if resident evil 7 has the same campaign set up id like these teams

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  3. if resident evil 7 has the same campaign set up id like these teams

User Info: yusiko

4 years ago#1

campaign 1

chris and ada wong
had actually like an antagonist to implant something in them like a virus or a bomb and force them to do something for him that would benefit them while they do their best to keep themselves alive while still trying to stop what he is forcing them to do.
it would also be interesting to see how they interact considering the two have never really met and the ada he did meet was a fake who he hates and wanted to kill.

campaign 2

leon and billy
i have no idea how this would work i just want to see characters interact who have never met
but i would like to see hunnigan not responding to his calls with no explanation why at first

campaign 3

jill and sherry

another pairing i want around just to see new character interactions.

campaign 4

claire and hunnigan

have claire stumble onto some horrible bioterrorist conspiracy while doing work for terrasave. she can find a kidnapped hunnigan who was kidnapped because of her connection as mission control to a top government agent. claire rescues her before she was experimented (like deborah) now the 2 must work together to survive the situation they have found themselves in
hunnigan would have course be a hard character to work around as its not likely she is a secret badass. but it could work. its not hard to believe she has basic firearms training because of her line of work sometimes requires it of all agents even ones who dont take field work in case of emergency
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User Info: Syn_Vengeance

4 years ago#2
Chris and Jill and have chris retire after

Leon and helena again

Sherry and claire have them run into each other. Sherry is looking for jake and claire gets caught up in it.

Jake gets a solo campaign where alex wesker wants his blood for a new virus. maybe have ada as his partner.

End the series.
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User Info: Archiantagonist

4 years ago#3
Chris + Claire = It's time to finally give Chris partner worth staying by, IMO

Leon + Hunnigan = To hell with generic dolls voiced by Laura Bailey.
Put Ingrid up to some work at last (she's been around since RE 4...)
+ you can actually make her pretty interesting char IMO... cyberpunk/gadgets theme and all

Sherry + Ada = Sherry accidentally finds out everything about Ada and her charming activity.
Now they kinda stuck together until Sherry will make a decision on which side to choose
(dependent on info she gets she may either get herself recruited as Ada's apprentice,
or try to use Ada to sneak into that Organization of hers and so on)

Some new char(preferably villain) - who's campaign will allow to view at the event of the game from different angle

PS: Everyone(may be except for Sherry) dies at the end

User Info: peterjr123

4 years ago#4
Guys this is just my opinion but...

I don't want to see Chris ever again in the games.
Jill just works in the games, Leon, Jill, Ada, they are all great characters who are effortlessly suited to the game.
Chris is just tiring to watch, he's arrogant in some games, kind in others, but at the same time he is just so bland. I hope he dies in 7 after sacrificing his life for Jill.

Anyway, on-Topic:

Jill on her own with maybe Chris in some episodes.
Leon + Ada properly working together.

These are my only requests

User Info: TheSkinniMini1

4 years ago#5
Who would I want to see teamed up?
JIll and Carlos: They could have it so that Carlos, after leaving another group (maybe we learn he was working for some shady organization), has been asked to join the BSAA. Since Chris was in therapy to deal with the loss of his team and Piers (IDK I have to write him out somehow), Jill asks if Carlos could be her partner this time around to find out what Neo-Umbrella is all about. Over the course of the story, she may see someone who betrayed the team earlier in life. This will remind her of being brainwashed all those years ago and of the evil acts she performed. This would give us the chance to see how it still affects Jill to this day. We could have it so that she blows up at Carlos during various points before she finally shares what is really bothering her.

Claire and a new girl: Similar to Chris and Piers, I think pairing Claire with a younger girl in Terrasave could be interesting. She could do her motherly like thing and be a mentor for the girl. The girl could be a newbie just learning the ropes and never dealt with bio terrorism a day in her life.Have it so that they were visiting a town that has just suffered from an attack (thanks to Neo-Umbrella) as help relief. We would be able to see someone that is new to this type of thing and see how they grow over the course of the story. Not to mention that this could actually give Claire a reason to be at the right place, at the wrong time. However, this mission may lead her to someone that she hasn't seen in years. (Her and the new girl relationship would be a sister like deal, similar to her and Sherry's relationship). The reason why I didn't include Sherry is bc I would like Terrasave to become a larger and more active group in the series. You know Capcom likes to add new people each game.

