Do players even use Default Ada or Ada EX in Mercenaries?

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User Info: CPU-Z

4 years ago#31
SSJ_Jin posted...
Whichever, can be both, one, up to you.

SmAsHnOrIgIn88 is my PSN.

Sounds good. I'll get the my own PS3 soon after paying for everything I need for fall semester. Might need to switch up PSN if I borrow the PS3 before then.

User Info: SSJ_Jin

4 years ago#32
Cool. Hmm, summer sure did go by fast. One month left, but damn.

User Info: Unfoolish

4 years ago#33
My review after playing Default Ada and Ada EX on every map with other players yesterday.

Urban Chaos - Without Power Counter equipped, it was a struggle getting counters +10 efficiently at a good rate. MP-AF takes 2 bullets then counter, Ammo Box 50 takes 5 bullets then counter on the standard slapper. Firemen take multiple bullets then counter. Armored BSAA is a problem since headshot can kill the zombie with 2 shots; sometimes have to substitute leg shot stuns into CDG instead. Carla is easily the better character version of Ada since her Picador handgun is very strong for counter set ups, 1 headshot on the Armored BSAA gives her advantage. Nitrogen Rounds takes care of the BSAA mutating Bloodshot.

Mining the Depths - Easily the best map for Default Ada and Ada EX. Zombies are grabbers so Ada's Ammo Box 50 counter sweep is magic so is Ada EX grenade holding counter sweep. Even against the firemen, take a few bullets then counter magic. Strelat is a bit annoying but Ada EX has Flash Grenades to limit its mobility towards the end, also Default Ada has the Crossbow to knock it down, slide to stun it while it tries to get up and unload her Ammo Box 50 clip to kill it.

Steel Beast - An easy non-threatening map for either Ada. Napads are free to Ada's Crossbow. Napads are also free to Ada EX Sniper Rifle since she can quickshot to break its shell then rapid weapon switch fire to kill it. Gnezdo dies instantly with 1 Pipe Bomb, 2 SR quickshots to kill it.

High Seas Fortress - Gnezdo not a problem. Since there is so many Flash Grenades on the map, Ada EX can spam (8 of them) the crazy wave crowds towards the end. Most enemies seem to mutate, this is one where Default Ada gets to use her Crossbow tricks such as pin the enemies to the wall for CDG set ups specifically Glava-Dim and armored legs, Crossbow quickshot pins the Grasshoppers to the ground to stop mobility.

Rail Yard - Better to eliminate Ubitsvo first then save Strelats as boss. Grenade glitching works well on the Glava-Dim crowds. RPG J'avos are annoying for Default Ada since she gotta aim perfect, Ada EX easily snipe 'em.

Catacombs - Zombies alternate between grabbers and slappers so both Ada can easily counter attack, they both can counter lantern zombies without any damage taken with their sweep. Whopper eats 3 arrows, Ada EX Hand Grenades puts Lepotista in CDG set up and Whoppers too as Lepotista takes 2 Pipe Bomb arrows for CDG.

Liquid Fire - Ada EX thrives on this map, having multiple Flash Grenades help as in holding Mesets as boss. She can also grenade glitch with the Flash Grenade around Mesets. Default Ada can also grenade glitch with her Pipe Bombs, so she can actually get +7 seconds from the J'avos that pop. Mesets are a problem for Default Ada since it takes 2 Pipe Bombs to kill and you only get 2 Flash Grenades on this map so use wisely. As usual, Rasklapanje is a *****!

Requiem for War - This is a hectic map but the key is leading the Ogremon to the electric fence, once you got that down this map becomes easy. Most J'avos have armored arms, legs so this gives both Ada and Ada EX grenade glitch options with Incendiary/Hand Grenades in the crowds.

