Is there any proof? Spoilers

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User Info: IlDanko

4 years ago#11
Nope, there's no proof she's dead...

All we know is that she is still that slime thing and that she's bonded to the aircraft carrier..

Ada only escaped from her, i don't believe that destroying Carla's face before getting to the helicopter killed her, since we already had destroyed her face two times before that fight...

Plus, is very common that when a character dies in the series they either die in a cutscene, or we hear them die and then we find their dead body... Nothing of that happened with carla, so there's a big chance that she's still alive
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User Info: saleonkennedy

4 years ago#12
jsquad4136 posted...
Got to admit. Carla has easily done the most damage out of ANY villain in the series. Hell most of the damage she causes is done AFTER hear death. Not bad for a one shot villain who doesn't even survive to the end. Her virus has destroyed 2 cites for Christ's sakes. Not too mention her mess in Edonia.

Honestly I'd be fine with them bringing back Carla. No need to keep her looking like Ada this time though. Wasn't the whole point of her looking like Ada to add a weak 'twist' to the game/give Ada a reason to be there? Give her another form this time. One thing that would benefit this woman is for everyone to think she IS dead. That way when she pulls her next scheme she can do it without much hassle. That was always Wesker's problem. The man should have changed his appearance up a bit when everyone thought he was dead. Could have gotten the drop on Chris that way.

If she really IS dead then Capcom have reached yet another low in plot writing. The woman didn't even get a cutscene death. No last words. Nothing. Her surviving seems more plausible now then Wesker surviving at the time when RE1 came out.

They decide to bring back Wesker out of the blue. Why WOULDN'T they bring back Carla knowing that the series has established they bring back dead characters? Imagine her in the next game... She could take control of the environment ANY TIME while you're playing. That would add a layer of suspense to the game.

Oh well, too much logic for Capcom to use.
Yeah i agree with ya there. Re 6 may not have been the best game overall for some players but you cannot deny the great storytelling that capcom will bring for re 7. I hope wesker and carla come back. It would be so epic!
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