if Capcom want win-win everyone in RE 6 why not make new resident evil ip ?

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User Info: FearOfTheLight

3 years ago#112
^ What is that? Why do you keep posting links without a general summary of what it might possibly be?

It's like you're going off tangent almost every time!
"When I'm walking a dark road, I am a man who walks alone" - Iron Maiden

User Info: SSJ_Jin

3 years ago#113
I must admit, it's been a long time since I spent some time on a "debate" on this site, but you're soooo persistent, Daniel. Unfortunate events have just made me "stuck," so I gave time. And really, you said two things that deserves another serious response. This will be a lot though since I let this get so far. I'm sure most of it will be ignored, but most everything has been ignored anyway. So without further ado....your two statements, (back to using italics, old school)

Any reasonable 10 year old with basic logic and observation skills could take you down.

Oh-ho-ho! Please. I've gotten into the heads of so many people on this board, you have no idea. Don't believe me? The fact that you and your "FL" pals keep responding despite "winning so easily" is proof of that. This statement actually hurt me a little.

You misquoted me and FInal Legion several times- either showing you have no comprehension, or that you know your backed into a corner and that's the only way to try to get the attention off.

But this....this right here. LOL. Here's a little secret that I need to fill you in on, (and you'll see how "business savvy" I can be with my "estimates" as you put it. Most of your arguments this whole time...*gasp* have been on misquoting me and going off things I never said. But how can this be!? Well....lemme show you. But before I do...

What 'facts' are proven as lies? I used estimations based on standard analysis. If you are too ignorant to see the difference, that's your problem- not mine.

Again, lol at estimates. I estimate you're just backing out on this because you've been exposed yet again.

Can't even comment on your 152 point any more. It's like trying to explain mathematics to a rock.

Course you can't comment on it, you will be beaten every time as I'm the rock and you're the scissors.

You've ignored the lost jobs comment every time I asked- show me your evidence that employees are VOLUNTARILY LEAVING Capcom, with any statistical significance, because they don't like what the company is doing. Show me what employees have lost their jobs, with statistical significance- where is your data, your press releases, your information that point to actual figures. Don't have it do you? You are just blindly conjecturing- without any clue. I also addressed that Idid search for it- and found one layoff of less then 50 employees from July of 2013.

How can you find an article about lost jobs and then say it never happened? This was never ignored, you just keep spewing nonsense. Really? No one left Capcom? Really? There's been quite a few known Capcom employees who left the company. That you can't even think of one is beyond sad. How about probably the most famous? He only made a little game, oh I dunno what it was called, Megaman?

You may need "statistical data" and "press releases," but anyone who knows how to use a search engine could find a few other known employees who left. Heck, you'd even find out about the girl who tried to commit suicide due to the stress of Capcom.

Now that that's out of the way, let's get to the juicy stuff I mentioned in the beginning. You can also pair the 152 million issue with this. Are you ready? Here. We. Go.

User Info: SSJ_Jin

3 years ago#114
We've also debunked your RE6 failure article- so even though the burden of proof is on you, FL and I have done our research and proven you wrong.

"We" didn't debunk anything. This goes to your friends "FL" misquoting me and you absolutely following it. But how is this? Well let's see. The "FL" crew kept saying:

Oh and why don't you post all those links containing statements from Capcom themselves that RE6 is a complete failure?

I...never. Ever. Said RE6 was a "complete failure." Ever. This "FL" lack of comprehension, going with that and like a blind dog you followed. If only you would have done the research as you claim that you would have seen this.

Oh, but wait! Lemme show you these business skills! I'll quote the "FL" crew!

LOL...oh, what a freakin' backpedal!

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzt. Wrong, as usual. Lemme take you to a place long ago. On a page far, far away. Page...2 to be exact. Where I clearly said this:

But business wise, this is why Capcom has failed. They wanted the Call of Duty numbers, so RE was turned into it. Now it actually worked for them initially. With how RE6 had the be price cut...mmm, hard to say.

I never said RE6 was a complete failure as in they lost all their money, there was no profit. Ever. Where did this come about? From "FL." I said:

The sad part is you can literally type in "Resident Evil 6 failure" in Google and come across many links with Capcom themselves admitting RE6 failed.

to which he couldn't read and began here with this answer:

Oh and why don't you post all those links containing statements from Capcom themselves that RE6 is a complete failure?

And you followed. In a blind rage.

But hold a second, that doesn't let go of the fact that RE6 failed and Capcom said so themselves. I'd advise you not to just blindly follow the "FL" crew. There isn't just one Destructoid review by the guy who was bashing RE6 the whole time the who "overrated what Capcom said." No. There's multiple links on the same story from different statements on this issue.

If YOU do the easy search you'll find quotes from Capcom that range from, "while it was good at first, RE6's sales dropped and wasn't the selling medium it was supposed to be" to "we failed in development and marketing and have to address this" to "our games took a dip in quality" to "RE6 is a mixed bag, while 5 million proves it's a popular titles, fans were displeased" to mentioning RE5's success previously, (which leads to delusions in development, marketing, aka 7 million) having to redirect the business because of these failures and the COO himself using words like "unfortunately we have to," (referring to the DLC) and saying how they have to survive in the DLC/mobile market.

