Searching for Good Mercenaries Players

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User Info: Keroro_2350

4 years ago#1
I'm looking for some good players to play Mercs with, I may not be a great Hi score Hijinks crazy player but I consider myself as average, my highest score is I think 1.4 on High Seas Fortress as Sherry Ex2 but my achievement is lost after my save got corrupted so yeah.

Well I'm looking for players who actually try not to break the combo and restart if the combo is broken. I would kinda prefer Javo map but my best performance is on Mining the Depths which is 1.3 as Carla. I have all DLC maps too.

So if there's anyone want to play add me,but if its too much lag that I can't handle I would send you a polite message. Not hate mails.

I would actually prefer if you would restart if combo is broken and try your best to use counter on zombies and CDG in Javos. No gun blazing though. Oh and I sucks at countering dogs.

I would most free on Friday

My PSN: keroro2350

User Info: DanielSpace79

4 years ago#2
Feel free to add me- I don't play as much mercs anymore, but definitely down to get into it. I excel on zombie maps, but I'm decent at javo maps.
PSN: TheWorstType RE6 Mercs

User Info: Crimson_Rex

4 years ago#3
I'll add you later comrad!
"I hate you. I'LL KILL YOU!" - Carla Radames
The Freelancer: I worship Frank West

User Info: Keroro_2350

4 years ago#4
Thanks guys ! I'm surprised to get reply from you guys because you were all such great players judging by the posts you all have posted. Anyway,I hope you guys wil be patience with me because I'm not an extreme player,just average.
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