Which enemies were the least frightening in each RE game you played?

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  3. Which enemies were the least frightening in each RE game you played?

User Info: parkourboybryan

4 years ago#1
A reversal of my last topic, now with what didn't scare you as opposed to what did.

Resident Evil: The Baby Neptune, they didn't do anything to frighten me.

REmake: This is probably the only RE where I found every enemy frightening.

RE2: The giant alligator, it scared me when I didn't know what to do, but as soon as I backed up and saw the gas canister, my fright level dropped to zero.

RE3: Those Drain Deimos or whatever the tiny worms were.

RECV/X: Those bats weren't frightening in the least.

RE0: The eliminators, the little chimpanzees.

REOutbrek: The scissor worms.

RE Outbreak 2: The Poisonous bees.

RE4: The ganados and zealots are a tie.

RE5: The majini.

Revelations: The fenrir, or wolf creatures.

RE6: The J'avo.

I think that's where my problem lies with 4, 5, and 6, if the grunt enemies that I face for 80% of the game aren't scary, then that gives the game a much less scary tone as a result. But I digress, which enemies frightened you the least.
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User Info: Archiantagonist

4 years ago#2
Every single one of them...however, J'avos defly take the win here
as the lamest enemies RE ever faced. Easily the biggest flaw of RE 6 IMHO.

User Info: kalibre16

4 years ago#3
RE1 - Spiders (there was nothing creepy about them other than their bigger than normal size, other than that they were probably the most normal looking thing in the mansion, plus they pose zero to no threat as it takes them a minute to drop down and another to attack making it easy to run past them)

RE2 - The plant things in the lab (to be honest I never got the point of this BOW it takes a year to attack and moves slower than molasses not to mention you get its weakness the flamethrower before encountering the first one so eh)

RE3 - The snakes (this applies to all games but this one in particular seemed to have the goofiest looking ones and as long as you didnt stand still they never seem to get you)

RE4 - The ganado from the village and the island (they were common enemies and they would just yell silly things at you the ones from the castle though act creepy enough)

RE5 - Lickers......were the ONLY thing I enjoyed in this game everything else was such chaff

RE6 - J'avo (just annoying enemies who won't shut up and stop taunting the inner mercs in me hates these to no end)
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User Info: Lovethepython

4 years ago#4
Archiantagonist posted...
J'avos defly take the win here
as the lamest enemies RE ever faced. Easily the biggest flaw of RE 6 IMHO.

This by miles. They wear stupid masks and face paint for Christ sake! They look like old school Batman crooks.

Oooh scary lol
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User Info: Dark__Throne

4 years ago#5
RE1 - Probably the Adders (little snakes). I don't actually find Snakes scary in the slightest and I find the Adders to be a total nuisance. Especially when you get poisoned and have to go find a blue herb.

REmake - Same as above

RE2 - Probably the crows. They are scary when they smash through the windows which is mostly from being unexpected. Plus they aren't very threatening.

RE3 - Those worms that were in the sewers.

RECV - Bats. As long as you have the lighter on you, they can't do anything to you. Their attack is miniscule anyway so not having the lighter isn't even a big deal

RE0 - The leech things. They mostly every other enemy on this list, they pose no threat.

RE4 - Ganados

RE5 - Majini.

RE6 - J'avo

REvelations - Blobs on the beach.

User Info: good_tobi

4 years ago#6
Zombies (dogs,crows etc), majini, ganados & javo
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User Info: ReceiverxWisdom

4 years ago#7
Edit: To be honest I listed bosses in here too. The enemies everyone mentioned aren't REALLY scary at all like J'avo and Majini but since some boss battles were supposed to the highlight of the game...I felt very disappointed with their lack of scare factor and presentation as opposed to some of the regular grunts.

Resident Evil 1: Neptune.
Why is he easy?: You could get to the objective faster than the creature can catch you.

Why is he not scary?: Not menacing enough in the original unlike REmake where you can get instantkilled. Plus it's just a shark. It's not like we haven't seen an image of one before.

REmake: Chimera.
Why is he easy?: They seem easier to take out in Remake and don't cling to the ceiling that often which I found unusual compared to the original. Made the labs even easier.

Why is he not scary: An enemy this weak can't rely on the creepy factor for very long although I can see why they could be scary if anyone has a phobia of flies or insects in general. They were definitely given more of an insectoid appearance in REmake fortunately I don't have any phobias.

Resident Evil 2: Plants.
Why is it easy?: Once you find out how to blindside them they are wimps. Their death attack is a little hidden surprise once walking over their corpse but it's nothing that the old trusty flamethrower or flame rounds couldn't solve to stop that little revival.

Why is it not scary: Bland design in my opinion. An even blander first presentation.

Resident Evil 3: Leeches.
Why are they easy?: Well since Jill is way faster than these things ... why should you be afraid :[ ?

Why are they not scary: Because the design of them weren't horrific enough as the previous creatures you dealt with before them. Especially Nemesis and The Grave Digger. These things don't stack up to that at all so my fear was desensitized by the time I encountered them.

Resident Evil Code Veronica X: Alexia I.
Why is she easy?: Easiest boss fight on the planet.

Why is she not scary?: She's just naked and more ugly looking. Not much of an overtly hideous difference. In actuality her other forms are actually more creepy than this humanoid one.

Resident Evil 4: The Novistador.
Why are they easy?: Melee, shotgun and some decent depth perception ends this enemy fast.

Why are they not scary: They become too predictable in movement. their hive encounter is very straightforward, and they don't look too menacing. This enemy would've worked better if they traveled in groups ALL THE TIME and maybe if they walked on walls and leaked maggots all over Leon from being in close range to their bodies after some damage just like Devil May Cry's Beelzebub as an example then I would be a little adamant to get in CQC with them.

However I will admit one positive when they acid melt Leon's face off...it's just completely ****ing nasty. Damn.

Resident Evil 5: Ndesu.
Why is he easy?: Just press QTE prompts, shoot rubble and shoot the Ndesu until it dies in this hilariously easy on rail segment.

Why is he not scary?: El gigante clone. Reoccurring enemy, next.

Resident Evil 6: Tyrannosaurus Rex mutated Derek Simmons
Why is he easy: Just plant bombs, detonate them around Simmons, QTE him, rinse and repeat.

Why is he not scary: Steven Spielberg laughed at Capcom's poor attempt at horror the next morning.
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User Info: sandfish95

4 years ago#8
lol at Ganados, Majini and J'avo . They aren't meant to be scary creatures. They just people who got infected with the virus.(Not like anything else is scary though) If you have enough gunfires just blast a hole on their face.

User Info: ReceiverxWisdom

4 years ago#9
lol at Ganados, Majini and J'avo . They aren't meant to be scary creatures.

That's the point of this topic. They weren't scary at all so of course patrons are going to vote for them by a large margin because as general consensus states Resident Evil stopped being scary or stopped having less creepy enemies when RE4 came along. It obviously dragged on the ridiculous, somewhat bland factor from there in regards to enemies.

(Ganado, Majini, J'avo) .

The only monster that is considerably frightening in Resident Evil 4 imo is a fresh run, first time regenerator and that's really because the presentation, music, enemy design and the hoarse breathing of the enemy nearby was very well orchestrated by the time you prepare to exit the lab.
"I'm the man you love to hate and I'm sure as hell not phased by you fakes."
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User Info: YermomHoudini

4 years ago#10
the chickens.
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