Does Resident Evil need a standalone MERCS console title?

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  3. Does Resident Evil need a standalone MERCS console title?

User Info: Keroro_2350

4 years ago#11
If it contains extra content like 3vs3 onslaught or 6 co-op horde mode,has every character and weapons,unlocakble costumes and stuff and it used RE6 controls.

"Ah ! I'll buy it at a high price ! "

User Info: SonicNash

4 years ago#12
Mercenary 3D, failed miserably like the PSP Go.

User Info: CPU-Z

4 years ago#13
SonicNash posted...
Mercenary 3D, failed miserably like the PSP Go.

How exactly did it fail? I'm curious. I play the game almost every day, and while it was half-assed, it sold around Capcom's projections in 2011.

That's from 2011. It sold 400K in units. You can check their IR page towards the bottom of the screen. It'll link you to Capcom's fiscal reports.

User Info: siberian142

4 years ago#14
Yes, but Capcom would have to do it justice. They can't be lazy like they were with Mercenaries 3D.

I'd like to see:
- Lots of stages. Public Assembly, The Mines, The Village, Experimental Facility, Ship Deck, The Prison, RE4 Village, The Castle, The Island and Waterworld. In addition, a variety of new stages from across the series and the maps from 6.
- Every single character that has appeared in mercenaries and Raid Mode and all their costumes. More characters and costumes that have not made an appearance are added in.
- Optional: The ability to select a Mercenaries style. You can switch between the styles that have appeared in 4, 5, Reunion and 6. All characters are compatible with each mode, so you can play a character all the characters across all modes. I realize this is a tall order (RE4 and RE6 characters would need melees to be compatible with the style in 5 and RE5 characters would need melees for 6), but this would be amazing if they did do this.
- Tons of loadouts. The ability to switch these loadouts between characters.
- All characters should be viable. In Mercenaries 3D, Claire and Jill are pretty garbage. Avoid this. Give Jill back her AOE knee drop, improve Claire, and give Rebecca back her flame spray. Bump up the other horrible tier characters and bring them up a tad.
- Preferably not in mission format. Harder map variants can be included, though. So a normal public assembly stage and a harder version, similar to the EX missions.
- Keep it recent. Provide DLC updates so people continue to play.

I'd pay full price for all of this. It'd literally be one of my favorite games ever, I've been wanting them to do a standalone Mercenaries title for forever.

User Info: icantsee

4 years ago#15
I'd be bashing down their door with a fist full of currency.
RE5, 3DS, RE6 Mercs fan

User Info: skermac

4 years ago#16
I would buy it, but ONLY if its like RE4 which means no melee and junk like in 5 and 6. In fact all they need to do is add more characters and stages to RE4 mercs and I would pay $30 or $40.

I still play RE4 mercs after all these years but not 5 and rarely 6. But 6 mercs is better than 5.

User Info: Cartwheel_Kick

4 years ago#17
If it's polished with great features and modes, and not "bare-bones with flashy cover just so people will buy it" sure

Also a great, balanced versus mode should come with something like that

User Info: Art_Of_Ownage

4 years ago#18
I think make a survival mode with no time, I don't like having to hit all time bonus

And the reward system with extra herb ect

Mix the waves up with different bosses

Keep chain going for the score

User Info: AndyDono

4 years ago#19
WalkingPlague posted...
$39.99 for 50+ characters, 20+ Maps, 100+ Weapons

Lets be real here, this is Crapcom we're talking about... They're not going to release a console Merc game with all the things you listed for such a good value price.
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