Do players even use Default Ada or Ada EX in Mercenaries?

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  3. Do players even use Default Ada or Ada EX in Mercenaries?

User Info: Unfoolish

3 years ago#1
I hopped back on Mercenaries today out of boredom after playing a few games of Onslaught. I played about 30 games with many players for fun. My partners were frequently Chris, Jake, Sherry, Piers, Carla, couple Helena and one Agent. No Ada players!

From a noob standpoint, she is not easy to play. I find her similar to Battlesuit Jill in RE5, beginners spam her VZ61 (similar to Ada's Ammo Box 50) then run out of ammo then switch to Sniper and run out of ammo then panic in need of their partner help frequently. Last time I played with an Ada player, the noob spam her entire clip on J'avos then do terrible stuff with her Crossbow. Yet I have not found any player use her correctly at highest potential, the last person I saw her use her really really well was on XBox months ago. Ada has gone extinct in this mode.

On paper, she has some of the best tools in the game but no one has used her at maximum potential based on the tier lists awhile back. Her counter is the fastest sweep, her Crossbow/SR acts as counter similar to Carla's GL (who is by the way top tier), both Ada and Ada EX have access to grenade glitching (Pipe Bombs/Incendiary for Default Ada and Hand Grenades for Ada EX), fastest melee in the game, wide hitbox on Fan Kick/CDG/1 hand weapon-grenade hold counter. Is Ada the hidden tier she truly is or will she go on unexplored?

Also, props to a Piers player I played earlier. He can be very effective with a highly skilled player but he has to run an extra mile to make up all his lacking traits. Jake EX as well, another player used him really good on a couple J'avo maps we played, he was knocking +10 counters rapidly and I was like what the hell is he doing? LMAO.

User Info: DarkkefkaFFX

3 years ago#2
I'm no pro, but I see 2 problems with Ada that might prevent people from using her.

One: Default Ada doesn't have a combo Saver Weapon...(Shotgun, Magnum....)

two: EX Ada needs to hold a Grenade to do the sweep kick.

These 2 reason are the why I don't use her.
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User Info: YermomHoudini

3 years ago#3
ada/ada ex just feel like downgraded carla. ada ex works great on urban chaos though.
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User Info: MrSiter1

3 years ago#4
You said it yourself, probably because she's not the easiest character to use. I'm a bit of a noob in Mercenaries, and I have some trouble using her correctly.

Not in Onslaught though, I find her pretty useful in that game mode.

User Info: sbn4

3 years ago#5
I use Default Ada quite a bit. I don't play Mercenaries that often anymore, so I don't really have the explosive arrows/CDG glitch down. I can use her above averagely though. I don't know if I'd consider her my main since I use EX Chris and Default Helena as well. But I also used BS Jill in RE5 pretty effectively.

Oh, one more thing, Jill in RE5 was probably the easiest character to use effectively. So she isn't entirely like Ada is in RE6.
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User Info: siberian142

3 years ago#6
People probably do not use default Ada because she is an advanced character. Her loadout appears pretty bad at first, her Ammo Box 50 is meh and her crossbow is slow, the explosive bolts are slightly delayed and it does not guarantee instant kills on most enemies if it is not a headshot. It is understandable if they go with the characters who have the outright great loadouts.

I imagine that these people aren't aware that she is the best character at using the grenade glitch, what with her 30 explosive bolts and her 3 incidenary greandes, though. This and her amazing melees make her pretty terrifying in the right hands.

User Info: SSJ_Jin

3 years ago#7
Because she sucks ass. I play RE6 mercs like the previous ones. Headshots and melee. That horrible crossbow and other gun she has just isn't working for that style. Course I only play Leon, Jake, and sometimes Chris. I hate machine guns in RE. So I'll only use Chris if I am tired of being the other two and/or my partner is using one of them.

User Info: siberian142

3 years ago#8
^ So you're criticizing her when you're not playing her right?

User Info: SSJ_Jin

3 years ago#9
There is no "play right." Not everyone goes for high scores and decides to sit and wait for counters. I am criticizing you for your idiotic response though. I'd sat about a D-.

User Info: CPU-Z

3 years ago#10
SSJ_Jin posted...
There is no "play right." Not everyone goes for high scores and decides to sit and wait for counters. I am criticizing you for your idiotic response though. I'd sat about a D-.

This post is idiotic. The topic is about Ada in RE6 Mercs when going for scores. You have to play with counters and CDG for high scores in this. Then there's the grenade glitch she has access to.

Siberian's post was completely accurate. You're criticizing her for not using her properly for high scores when the topic is about using her for high scores. You cannot bring that kind of mentality where "not everyone goes for scores" into a high score discussion topic. It has no place in a topic where to determine a character's standing in a tier list.

Edit: Also, there is a way to "play right" in Mercs. That's using the best options on maps for the highest scores possible. Aim and melee doesn't work in this like it did for RE5, Reunion, and 3D. You need to constantly counter, sometimes CDG J'avo, to get max time possible. So your point there is only valid for casual runs.
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