Piers were alright. I think Courtneys voice fit for carla better than ada. But for me it goes like this Best overall Chris>Jake>Ada>Leon. But my favorites overall Jake>Ada>Chris>Leon. I still enjoyed Leons.
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User Info: Syn_Vengeance

4 years ago#8
Roger craig smith is Chris' voice actor, he has voiced chris in:

darkside chronicles, 5, revelations and 6
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User Info: IlDanko

4 years ago#9
Syn_Vengeance posted...
Roger craig smith is Chris' voice actor, he has voiced chris in:

darkside chronicles, 5, revelations and 6

And has made an awesome work in those 3 games... I think he's the best VA in the series along with DC Douglas
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