Top #12 Biggest Flaws in Resident Evil 6 *spoilers*

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User Info: NoHopeLegend

3 years ago#1
Before we begin, I will state that Resident Evil 6 isn't a bad game, in fact I quite enjoyed it myself. But it does have a lot of issues preventing it from being the best, and this page reviews the top #12 biggest flaws in Resident Evil 6, each coming with their own explanation. It has to do with everything about the game including story, game play, and DLC downloads for the game. As a reminder, it contains spoilers so view at yor own risk.

They are all posted in reverse order.


#12. Jakeís Campaign

Okay, so maybe this campaign isnít as flawed as I thought it was going to be. Other than Chapter 4, it actually is designed quite well. It begins as somewhat of a gun run on Chapter 1 but it isnít overly spammed it like Chrisí Campaign. And it manages to stay interesting by having us play hide-n-seek with Ustanak, riding snowmobiles, motorcycle driving (which is far more thrilling than the jeep in Chris Chapter 3, and has better graphics), and even role play as somewhat of a ninja in Chapter 3-1. The last chapter has a puzzle maze which is slightly frustrating but easy at the same time. This campaign is probably the most well done out of the four, with a mixture of game play and center story hype. Ö. Ė but there are a few flaws I can point out.

12a. The snowmobile part in chapter 2-2 requires you to drive almost perfect, making it difficult for original Resident Evil fans who are not used to steering vehicles! And it doesnít help that we have to risk driving through the trees to survive because to drive around the outside meets certain death to an avalanche. Thumbs down from me because every random I play with on this mission gets killed! It is far less risky to solo it, which says a lot since itís supposed to be a co-op game.

12b. Why does Jakeís hand-to-hand look so cool in the cut scenes, yet itís feels next to impossible to use during game play? We have to use whole bars of stamina just to do any real impacts to large crowds. Not-to-mention the damage is terrible! Itís only use is setting up for Coup de Grace physical attacks, and even then itís a stamina drainage. The Jíavos might as well just shove their objects down our throats. Half the time we donít even know what weíre punching due the terrible auto-targeting.

12c. Chapter 4 of Jakeís Campaign has two issues! The first issue is that the action dies down as you proceed through the chapter. We got on our toes trying not to crash the motorcycle. We were dancing around helicopter chain gun bullets. Then we had to battle a vicious chainsaw enemy, which is more intimidating than Ustanak by the way. Finally, we have to stand on a boat and do nothingÖ (Seriously..) The second issue to this chapter is that itís too long! It is not a good thing when players just want the game to end, and thatís what all my friends and I felt like while we were playing that chapter.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

11. Carla Boss Battle

The Carla boss fight in Adaís Campaign mode. There was this big epic hype building up with Ada and Carla during the course of the story. We all thought that Carla was going to be a final boss. Instead, sheís just a regular boss battle that you can end in 8 seconds! Itís not the worst letdown thatís happened, but still needed to be addressed.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

10. The Music

Only a few good songs are on the game (like the Mercenaries theme, and Agent Hunt). The menu theme is also quite catchy too. The rest of the music however you just wanna mute. Even for a shooter game the music in this game doesnít fit. I want exciting songs that put me on edge of my seat, not opera and techno lullabies that put me to sleep.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

User Info: NoHopeLegend

3 years ago#2
9. Repeated Boss Battles Through Story Intersections

We have to fight the same bosses in other campaign modes in the exact same situation a second time! Weíve already dealt with Deborah, weíve flattened Ustanak in the hanger yard, and weíve swatted Simmons, so why should we have to do this bullcrap again in another campaign mode!? And donít say it was because of story intersections because that is not a worthy excuse! Repeat; we should not have to do the exact same thing a second time! It is a true sign of laziness that Capcom couldnít come up with a better idea!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

8. Versus Mode (Onslaught, Predator, Survivors/Teams, Siege)

The Versus Mode DLC is ultimately dissatisfying- well actually the DLC modes are! I want to be able to play a game mode with all my friends where I donít have to kill them to win! Mercenaries is not good enough anymore! I was so disappointed when 4-player Mercenaries wasnít released, especially since they tease you in the menu. But itís even more of a letdown to know that every Versus mode has us killing each other, with the biggest flaw being that you have to be good at playing as a Creature. Every game mode where you battle your friends makes you fight as a Creature at some point & time, which not everyone can do! Itís a whole different control style all-together which not everyone can adapt to. Why couldnít it have been kept simple instead of turning into this complicated trash dump?

