Jsut got this game, had a few questions.

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User Info: BuffyCanSlayit

4 years ago#11
Keroro_2350 posted...
BuffyCanSlayit posted...
Keroro_2350 posted...
siberian142 posted...
BuffyCanSlayit posted...
Does it really matter what order you plat the campaigns in? I've heard some people suggest you should start with Jake's, but I don't really know.

For story purposes, I'd say: Do Chris and Jake's campaign first, whichever order, then play Leon's and, finally, Ada's.

Do not read, TC. Why?: Capcom made it too obvious by shoving red Ada prominently in Leon's campaign and then introducing blue Ada. Chris then tells Leon that Ada is dead. Shortly after, red Ada shows up. Not too hard to put two and two together here. It raises some flags when Ada is wearing the same outfit the entire time yet you see her wearing an uncharacteristically blue outfit.

Chris' campaign focuses heavily on blue Ada, you only see red Ada once. It is the same with Jake's campaign, you only see red Ada once too, if I recall. They're the least likely to point out the fact that there's two Ada's. Both Jake and Chris's campaigns will support the assumption that Ada Wong has turned evil, too.

Lol,when I first played Leon chapter, I didn't knew Carla was Ada clone and I assume that Ada just had a different outfit because Leon and Helena changes their outfit when they reach China and I assume Ada change into the blue outfit.

When Chris said Ada Wong is dead, I was thinking that maybe she faked her death or Chris thought she was killed in an explosion or fell off from a building or something like that and then save Leon and Helena day in the chopper.

Well, I might start Chris's then. Does anyone else agree with this post? I mean, I'm not that far in Leon's, I just got on the bus, and out of the city. So if it actually helps the story, I wouldn't mind. Chris is my favorite RE character anyway.

In my opinion, it doesn't really matter if you play Leon,Chris or Jake campaign first,I started with Leon first then Chris and finally Jake but keep in mind that Ada campaign must be the last one to play because it contains many spoiler for the 3 campaign.

Well, in that case I'll just keep going through Leon's. Im excited about Chris's, like I said, hes my favorite RE character. Even though I suspect his campaign is gonna involve me fighting a bunch of gun welding zombies, but oh well.

On a side note.. * Spoilers *

Is it just me, or was the trap puzzle in the cathedral. Ya know, the one involving the statues with the crossbows, like the most elaborately dumb puzzle in the history of RE? lol. It just seemed kinda silly to me. And why were there zombies posted in the there? How'd they get in there?

But man, I really am enjoying this game. It feels so much more fine tuned than 4 and 5. I dont have to babysit Ashley, or worry about Sheva. Its amaaaaaazing! But i really do like the simple things, like dodging attacks, and how important it really is. Cause you seriously will die fairly quickly. Anyway, back the madness.
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  3. Jsut got this game, had a few questions.

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