What did you guys want in RE 6?(Probably Spoilers)

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User Info: Goldsickle

4 years ago#11
1NN0VAT0R posted...
the gameplay aspect is perfect, everything else falls short though.

While I liked how they come to their senses and implemented 360 analog movement, I don't like how the characters run in a semi-circle pattern 50% of the time, whenever you try to move the opposite direction.
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User Info: ZGMF_600_Guaiz

4 years ago#12
I would have preferred for RE: Revelations to do have become Resident Evil 6 instead of the game we got.

That being said, I wouldn't have minded that they would have made Chris' campaign into a RE side story. for me it was the only part of the game worth salvaging as part of the RE series.

The rest of the game might have been better received had it not being called a RE game.

User Info: so_real

4 years ago#13
I expected Leon's campaign to be more akin to RE2, but the opportunities that they had to create a truly unique experience compared to the other two were wasted and the only effort put into it was cosmetically. Its structure was just like the other two.

User Info: hera18

4 years ago#14
What I wanted for RE6 was a campaign with Leon and Claire as partners, then a campaign with Jill and Chris, then Sherry and Jake and then Ada's own campaign. It truly would have been a Raccoon City reunion, like Ada said. I never understood why they included two new characters instead of bringing back Jill and Claire for their anniversary.
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  3. What did you guys want in RE 6?(Probably Spoilers)

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