What would you change about RE6?

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User Info: Da Dood

Da Dood
4 years ago#21
DanielSpace79 posted...
As it's a free country, and it's the internet- naturally those will do what they will and by all means people should enjoy themselves, but be aware of how it's perceived - kind of like a ex-bf or ex-gf who can't get over the break almost a year after it happened.

My goodness...
And this time!

User Info: CPU-Z

4 years ago#22
Welcome, DanielSpace. Just a question, but are you planning on uploading any J'avo map videos? I rarely get to play RE6 Mercs, but I like watching them.

User Info: good_tobi

4 years ago#23
parkourboybryan posted...
good_tobi posted...
co-op JUST co-op

As in more or less? I'd love to hear an elaboration, as it might make me agree with you.

I didn't elaborate 'cause it's been discussed so many times before here :) but anyway....

1. The main reason why I hate it is right there in Leon chapter 1 at lecture hall. It seizes the game from player.

2. Their presence and esp constantly talking makes the situation less tense and scary. Also AI "spoils" telling what to do most of the time in the game.

3. Waiting for them to progress. It really gets annoying when you're low on ammo/health and want to escape but can't.

Frankly, I don't understand why they have to put it in the main game. It would be a lot better if they put it in mercenaries. It fits there.
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User Info: CTU_007

4 years ago#24
Powerbottom Piers getting killed at the end.

User Info: Skizza306

4 years ago#25
1 - take out the forced-coop elements so a player can choose to have a solo experience

2 - reduce the number of enemies / constant spawning and swarming of them, but increase their strength, effectiveness, and make them more dangerous in general, even in small numbers, more interesting enemy placement that encourages strategizing instead of the overflowing monster closets the game relies on now.

3 - drastically reduce player HP and availability of healing items, nerf melee attacks, reduce ammo drops for the more powerful weapons, and generally make the player more vulnerable

4 - either remove the gun-carrying enemies or at least fix the currently awkward and frustrating cover system

User Info: kakarotozero

4 years ago#26
weapons and menu customization like RE4 or RE5, the skill systems is dumb since you always uses in any different set the same skill, only with some small variations

the camera, sometimes is just "#$%#$. the final part with chris what a pain

more exploration, like in old games when you need to find a item to advance, and you can go back to search the item

User Info: satat317

4 years ago#27
I would change:

Allow you to choose any character and play any campaign with the character of your choice

In merc, make your own loadout. I've always wanted to make handgun and sniper ada.

Past costumes, not too far back like we have now. I want assignment ada and red dress ada.


When I think about it. Why did they create re.net, dioramas, events,etc, if they werent goin to keep adding on. They are definately idiots and they need to be fired. Look at revelations, nothing is going on there, they also gave revelations 2 abyssmal characters. I think they are better off continuing the outbreak series for the rest of their lives, honestly RE is just about dead.
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User Info: CMattGray

4 years ago#28
I would get rid of the one hit kill chase scenes. Especially the Haus one.

User Info: azmianuar

4 years ago#29
Cake Filler and Cherry Bacon's existence, they were so poorly handled as characters.

Make Survivors a multi-round game, it sucks waiting for people for a long time to get what 40 seconds of gameplay.

Let Chris embrace his inner man ass love for Powerbottom Piers.

Killed Helena or make her serve so time, I mean seriously a hundred thousand people died including the president.

Overall smoother gameplay without so much QTEs

User Info: LucarioFan4Ever

4 years ago#30
1-Remove Co-op for Ada's campaign.She's a solo agent and the co-op partner doesn't fit the situation at all.

2-More Mercenaries stages,I think there are too little stages.

3-More Mercenaries characters.I would buy a character pack that,if it included a reasonable amount of characters,for at most 8$(NOT KIDDING)

4-An extra costume for each character in Mercenaries

5-A costume for each character that takes the default costume and re-colors it
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