RE6 failed. This is the business aspect whether you like it or not. And this goes back to 152 million. Another misquote. You think that I've been saying 152 is the only amount of cash Capcom has. Uhhh....obviously there's other assets! Duh! But 152 in the bank in a market where it's getting more and more expensive to make games as well as their FAILURES thus far and them being forced into a new market is huge.

User Info: SSJ_Jin

3 years ago#115
Another misquote from you....you're stuck on how I said Capcom failed. To you, you think I've said the company is finished, no money, in the red, been bought off, whatever.

NOPE! Never said that either. I'll repost this from the earlier pages again. I said:

But business wise, this is why Capcom has failed.

And you said:

2. "Business wise" Capcom has not 'failed' - a 'failed' business indicates one that is bankrupt or in the red- where it's operating costs have exceeded it's profit.

to which I made it quite clear what I was referring to in regards to their practices, (dlc, lying to the fans, etc.) which ultimately led them to have to switch their market. Why? Because they were failing.

Do you see? Everything in this topic is because you and the "FL" crew have a lack of comprehension. I just let it play out, and out, and out. I thought you were going to give up posting since you were so confident you won, but you never did. Should have did that because you were never right.

Also, keep in mind that just because Capcom has gone in the mobile market doesn't mean they're in the clear. Far from it. In fact, this could be just as dangerous if not more so than before, (well the DLC thing is one of the reasons why they failed in the first place). Here's a perfect example from this video I just remembered:


.....whew....good lawd this was a lot....too much. In fact, I don't even think I addressed every point I wanted to. There was just too much, but I tried. Basically, all you need to know is this:

- Comprehension is not your friend, or your friends' friend
- Capcom did terrible practices that forced them into a different market
- RE6 was a triple A product that failed on many different aspects (not that it was a COMPLETE failure)
- Capcom admitted this
- Capcom is not in the clear being in the current market

Now then, I said it in the beginning and I'll say it again:

I really do want Capcom to turn it around. Would be a shame if they go. They always made the best games.

But they simply don't get it. Adding more DLC, going to the mobile market, (Breath of Fire 6 anyone?) and making up bs statements like, "these fans are too old to play games now" continue to show how dumb they are. Whoever took charge really started ****in' things up. Hence why employees left.

Oh yeah! I know what I forgot! LOL at "FL" saying, "err, I haven't even played RE6!" Yeah, so you just happened to go on a years old game board without much interaction just for the hell of it. Ok. And why is he quoting me anyway? I thought he defeated me? Doesn't seem so sure either...

I'm done!

User Info: SSJ_Jin

3 years ago#116
Oh wait, I know what I forgot.

I'm a fair guy, so I'm actually gonna give "FL" some slack here. Maybe, just maybe, he thought I was saying RE6 made no money before of this?

If something costs $10 million to make, and I sale 5 million of those, thus generating $9 million due to the acceptable selling price. I....failed.

Maybe that's where he got that idea. I'd understand that if he did, but it just further proves his comprehension is a little lacking. Because that was a response to what he said here:

Oh and RE6? They revised that projection to five million and oh what happened? RE6 has sold OVER that projection and has become the one of the highest selling titles ever for Capcom.

See here he's making it sound like RE6 made so much money since it's one of the highest selling. So Over > 5 million = profit. Too bad the original goal was 7 million. Which means 7 million > RE6 sales > 5 million sales. Which means 7 million > RE6 which means not a profit, but a loss.

That's what I was referring to. But...I guess I could have explained it better. Whatever, I'll take the blame on this one. Still, I doubt RE6 a whole lot more than what it cost to make. After all, Capcom ended up canceling current games, blaming outsourcing, saying how they failed in development and marketing, etc. Then RE6 did have a price cut and an "ultimate edition."

Nooooooooooooow I'm done. It's been forever since I did this...

User Info: DanielSpace79

3 years ago#117
You know what's funny? You keep saying 'you must not be sure you defeated me...' and keeping up with all that absurd sarcasm and pot shots but here you just went and made a FOUR PAGE post to dispute and nitpick and prove your points. Way to keep up the hypocrisy buddy.

Look forward to my (definitely not as long winded or all over the place) response as yours.
PSN: TheWorstType for RE6 and TLOU
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User Info: SSJ_Jin

3 years ago#118
Oh please. You kept saying how bad I lost and you still wanted me to reply. I did. Now after showing you how badly you've been mistaken my reply is "all over the place." And yet despite you "winning" and me being "everywhere," you stilllll need to reply to me. You see the power I hold?

I'm not really looking forward to your reply though. After showing you how badly you've lacked comprehension for 11 pages now, I shutter to think how you'll try and weasel your way out of this.

User Info: SSJ_Jin

3 years ago#119
Oh wait, I have to out do myself.

User Info: SSJ_Jin

3 years ago#120
Because four isn't enough.
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