What do you want in Resident Evil 7?

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User Info: edward18

4 years ago#101
Evil Within just looks like the same crap they've been pulling since RE4 to me.
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User Info: kujataeliot

4 years ago#102
I think I'd like to see Carlos Oliviera on the next game.

Remember about the new organization I talked about on my previous post?

Surprise surprise, he's the leader.

or not. haha.

User Info: Ryan-06

4 years ago#103
Basically none of the Gears of war action spam of RE6. short answer.
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User Info: LeftiesRule

4 years ago#104
edward18 posted...

Hey ED why no Rebecca? Love the fact that Claire is in the story. :)

(@ RYAN)
You sir, speak of intelligence :)

You Know what I want?


User Info: kujataeliot

4 years ago#105
kujataeliot posted...
I think they should put us in our own shoes, with Chris/Leon/Jill etc. as our supporting characters. You know, kinda like we're just trying to survive but Chris and the others they're really playing the bigger roles like they are dealing with the masterminds or something. We just crossover to them on our way to escape. The original character's meanwhile, they're efforts will be show through cutscenes and we as the survivor's get the effect of their heroic actions.

I think...
That way it'll be more survival-horror feeling.

Not mission based action-horror.

I think, the game should not be mission based,
The next game I think....It should allow us to back-track
and make the game more open world.

So running into our heroes is really gonna work well with an open world setting.

Not too open like GTA.

maybe on our way to the gate of the city we meet Chris and his men.

escorts us out of the city until a B.O.W. rams the vehicles Chris telling us to go cause they'll handle the it, giving us a sub-machine gun on our way.

And we're on our own.
Chris just told us to go.
We don't know where we're going.

Depending on where we go, we are either lured by a Neo-Umbrella scam of injecting us with anti-bodies, so get into a facility where we are rescued by Leon.

Leon gives us a shotgun on our way out.
We are given an option, We can help him beat the main B.O.W. of the facility
or we can run for it and move on.

Or we end up in another city or state where there is refuge but soon overrun by the zombies(evolved T-Virus, or anything not too violent like Las plagas)

and much more things like that, I'm guessing you guys here have more creativity than me.

The main goal is just to survive.


Maybe in the end we get recruited in the BSAA.

Maybe in the end we Escape to another island. We get a little bit of peace after 2 or so months little did we know....(Bad ending) The island was already over run with zombies but no BOWs since there are no wars in that island.(potential beginning for the next title maybe, Chris is sent here or the new addition to the roster Jake without a partner since it's just a small island)

Maybe in the end we discover another organization of gun-loaded and very capable survivors and get into their headquarter's in the dessert far from any zombies or evil corporations, these survivors were actually hacking into multiple organizations like the BSAA, Neo-Umbrella, Tri-Cell.

and has seen you survive. These guys however also have access to multiple samples of Virus strains. We are teased as to what this organization is going to bring in the mix on the next title.

I want that in Resident Evil 7.

Not necessarily 7.

Maybe it's good plot for an Outbreak#3.

but this time, it actually connects to the main story and the original cast.

I think it'd be cool if later on we find out the new organization's leader is actually
either... Carlos Oliveira.
Ark Thompson.

and maybe, if they kill one of the main character's from the original games.
Nobody warmed up to Piers before he died, so his death is kinda insignificant.
It as important for Chris' growth yeah.
but maybe I think Chris can go.
that'll shock all of us if they actually killed him.
and it'll show how talented Capcom is if they can make a great story of that and still continue the series.

But I really want to see a Carlos comeback.
He saved Jill in RE:3 for the newbies.
Ark Thompson is the protagonist of RE:Survivor.
Where the first FPS perspective debuted in the RE franchise.
He is a detective. Might be good to make a detective-horror-shooter game.
ha.Maybe he investigate's Chris death, late we find out his death is faked.
Chris is actually held in a facility.

User Info: edward18

4 years ago#106
Oh don't worry, Rebecca's in it (at the end of Billy's story) =)
Before you die you see the Tails Doll---Backdrop Observer of the Metroid: Other M board
Apparently Edward: Wise Old Sage of Korodai

User Info: Crimson_Rex

4 years ago#107
FearOfTheLight posted...
1. Real Zombies.

You want human corpses controlled through ancient voodoo magic? Anyways, don't ask that question here, everyone has stupid ideas. VERY stupid ideas.
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User Info: largerock

3 years ago#108


Yeah that.
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User Info: KeyToTruth12

3 years ago#109
largerock posted...


Yeah that.

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User Info: Pao24

3 years ago#110
Get rid of the QTE's. Also, as much as possible, don't introduce new main playable characters anymore (or yet). Enough of the main cast splitting up per game. Let's have the main players have a go in one narrative (Chris, Jill, Leon, Claire, Sherry and...okay, Jake).
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