Name one chapter in each character's campaign that you found the best:

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  3. Name one chapter in each character's campaign that you found the best:

User Info: FearOfTheLight

4 years ago#1
My personal favourite from each are:

Leon: Chapter 2. It had the best of both scenarios: the forest/cemetery, and the underground lab/mines without overbearing on the number of enemies you faced (cept for the garbage chute part). Although the focus on the plot seemed to stray away from Leon.

Chris: Chapter 2. War-torn Edonia had the most immersive atmosphere and fit in with Chris's anti-bioterrorism status quite nicely. Was also one of the emotional high points in his story and did a good job of unveiling why Chris was as he is in the Prologue.

Jake: Chapter 3. The Neo-Umbrella Medical facility did a nice job of revisting the Mansion feel of the previous games (although the enemies being J'avo seemed to kill off the nostalgia) but the 'Medallion collection' was a good touch in exploration. I would say that the whole area did need to expand a little bit more to add to the plot. It seemed that both of them took just a few hours to escape the premise that's supposed to be guarded like Fort Knox.

Ada: Chapter 2. Again a favourite as of the setting. The puzzles were laughable but I guess the combat made up for it. One thing that really caught my interest was the fact that you were actually investigating Simmon's secret lair (with those unfortunate souls hanging)...I guess we now know where those who cross 'the family' end up.

So which chapter of each Campaign did you favour?
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User Info: Keroro_2350

4 years ago#2
Leon:Chapter 4. I like how the four team up and fight Ustanak and the race between Team Leon Harper and Team Chris Nivans which is fun actually. Also both Leon and Helena outfit were really awesome. It would been better if they add more zombies during the chapter especially at the point where you have to find the keys. I also like how things are like starting to heat up in China.

Ada:Chapter 3. I like the part where you get to assist Jake and Sherry from the rooftop secretly,it's kinda like what Ada usually do, helping others secretly and it's fun assisting them by sniping enemies above them.

User Info: Archiantagonist

4 years ago#3
Leon: Chapter 2 - Cemetery + Cathedral part is simply the best piece of enviroment in the game for me.

Chris: Chapter 3 - I'm not a big fan of neverending industrial slums as a background
for pseudo-gay military bromance in this campaign, but at least Chapter 3 is not boring to play.
2 Copter fights + Illuziya + crossing with both couples Sherry/Jake and Leon/Helena.
I even liked the chase at the end(although I'm not into all that racing stuff)

Jake: Chapter 2 - I'm just a fetishist for snowy mountains and caves. Simple as that.

Ada: Chapter 2 - cos' again cemetery + the only chapter with zombies
(I don't count Chapter 5, since it's all about copter shooting and Simmons fighting)

User Info: dragon7x2k

4 years ago#4
Leon and Ada chapter 2, solving puzzles is fun and at least had some variety.

Jake chapter 3, is the only time in the game I felt like I had options, the rest feels so linear.

Chris, I don't remember any particular part I enjoyed more than the rest, the only part I hated was the stupid chase sequence at the end. Chris' campaign was the most consistent and fun to me.

User Info: IlDanko

4 years ago#5
Chris- all the campaign (specially chapter 2)
Leon - chapter 1.. The only chapter i enjoyed in this qte festival... Once i got to the cemetery the campaign died for me
Jake- chapter 2
Ada- chapter 1, it was pretty fun
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User Info: good_tobi

4 years ago#6
Leon - chapter 1- the only chapter that felt like classic to me
Chris - chapter 5 - "Piersssssssssss"
Jake - chapter 5 - boss battle against Ustanak
Ada - chapter 3 - fast paced action against Ubistvo and yeah that awesome FAN KICK
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User Info: Da Dood

Da Dood
4 years ago#7
Opinions not set in stone, could change...

Leon 5 -- This level is really one big Michael Bay explosion, but the boss fights are fun IMO, and I like the outbreak scenes

Chris 2 -- Good pacing, big fights in big areas with no QTE interruptions. Looks nice too. And Chris and Piers do very different things here

Jake 3 -- One of the few open areas in the game where you're not following an arrow. The camera section is pretty cool too

Ada 1 -- I like that the submarine is her exclusive area, and there's stealth and puzzles. 2 is good but I hate fighting Deborah for the nth time
And this time!

User Info: Smash Master

Smash Master
4 years ago#8
Leon 2, because the graveyard scene is just fun in general (especially with hunters).

Jake 3 because the medical facility is pretty cool, and hunters can make the ID medal hunt tense. Jake 4 would have won if crossovers were more common though.

Ada 4 because... eh, Ada's story is the least fun in general.

Chris really depends on the character you are. If you're Chris himself, then I'd say probably chapter 4. For Piers its an easy chapter 5 because Lightning Cannon.
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User Info: sbn4

4 years ago#9
Leon: Chapter 1 in the sewers/subway. It seemed like the game was heading in the right direction at this point. But then loses its way once you enter the cathedral.

Chris: Almost all of chapter 2.

Jake: Next to nothing. Only thing I liked was seeing Edonia in the distance in chapter 1. And the cabin cutscene. Everything else about this campaign is abysmal.

Ada: Chapter 2/3 were pretty cool.
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User Info: ReceiverxWisdom

4 years ago#10
Leon 1 - Tall Oaks needed more screen time, period.

Chris 3 - As much as chapter 2 is getting a lot of well deserved praise I decided to pick chapter 3 for one of my favorites. It had a lot of atmosphere and a lot of tension especially against the snake boss.

Ada 4 - Very challenging for me and a little bit more longer compared to her other chapters. Plus I think they did a superb job with the overall creepyness of the Carla spores stalking you.

Jake 5- I f***ing hate his campaign...but I went with chapter 5 for various reasons:

1. It was a unique section of the underwater lab.
2.The music was done REALLY well in this chapter.
3: The stupid boss fight was absurdly fun in my opinion.
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  3. Name one chapter in each character's campaign that you found the best:

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