What do you want in Resident Evil 7?

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User Info: LenKagamineO2

4 years ago#61
hera18 posted...
I want RE7 with Jill, Chris, Leon, Claire, Ada, Barry, Rebecca, Sherry, HUNK and (I know he's dead) Wesker. In short, I want all characters from the first 2 games. Oh and maybe Jessica and Raymond too, if it's not too much. Forget Jake. And if by any chance they want to bring the sidekicks back like Sheva or Helena (excluding Piers for God's sake), I hope they just mention them in files or in conversations or maybe some flashback about something.

I also feel like Lost in Nightmares' nostalgic camera angles is effective. If they don't want it like that, then at least make the place and the atmosphere creepy. The kind that would make you think twice about continue running because something might come out of a window or a door. And zombies (and maybe zombie animals, just no J'avo-like enemies) ONLY for regular enemies. No item drops from killed enemies. No annoying scanner from Revelations. Melees like in RE5, with fancy names and they also should match the characters' fighting style. No QTE's, just those that require cranks or pushing a box (are those QTE's as well? sorry don't know). HARDER puzzles. Backtracking during the campaign in order to progress, like the ones on the old RE's. Let us upgrade our weapons. MERCENARIES. More stages, more characters, more costumes, has the freedom to choose our frickin' weapons. NO STUPID COMBAT GAUGE. Green, red and blue herbs present. Dodging system in Revelations, though I might be the only one. Infinite rocket launcher after finishing the game like in every other previous RE's. Helicopter scene at the end. Hunters, lickers, vomiting zombies, spiders. An enemy which keeps on pursuing me at certain parts of the game, like Nemesis. No plagas or transformations. Huge number of weapons to choose from and files to read. A whole city to explore. Bring back the characters' ability to check their surroundings, like that broken window, or that poor civilian who got whacked by a Licker. A very long game which offers the need to go to safe rooms and organize our items with the item box and save our game if we need to. No vehicle sequences. Give Wait-Come here-Move in-Thanks-Praise-Sorry commands. 'Sorry' might sound weird but it's actually for coop, especially Mercs. Bring back the emblem-shooting sidegame, it's kind of fun to look for them. Give Leon his knife combo attack which Chris stole from him in RE6. Keep Jill's Cartwheel Kick, Ada's Fan Kick, Chris' Haymaker, Leon's Suplex, Rebecca's Flame Spray and Barry's Miranda Rights. Tone down Ada's cockiness. Keep Jill's Goody Two-shoes personality. Don't make Chris look like he's taking steroids; he'll be way hotter if he looks less beefy. Make Leon blonde. Make Claire wear pants like in Degeneration. Make HUNK's butt more noticeable. A Claire and Sherry scene. An Ada and Jill team-up, like something happened and they have to fight together. Give each character a 'badass moment' even if it's just one for each of them. Reprise Ada's Blacktail and Claire's love for grenade launchers. Let us use Ada's grapple gun with freedom for once.

I think that's just about everything I want to see in the next RE. I mean, I like RE6 a lot, but Capcom can do better. They already did with RE 1, 2 and 3.

So if you want Mercenaries then all the maps are taken from campaign.. it means the campaign will be an open map.. not like some claustrophobic hallways? ?I think raid mode should be added.. Mercs would be just another side of a game.. imo
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User Info: Farhan_Malik

4 years ago#62

end of topic.

User Info: IlDanko

4 years ago#63
Basically Dead Island in a 3rd person view
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User Info: capturinggod200

4 years ago#64
Leon and Jill to partner up so I can see them meeting face to face for the first time in the resident evil game series the crappy movies don't count.

Keep multiple campaigns from RE6 except make them more frightening to shut up the its not survival horror guys.

User Info: Kallios

4 years ago#65
what I liked in past RE

1. Zombies
2. Puzzles
3. character deveolpment
4. Merchant from RE4
5. also Inventory ( and the ability to expand it)

what they should have in RE7

Non AI controlled Co-op ( if you wanna solo its You and you alone No aprtner if you wanna play 2 player with someone else its 2 player Human player )

I don't mind having many campaign ( or many character to be Honest)

would be Nice to actually choose what character to play during the said solo campaign after all Most of them are from BSAA

Weapon customization ( and differnet type of wepaon like in Re4-Re5)

Survival Horror feeling But not the control/gameplay of RE1-2-3 (simply because I hated it )

character list

even the new one from RE6 I don't mind

User Info: UltimateSol

4 years ago#66
return to Julia Woth face for next Jill
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User Info: IlDanko

4 years ago#67
UltimateSol posted...
return to Julia Woth face for next Jill

And the battlesuit, the battlesuit must return too xD
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User Info: dragonfruit152

4 years ago#68
Jill and Claire

User Info: fluffy_kins

4 years ago#69
Just reboot the series. It's too far gone now to keep spewing out sequels with new viruses, new villains, more muddled storylines... I shudder to think of the mess that RE7 would be were it a sequel to 6. The series has been embarrassed enough lately, what with the sad cash-in that was ORC, RE:QTE (aka 6), and trying to port a handheld game to consoles. The series is permanently tarnished.

I can't stomach another RE where you shoot from cover and fight soldiers under the guise that they're "infected with a virus". If Capcom wants to make a war game, just start a new series ffs. I watched the trailer for The Evil Within and couldn't help but feel that is what a Resident Evil reboot should be.
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User Info: largerock

3 years ago#70
I want this godforsaken series to END GODDAMMIT
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