8A. Onslaught is only fun the first few rounds. But then you start realizing that you might as well just play single player modes because thatís what youíre doing! We have an opponent but canít see them! We canít interact with them during game play without a mic! So what is the point in this mode? What makes this different from playing single player? NOTHING! Onslaught is basically there as a reminder that itís better to play with each other than to play with ourselves. Despite this, the game play for Onslaught itself isnít bad. Itís not as stressful as Mercenaries where you have to play as a snap-back goat, and it never fails to deliver enemies. Itís just too bad that you need another player that is willing to play with themselves to go into this game mode. There really should have been an Onslaught Solo mode.

8b. Survivors/Teams ends way too fast! It could have been set as 2-round/3-round game, but nope! It all ends after the first round! And the entire game consists of Quick Shots!!! God forbid; you canít shoot a laggy player through normal means! And it forces you to play as a Creature if you die, which again not everyone can do. This does not make a game entertaining! The most fun you can have with this mode is play a 6-Player Jíavo map with your friends (no teams), then everything gets out of control as you see Jíavo mobs chasing players in hopes of gangbanging them into submission. But other than that, itís not worth the recommendation.

User Info: NoHopeLegend

3 years ago#3
8c. Siege is the worst of all the Versus modes. Who was the wise guy that thought it would be fun to have players protect an AI that doesnít try to protect himself, while other players try to kill him? Itís basically a Resident Evil 4 Ashley escort service all over again! This does not make for a fun exciting game! Babysitting has no place in this type of entertainment! The few times my friends and I play this mode we didnít even bother protecting the Rookie because we just wanted to kill each other. For PS3 trophies mostly, but mainly because it was more fun. We knew the other player would resist. That B.S.A.A. Agent doesnít do worth squat! Overall, this will be the worst $3.99 youíll ever spend!

8d. Predator is the only one of four modes from Versus that is actually worth the money. ďForced to play as a CreatureĒ is no longer a problem because it warns the players ahead of time. And we finally get to play as the big bad creature that has tormented us since Jakeís Campaign. The game mode itself though does have flaws. Fortunately, these flaws come with counters. First flaw; the Infinite Climb Exploit is very abusable in this mode! Infinite Climb Exploit is when a player goes to a slope they can climb with X/A button, and will proceed to climb up & down constantly, making them completely invincible! It is not good for players to have this type of ďget out of jail free cardĒ and it needs to be patched on a later date. Fortunately, the Infinite Climb Exploit can only be done on the maps Rail Yard, Catacombs, High Seas Fortress, and Creature Workshop. So players that donít want to suffer through this can play on another map. The second flaw to Predator; itís filled with trolls! Around 20% of the players will pick Sherry (Costume) or Ada (Costume) and proceed to bomb you with their explosive arrows while youíre still a human player! Theyíll even grab the grenade launcher too and nail you with that! And unfortunately there is no counter for this other than not playing in the same session as said troll. The final flaw to Predator is that itís utterly pointless to play if you donít have at least 4 players. Despite Ustanak having less health when thereís less players, it will still annihilate human players too fast! The game will be too short, and in short term not make it fun. Despite these flaws; it is still a well-done game mode, and is certainly worthy of playing for an hour or two a week with your friends (and randoms).

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

7. Too many Simmons forms!

There are so many Simmons forms that I have to address this separately from Leonís campaign issues. Simmons should have ended at the t-rex or the dog on train track. Instead; Capcom decides to drag it on and on, going as far as turning him into a useless insect, which weíve all seen many times before! I mean how many bugs have we had in the series now?
The hardest part is figuring out wither Capcom thought that was a good idea or just needed filler for the cake. Either way, it was poor idea no doubt. And Leonís Campaign deserved a much more epic final boss. There is nothing wrong with having to get on a military vehicle to gun him down only to be thrown off and start the fight again. For a final battle thatís not a problem. Getting chased by Nemesis in Resident Evil 3, or Ustanak in Resident Evil 6 is okay too because those were a gimmick. Reviving Simmons constantly however is not a gimmick and just shows the story writers were out of ideas.

User Info: NoHopeLegend

3 years ago#4
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

6. Whereís Jill Valentine?

No mentioning of Jill Valentine whatsoever. She played such an important role in Resident Evil 5, one of the biggest roles in that game actually. Characters got brought back in Resident Evil 6. Yet, Jill is not one of them; sheís not a character in Mercenaries. And worst of all, sheís not even mentioned in Resident Evil 6. Makes you wonder if Chris still has amnesiaÖ? Many Resident Evil fans question her whereabouts after the experiments she endured from Tricell, but Capcom left us out to dry. This is a big middle finger to all the Jill fans out there!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

5. Quick Shots!!!

Itís the worst feature ever added to the Resident Evil series! 80% of the entire game is nothing but Quick Shots. Not only does it eliminate the element of surprise, something which the franchise grew its name on, but it screws with our aiming! ďI have a perfect headshot with an enemy in the center of my TV but canít take it cause of the damn quick shot mechanics!?! Ė Oh great! They moved! I canít do it anymoreÖ I only had a second to press the buttons!Ē