Rooftop Mission - Zombies are all easy for Ada and Ada EX. Default Ada arrows Whoppers, Remote Bombs can be used on Ubitsvo substitute. Ada EX feels like if there was hijinks involved, she would be the one designated to babysit 3 Ubitsvos since she has 4 Flash Grenades and 4 Hand Grenades to kill them in the 140+ mark as in boss holding while the other player will babysit the Napad. Whoppers are bit of a pain but babysitting 3 Ubitsvos are bound to kill any nearest enemy on site, takes away your enemy time added but does your job as in holding the 3 Ubitsvos and keeping the combo going at the expense.

Creature Workshop - Very similar to Steel Beast map but multiple layers, tight space. Eliminate Ubitsvo ASAP then hold Napads. Ada EX can snipe flying J'avos. Default Ada can quickshot aim Pipe Bomb them for CDG glitch.

User Info: xXxAgentAdaxXx

4 years ago#34
She's highly technical, but people use her MUCH more in Survivors.

With that being said, she's still used in Mercs.
Formerly known as xXxAdaxXx.

User Info: RekoisCool

4 years ago#35
CPU-Z posted...
SSJ_Jin posted...
Whichever, can be both, one, up to you.

SmAsHnOrIgIn88 is my PSN.

Sounds good. I'll get the my own PS3 soon after paying for everything I need for fall semester. Might need to switch up PSN if I borrow the PS3 before then.

Aww...! This right here is a RARE sight to see on gamefaqs! Seeing you two end things on a good term with each other turned me on a little bit.

User Info: CPU-Z

4 years ago#36
Wuuuuut. I was never upset with SSJ_Jin. Just disappointed the conversation turned out as it did. I just wanted to stay on topic and discuss with him why Ada isn't bad with CDG, etc. glad you liked it?

User Info: Unfoolish

4 years ago#37
I played with both Default Ada and Ada EX yesterday, regarding grenade glitching.

Default Ada is better with incendiary and hand grenade glitching use on zombies so its instant kill CDG and she can apply incendiary with J'avos, very few mutate which would be the ones without masks into Glava-Dim. She can also use Pipe Bombs on J'avos for glitching and even if the explosion did not kill the J'avo she can counter follow which saves time from standard chucking bullets then counter wait. Pipe Bombs work on the J'avos that pop when knocked down, +7 earned glitching, same as the flying J'avos in the air; rare occasion on snipers too.

Ada EX hand grenade glitching is more suited for zombie maps since one large radius explosion banks clock time fast. Her con is on J'avo maps trying to CDG hand grenade glitch as I found most mutate into grasshoppers, ones with armored legs, begunats, glava-dim...the only advantage are the ones who got hit with the explosion but did not mutate, these give her instant counter set ups. In Liquid Fire since Ada EX carries many flash grenades, she can CDG glitch on Mesets.

User Info: Chanjuan

4 years ago#38
I play pretty damn well with Default Ada and EX lol I tend to do really well with my partner being Helena, Leon or maybe Sherry but it depends.
Playing with Ada alone is a challenge but it can be done - it just takes extreme use of counters to preserve her ammo box bullets. I rarely use her crossbow but when I do its because of Whoppers or Chainsaw guys, etc. Ada's a tricky character indeed but she's good if you're up for a challenge.

Her EX outfit is quite the same, you can't waste her handgun ammo, you have to rely on counters most of the time and use her sniper rifle when enemies are far away or you're just looking to take out a 'boss'. In this outfit for Ada, I've only partnered with Helena and Sherry EX. The balance with Sherry EX was great because Ada's handgun/machine pistol is the equivalent to her bear commander but Sherry has the shotgun for instant kill and Ada can provide a sort of backup for her.
Can't tell you how many times I've been rescued by a Helena player though LOL

User Info: DarkkefkaFFX

4 years ago#39
sigh......I tried to use default ada, but the lack of a fast combo saver weapon kils me....

I might try to EX one because of the rifle...
FFX NSGNZ Dark Aeons (Anima left)
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User Info: rito1995

4 years ago#40
wow i use her all the time , her fan kick is badass :D
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