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User Info: tevin1569

4 years ago#1
Of course this is my opinion.

RE7 will have 4 unique campaigns, 2 solo, and 2 multiplayer. You will have to fight your way through mutations, people and eachother.

Main Campaign:
Sherry Birkin(Solo).
Sherry is sent in by the D.S.O to do the simple task of getting information from a woman who says she has a lead. Sherry arrives by helicopter into an unknown area, only her and the helicopter driver. She meets with the reporter and is ready to listen. A gun shot goes off and she turns around and her driver has been assassinated. Sherry turns around to see a dart hit the reporter in the neck. The reporter starts to mutate and Sherry has no choice but to run into and abandoned warehouse. Only having a pistal and stun rod equipped, she knows she doesn't stand a chance against it. Sherry has no choice but to explore this' abandoned' warehouse, soon to uncover it's an entrance to a bigger place, where workers from viruses from past parasites and viruses. Sherry must find a radio and call for back up....A crazy journey awaits this young 30 year old. Sherry will pit off against Claire Redfield, a Giant Spider B.O.W, & Jessica Sherwatt.

Second Campaign
Claire Redfield and Chris Redfield(Co-op/multiplayer):
Sherry Birkin has been missing for day, Claire has put her job on the line and picked up a gun for the first time in years. Claire feels it's her responsibility to save Sherry, tagging along is her brother Chris, knowing Sherry means everything to his sister. Stepping off equipped with a machine gun, Chris helps his sister off the boat. Claire has a knife and a pistol in hand, ready to see what awaits them. Slowly learning this warehouse is not what it seems, they get locked off in an abandoned part of the warehouse, what does the future hold for these two? Claires campaign will have her pit up against a hallucinating Sherry, Raymond Vestor and B.O.W's, bring and action packed scare fest.

Third Campaign
Jake Muller and mysterious partner(Co-Op/Multiplayer):
Jake Muller is back on the scene looking for answers behind the Wesker name and trying to find more about his uncle Alex. Arriving to the island, Jake meets another so called 'mercenary', the mercenary tells him he can help, saying there is danger ahead and telling a story of Raccoon City and how he was around before the virus spread. Jake taking caution to this new stranger, agrees and knows he could use all the help he can get. Jakes campaign will be full of a hulking beast, Chris Redfield and Claire Redfield, and Jessica Sherwatt. What is the truth behind Alex Wesker, who is this mysterious man with him?

Fourth and final campaign
Ada Wong(Solo):
Ada knows a lot more than anyone else, taking on a mission to capture Raymond Vestor and along the way being Sherry's guardian angel. Who does Ada work for? What is the secret behind this on woman army? Ada will pit off against new B.O.W's, Chris Redfield, and Raymond Vestor. Where will her mission lead her?

New enemies:
Mimicer- a enemy that hides in dark places, and will copy everything you say in a demented way. Using knife like arms to sneak around the sealing, this new enemie will be a challenge to defeat(Ada Campaign)

Bulker: After mutating in Sherry's campaign, this B.O.W female has her mind set on catching Jake And his partner, with a grabbing tentacle arm, acid spitting, this foe will bring pain and challed to Jake Muller.

Arachnidia: A poop scientist stuck down under the warehouse has been infected and locked in a room, soon to be found from Sherry, she mutates, her legs rip off, and spider legs start to come between them, getting huge, this female foe will be one of Sherry biggest challenges.

Yes the names are weird and stuff, but what do you guys think?
"How about you come down here and I'll show you"- Ada Wong to Derek Simmons (RE6)
"I came to win"-Fly

User Info: ManuMIAS

4 years ago#2
I agree about the Redfields! I want them back I don't care if Chris was already in the last game, I want him and Claire reunited fighting B.O.W.S
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