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

4. The Mercenaries mode

To put it bluntly; it is a disaster! Really, counter-attacks is the only way to get a good high score??? We have to stand there like idiots and let the enemies claw, bite, and swipe us before we can react. We canít just blast their heads off like Resident Evil 4, nor can we finish them off with a beat down like Resident Evil 5, no-no! That would be too much to ask! We have to give the enemies a chance at winning, and they have 15 seconds it-between combos to make their move before we smash our controllers into the floor! Complete utter bull****!!! This is NOT how Mercenaries should work! As fans, we should not have to latterly stand there and take it! If we go against the counter mechanics and lash out there arenít enough enemies on the field to keep the combo going because they all die too fast! This marks the worst of all the Mercenaries modes to date! And if you donít have a co-op partner to talk with on mic while in this mode then youíre going to fall asleep!

User Info: NoHopeLegend

3 years ago#5
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

3. Chrisí CampaignÖ

3a. Chris disappears for how many months(?), but his family or friends donít care??? Instead, it has to be the new guy, Piers, who nobody knows a thing about, heís the only one searching for Chris. ĖOh, Iím sorryÖ It says in the files that Sheva helped Piers track Chris down. Does that make it any better? NO!!! Big middle finger to the Claire fans!

3b. Chrisí Campaign is nothing but a gun run, making it the most uninteresting Campaign for game play by far. Everything for his gameplay is the exact same! Capcom didnít even try to mix up the objective. Every area is just shoot some enemies Ė run, shoot some enemies Ė run, boss is here! Next chapter, shoot some enemies and- you get the idea. Oh- look! We get to drive a jeep under original Playstation graphics! Now that thatís done, we get to run more! My friends & I were so bored of this campaign that we ignored the ďshootingĒ part and just ran; and I encourage new players to do the same thing! Run the marathon!

3c. The story for his campaign I admit was good. The idea of two gun buddies butting heads to keep each others morale in check was actually quite interesting to watch even if it has been done in a billion games before. At least it was going goodÖ until the end. It should have been Chris instead of Piers (you know what Iím talking about). Because if it was Chris then that would have made him the most legendary male character in the entire RE series, maybe even more legendary than Wesker. Would have been no shame to go out like that. But instead, itís Piers, who we donít get to learn anymore about. No family, no hobbies, no past for Piers. He is just brushed aside like an unnamed NPC. Middle finger to the Piers fans!

User Info: NoHopeLegend

3 years ago#6
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

2. Leonís CampaignÖ

2a. This campaign rather should have been named Helenaís campaign instead since the story revolves more around her. In all honesty; it didnít even feel like Leon had much of an importance to the story. He was justÖ there. He barely did anything other than flying a plane into a hanger site. Anyone who is or was in love with the Resident Evil 4 will easily see this flaw, of how Leon was just background, yet he gets the campaign name just because of his popularity in previous games!? This is an insult to the Helena fans out there, along with a bonus ďyour welcomeĒ from Capcom after slightly ruining Leonís character.

2b. Leon has some of the longest migrating chapters in the game. The average length of a chapter seems to be around 20 to 30 minutes. Some of Jakeís Chapters can be done in 15 minutes. Some of Adaís can be done in 10 minutes. The first chapter of Leon however lasts nearly an hour, and the second chapter lasts almost 50 minutes. It isnít balanced!

2c. We all had to go through a tutorial of Resident Evil 6 before we could start playing the game, so why the hell is it making us go through another tutorial in Leon Chapter 1-1??? The first 10 minutes we canít run, we canít sprint, we canít do anything involving the X button other than opening doors. ďAh! So thatís what that extra tutorial is all about; how to open doorsĒ NO! Unacceptable! My friends & I never play Leon 1-1 because of this fault. We did a tutorial starting the game so we shouldnít have to do another one. Better yet, skip the tutorials all-together! Let us learn on our own free time how to play the game!

2d. Is Leon so desperate to get a woman that he will follow them to the ďcenter of the earthĒ through a zombie apocalypse just toÖ Ö wait; he still wants Ada? What!?!?? But there hasnít been any progress in.... sigh! It feels like Capcom is just brushing that fling aside. Please, Capcom! Iím begging you, do something about the romance between Leon and Ada! If youíre going to kill it then kill it already, but donít leave it hanging for another game!

2e. Helena should have been arrested at the end of Campaign. Her actions caused the death of around 100,000 people, including the PresidentÖ..including the President! Her job was to PROTECT the president even if it meant her life! She knew what she was singing up for, but she refused to do her job anyway, all for the safety of her sister (who still died anyway). She doesnít even get fired! That is NOT how the real world works. Even for a fictional video game story that pushes it too far!

