Top #12 Biggest Flaws in Resident Evil 6 *spoilers*

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User Info: azmianuar

4 years ago#21
So sad about what happen to Piers a lot of fans saw a Piers as a mini Chris and thought that he would carry on Chris' legacy as Chris was getting old and Umbrella is non-existent as an enemy anymore, only to be disappointed after playing the last chapter of their campaign.

Chris could've went out like a boss and Piers would be lead protagonist in the future.
Its better to end it now while his character is still respectable then to let him drag on into a pity one.

It be cool if Chris had died, maybe his death could trigger a turning point for Claire. It would have ended up real cool because we can have Claire with Piers or maybe even cooler Jill! justifying his death.

Jill and Piers
Claire and Piers
Jill and Clare
Either way it would be epic.


I'm not just saying this because I'm bara loving fan of power bottom Piers.

User Info: siberian142

4 years ago#22
11- I agree about the Carla fight, it was nothing more than a QTE disguised as a boss battle. Not the best send off for the main villain.

5- I don't understand your quickshot complaint. I can shoot normally and perform quickshots perfectly fine and the only time it messed with my aim was when my character targeted an enemy that was behind me. How does it ruin the element of surprise?

4- It's not a disaster, mercenaries is more intricate than just blasting their heads off. If you're good at it, mass countering is extremely effective and fun. If you don't want to mass counter, play J'avo maps. It still has counters, but you can mix it up with a few coup de graces, too. Besides, it's not a huge departure from 5...You still murder everything with physical attacks, be they coup de graces or counters. I prefer the style in 5 more to 6, but I appreciate that they mixed it up a bit and it still feels like mercenaries to me.

2c - Yep, ridiculous. That chapter is such a slog.

2e - Many people who deeply love their siblings would have done the same thing if they were in Helena's place. And to be fair, her conscience did get the better of her and she tried to protect the president, but nobody believed her and he was already a zombie when she and Leon finally got there.

And at the end of Leon's campaign, she was readily prepared to pay for her crimes. She never tries to defend herself, she knows what she did was wrong and she joins Leon to redeem herself and avenge her sister. Plus, she was manipulated by Simmons. He would have just found someone else to use in his plan if Helena didn't cooperate. I think anyone in universe who is capable of thinking objectively would agree that Helena doesn't deserve to be thrown in prison because she was manipulated and threatened into acting against her better judgement by a man in an incredibly powerful position.

User Info: Solar20xx

4 years ago#23
NoHopeLegend posted...

By the way, I haven’t forgotten about how Capcom promised us new attires we can win! Guess what we get (you already know but guess anyway). We get to win the same attires we already have but in different colors... ...and Blockheads!!! Poorly edited Blockheads that are supposed to be original PS graphics! Honestly, some of the blockheads look like they were designed by a frigid 5 year old! Helena has triangles for a chest, Piers looks like he used to be a punk rocker with his hairdo, little girl of Sherry who’s as tall as the adult Sherry is just creepy, and Ada has the face of a man!

I really loved this one. Funny as h***.
3DS FC: 2535 3646 8484 PSN: Jasper20XX
Sometimes even serious times have their funny moments:

User Info: MikeSSJ part 3

MikeSSJ part 3
4 years ago#24
As far as Jill and Claire are concerned:

They could have, rather easily, included them both, mabye instead of Piers and Helena.
Claire could have been in town when the outbreak occured, teaming up with Leon. Helena could just as easily have been an NPC.

Jill could have replaced Piers in the search for Chris, and the whole scenario could basically play out the same.
That way, RE6 would have truly been a reunion of the Resident Evil All Stars...
You know, Moffat made such a big deal out of the Silence, and yet I don't even remember what they look like...
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