Rebecca and a new guy: Their partnership could be similar to her and Billy's in RE Zero. The only difference is that she should be the older one. She could be a mature, wise 33-34 pharmaceutical researcher looking to find a man that she worked with before (unknowingly Alex Wesker). Why? That could be something to figure out over the course of the game. The new guy could be a young (mid 20s) cocky, arrogant bio-terrorism soldier that's looking to prove himself. She will not be putting up with his BS and will be able to see the better side of him (as she has experience with a person like this). At first he wouldn't like that she doesn't seem intimidated by him but over the course of the story grows to care immensely for her. Thanks to a jealous co-worker, will he have to sacrifice his life for hers?(Their relationship could be that she views him as a younger brother type, but he views her like a love interest, could be interesting).

Jake (alone): Jake is out to find himself and his place in the world. After finding out that Wesker was his father and that said father was a madman, he starts to look into his father's past and finds out that he is a Wesker child. However, Jake discovers that Wesker was not the last of his kind and that there is a Alex Wesker that exists. Thinking that he may know more about his father than anyone, he goes to find him. (This search will lead him to Neo-Umbrella) Will Jake be able to get the answers that he's looking for? Will he become what he hates most?

Alex Wesker: Leader of Neo-Umbrella. Main villain. Knew of Jake's existence, worked with Rebecca Chambers at some point under a different name, hates the BSAA for killing Wesker (doesn't care who actually did it).
Steve Burnside: Minion of Alex. Part of Claire's past. Infected the town Claire's helping in. Is he truly evil?
Jessica Sherawat: Minion of Alex. Traitor to the BSAA. Hates the group, but Jill moreso.
New Male Villian: Minion of Alex. Ex co-worker that's jealous of Rebecca and her former work relationship with Alex. He's very sexist.
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User Info: sbn4

4 years ago#6
Jill on her own with maybe Chris in some episodes.

This has already been done. Its called Revelations.

I want Chris and Jill or Chris and Claire.
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User Info: Syn_Vengeance

4 years ago#7
sbn4 posted...
Jill on her own with maybe Chris in some episodes.

This has already been done. Its called Revelations.

I want Chris and Jill or Chris and Claire.

This is war, Survival is your responsibility.

User Info: saleonkennedy

4 years ago#8
Hmm ada and chris sounds interesting. I would like to see billy fight chris while leon takes on ada (assuming the devices are like what jill had on her in re 5.
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User Info: peterjr123

4 years ago#9
sbn4 posted...
Jill on her own with maybe Chris in some episodes.

This has already been done. Its called Revelations.

I want Chris and Jill or Chris and Claire.

No, Jill was with Parker for almost all of Revelations, I want a fully solo Jill campaign save for maybe Chris being in one or two.

User Info: FearOfTheLight

4 years ago#10
Re-post from a previous topic of mine:

I'm not too predetermined on the plot in detail but vaguely advertise my opinion that the game should do away with multiple characters jam-packed in the scenario. Instead it should focus on the experiences of these three characters that would share three separate play styles (with 6's implementation....this is inevitable).

Ada: Major focus on Stealth and Puzzles. Minor shifts in small engagements. Cross paths with 'certain partner characters'.

Jake: Major Focus on Visceral Action and tell-tale horror elements implemented in spectacular environments. He's a Merc turned 'Freelancer' after all.....only fair that he hit the most exotic/dangerous locations. Minor focus on Puzzles. No partners though (both squad and individuals).

Jill: Major focus on Survival horror with certain small scale engagements throughout her campaign (sort of like RE:CVX + RE4 combined) additional feature of puzzles and vehicular segments in small doses (RE5 done right).

Disc 2: Additional Content. Ranging from Raid Mode 2.0, The Mercenaries ALL-S.T.A.R.S, mini games and maybe an additional 4-missioned secret campaign playable when the Main game is completed.

It could involve HUNK and the last remnants of the 'Old Umbrella' trying to rise up yet caught in the inevitable conflict of Neo-Umbrella, rising Mercenary warlords on the grid and the peacekeepers/enforcers if the world (D.S.O & the B.S.A.A).

If Capcom can refine, re-iterate and innovate on what they've created so far......dumb down the scale of this 'global infection threat', it might give a sense of direction to the plot and its characters. Also might help with reviving a bit of classic horror elements within the game.
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