User Info: NoHopeLegend

3 years ago#7
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

1. Events

This is a website that prompts you to sign up for when you insert the Resident Evil 6 game for the first time. Signing up allows you to reek benefits for your Resident Evil 6 game such as win new costumes for your characters, and be able to participate in events that they hold on a weekly basis.
However, the events are a complete insult! Every event is always a kill count or a medal count of some kind, sometimes a speed-run; and Capcom expects us fans to take time out of our busy schedule to do the same boring s*** for hours & hours on end just to get a good placement in the competition. Itís like they expect us to convert our entire lifestyle to the events. And guess what! ďOnly 5000 people matter out of the million that play this game cause only 5000 get a prize. But donít worry; everyone gets garbage in the end anyway. Did I mention that the first 20 winners are always hackers?Ē Speaking of garbage, the prizes arenít that great! The only prize arguably worth looking at is wallpaper, which a few actually have been designed quite well. But thatís about it. Nothing else is worth this kind of torture. By the way, I havenít forgotten about how Capcom promised us new attires we can win! Guess what we get (you already know but guess anyway). We get to win the same attires we already have but in different colors... ...and Blockheads!!! Poorly edited Blockheads that are supposed to be original PS graphics! Honestly, some of the blockheads look like they were designed by a frigid 5 year old! Helena has triangles for a chest, Piers looks like he used to be a punk rocker with his hairdo, little girl of Sherry whoís as tall as the adult Sherry is just creepy, and Ada has the face of a man! Just utter laziness in attire designs and a complete letdown! We are playing for garbage! If you are somebody who participates in events on a weekly basis then proceed to put down your controller down and walk away from the game now! Do not participate in any of their events because Capcom has not earned that satisfaction.


This concludes the top #12 faults of Resident Evil 6 which had to be said. Overall, this is not a bad game. But I did expect so much more from the series. Hopefully Resident Evil 7 will not repeat these mistakes.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this review as I did writing it.

User Info: IlDanko

3 years ago#8
Well I'm glad it was Piers instead of Chris.. I mean i liked Piers i wouldn't have minded if he took Chris' place in future games... But you can't kill Chris in a game where neither Jill or Claire appears in...

I already have in mind that the next game where Chris and Claire appear at the same time will be a bye-bye for Chris... And i hope he goes out like a pro and in an epic way...
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User Info: Syn_Vengeance

3 years ago#9
my opinion on the campaigns..

Chris campaign seemed like then only one with focus, not to mention the campaign where the controls worked the best. my personal favorite of the 4.

Leons campaign was fine except 1-1 and when your in the catacombs. people complain about having to fight simmons multiple times in multiple forms. got a question for yah...

didnt RE2 do the same with MR.X and Birkin?
didnt RE3 do the same with nemesis?
didnt Remake do it with lisa?
didnt revelations do it with rachel?

it was a throwback to the classics. people just like to complain.

Jakes campaign was crap, basically bringing back sherry for one reason. wesker and birkin created things that can destroy the world, now their kids ironically are trying to save it. Ustanak was a cool concept that was done horribly wrong. Jake was also a horrid character, he was a bad cross between dante and leon with a shaved head

Ada had the worst campaign, nothing like listening to her talk to herself for the sake of having dialogue. Her and leon always running into each other was old after RE2, it was worse in 4 and this. her campaign was a giant intersection and rehashed crap just to have her in the game.
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User Info: Goldsickle

3 years ago#10
NoHopeLegend posted...
5. Quick Shots!!!

Itís the worst feature ever added to the Resident Evil series! 80% of the entire game is nothing but Quick Shots. Not only does it eliminate the element of surprise, something which the franchise grew its name on, but it screws with our aiming! ďI have a perfect headshot with an enemy in the center of my TV but canít take it cause of the damn quick shot mechanics!?! Ė Oh great! They moved! I canít do it anymoreÖ I only had a second to press the buttons!Ē

"Something which the franchise grew it's name on"?

If you wanna put it that way, I should point out that before RE4, auto-aiming + cone-of-effect shooting has been a part of the series since day 1.
You just tap R1 once and the character quickly turns to the nearest enemy.
And no need for accuracy, since all firearms (except for launchers) will hit an enemy within a certain cone-of-effect in front of the gun's nozzle.

It even works if the enemy's off-screen! In both Resident Evil and Onimusha, drawing a gun or assuming a combat stance to detect off-screen enemies have become a habit.

If you're dual-wielding in Code: VERONICA, then each gun will target a separate enemy.

Being a veteran, I see the Quick-Shot as a toned down version of the auto-aiming shooting from the earlier games.
Not only you need stamina for it but the Quick-Shot hits the enemies dead-center, in the chest.
This means that if the enemies have armor on, it won't work.

Quick-Shots aren't the "free lunch" certain people make it out to be.
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