What is the most iconic moment in the RE series to you? (MAJOR SPOILERS)

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User Info: SSJ_Jin

3 years ago#1
What left the biggest mark? Defines RE to you? - Results (55 votes)
RE1 - First zombie, aka the turnaround! Mmmmmm!
25.45% (14 votes)
RE1 - Itchy Tasty
12.73% (7 votes)
RE2 - Ada's "deaths"
5.45% (3 votes)
RE3 - Nemesis speaks! S.T.A.R.S.
14.55% (8 votes)
RE4 - Leon vs. lasers
9.09% (5 votes)
RE5 - Chris vs. boulder
10.91% (6 votes)
RE5 - Chris and Sheva vs. Jill (and Wesker if you like)
5.45% (3 votes)
RE6 - Piers' death
9.09% (5 votes)
Code Veronica - Wesker vs. Alexia (either version)
3.64% (2 votes)
Other (please list)
3.64% (2 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Now let's be honest. There's many moments that can be considered iconic, so there's no way I could make a proper poll on this, (at least, not by myself). That's why there's other. Now IMO, most of the iconic RE moments are from the classics. Not because I think the new sucks, which I don't. But simply because the stories haven't been up to par to me. Not that RE was ever an academy award winner, but you know what I mean. But I tried to list moments across the series

Now why did I choose these? Let's see...

The zombie turn is straight obvious. I mean how can that not be listed? Itchy Tasty is another iconic moment. Unless you didn't bother reading the files, I don't see how one couldn't catch some feeling(s) from reading that journal. That's why RE1 is listed twice.

RE2 I honestly had a hard time thinking of one despite it being my favorite, and it most definitely had its moments. Mr. X? The licker encounter perhaps? Maybe Birkin's downfall? But I chose Ada, specifically Scenario A's death came to mind. I just remember me and my friend playing that and how sad it was. I always felt that "death" was better than the canon one in B. Maybe because I saw A first? *shrugs*

RE3 besides picking Nemesis period, the instance I chose is because I remember when my friend and I heard him speak. Back with dial up. They had the Brad death available and we wasted internet time downloading it to watch it. Brad's death was one thing, but when Nemesis turned and said STARS we got hyped. Hey, we were in the 5th/6th grade...

RE4 I dunno. I just picked the lasers.

RE5 has two choices because, like RE4, I can only think of the boulder. But that kinda seems like a joke pick, so I picked Chris' encounter with Jill. I can see fans feeling this as an iconic moment as Chris tries to rescue his partner from their arch nemesis.

RE6....Piers' death is the only answer. lol There is NOTHING else in that game.

Code Veronica I can only think of Wesker vs. Alexia.

And as for Revelations, 0, Survivor, etc. well that's just too damn bad. lol They're under "other."

As for my answer to the question, the zombie turn around. Hands down. That just set up every RE after that, it's the definition of RE to me.

User Info: riddlebox89

3 years ago#2
Other. The untold story of Great Baldy, AKA, the first zombie, and his quest for a hug.

His tragic story begins when he is mistaken for a zombie by Kennith and is shot at, he trips and his teeth get sunk into Kennith's throat, killing him, Great Baldy is grieving at the accidental tragedy and the loss of his chance for a hug when Jill and Chris come in and he turns around, wanting a loving embrace to forget about what just occurred.

Jill and Chris, like Kennith, mistake him for a zombie and shoot at him until he falls down, then run away, Great Baldy gets up and follows them into the dining room, where a mean, fat, bearded ginger man shoots him with an oversized gun, when they leave he goes back into the hall in hopes that he can warn his friends of these monstrous people.

Hours later, he hears a noise coming from the basement kitchen and goes to investigate, where the large breasted female from earlier is there killing one of his friends, he tries to put a stop to it but she puts a tazer to his temple and kicks him backwards.

Great Baldy is then left to wander the mansion alone until he who wears his sunglasses at night comes along with a big hole in his chest and offers to take Great Baldy to a place where he will always receive hugs.

Months later, Great Baldy, now called Nemesis, is sent into Raccoon City during the darkest of days to seek out and hug the surviving STARS members, he succeeds in finding the one with yellow stained and foul smelling pants and is in the process of a brotherly embrace when the large breasted female from long ago surprises him and starts shooting, forcing a deadly tentacle to shoot out and kill the stinky man.

After all the tragedies in his life, Great Baldy decides to put an end to the large breasted female who caused him and his brothers so much grief and hunts her down until he catches her inside a costume store and brutally dismembers her while keeping her alive for as long as possible, then wrapping the smelly mans pants around her face so she can bath in the exotic scent of man!
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User Info: Keroro_2350

3 years ago#3
lol I read the title wrong,thought it was the shocking or unexpected moment something like that so I voted for Piers death.

I think my choice would be the zombie head turn around in RE1.

User Info: FearOfTheLight

3 years ago#4
Where's RE6's protagonist crossings?

The Leon/Helena---Jake/Sherry China encounter.

The Chris/Piers---Jake/Sherry Edonia/Underwater Chamber encounter.

but most of all the Leon vs. Chris gunpoint standoff that pretty much sets off ridiculous fangasm from well, the fans.
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User Info: Archiantagonist

3 years ago#5
"Itchy. Tasty." for me (No Contest)

User Info: sbn4

3 years ago#6
RE2 Leon is pretty iconic to me since he was my first character I played as.

Chris climbing the mountain in CVX with the epic music in the background is also a good contender.

If I had to choose form those, probably the itchy, tasty or Chris vs. the boulder.
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User Info: SSJ_Jin

3 years ago#7
^^^Despite Chris being the first character I played as and seeing my friend complete RE2 with Claire, Leon was the first character I beat an RE game with. Pretty sure that's why he's my favorite character, lol

User Info: sbn4

3 years ago#8
I'm not so easily impressed by the character who stole my RE virginity. Leon is still pretty awesome, but Chris' campaign in REmake just stuck with me so hard he became my favorite. Plus I feel he's pretty epic in CVX, RE5, and RE6. Leon's not too far behind, because he is the only character who still makes horrifyingly corny jokes, and he's a relatable guy.
"No man should fight any war but his own."

User Info: ArticWolf1222

3 years ago#9
First of all, let me say..Riddlebox, i was cracking up laughing while reading that fine take on the aforementioned zombie. Definitely glad to see someone else has a sense of humor.


Now, back to the topic at hand... The most iconic moment out of those options would be reading that dairy with the "itchy..tastey". Personally, i read everything i had came across in RE1. That was one of the many great moments&reads endured which had me from the get go on the series. Another one that was iconic to me in the first one, which isn't mentioned above from the first game is...The very first crimson head that gets up on the way to get the armor key on the second floor. I know its going to happen and even anticipate it, but it makes me jump a little everytime.
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  3. What is the most iconic moment in the RE series to you? (MAJOR SPOILERS)

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