Mutations and Super Forms

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User Info: edward18

4 years ago#1
The other day I got to thinking about something. Super Forms and Mutations.

Now Super Forms are something that Tyrant-class B.O.W.s usually tend to have. Their "true" form so to speak. Most Tyrants are implanted with limiters, most of which being represented usually by the standard T-103 trenchcoat (while more primitive Tyrants hardly have a difference in appearance between their standard form and their super forms such as the T-002). Once such outfits are removed they're usually shown morphing into a more powerful form. Now I'm not saying that the coats are their limiters I'm saying that the limiters always seem to be represented coming undone with the coats being removed. For instance:

"Limited" Tyrant:

Super Tyrant:

Now that's all well and good, but then mutations are introduced into the mix and this is where I think things get a bit confusing. Usually mutations seemed to be marked as "super" or "higher" forms than the original forms. Which in a way they are, but they aren't what I'd expect the host to normally become with the unique circumstances that warp them into the mutation.

Following off of the T-103 example above, I never considered the original RE2 T-103's final form a "Super" form more than it was a "Mutation":

I always figured that it was just that warped looking because it'd been bathing in molten liquid that would just simply disintegrate anything else. So it may have been PHYSICALLY pushed into a super form, but how it ended up looking by the end of the game is not what I'd expect it to normally look like. I'd expect a T-103 to look more like the one at the end of Outbreak File 2 since it hardly had any genetic scarring when compared to what the one in RE2 went through.

However as time goes on we're introduced to more monsters and some of them usually end up having super forms of what I always thought were just unique mutations hence the T-103s in Damnation minus the blatant heart:

or in the ending of RE3 where the Nemesis begins eating one at the Dead Factory:

Thankfully (probably since Mutant is in the name) Gs always seem to be entirely different in mutations so far and there are enough Tyrant models that they hardly ever get a chance to cheaply reuse "Super" and "Mutant" forms of them to confuse the issue. But it's just been something that's always sorta bugged me is all.
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