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3 years ago#1
Well, I've been unable to find the picture on the internet so I've had to go back through my copy of the Resident Evil Archives Volume 1 (dear god it's expensive these days) and scan it for evidence. But I was just thinking about something. It's clearly obvious that certain things from the betas of the games influence later games. Ouroboros coming from the Progenitor cloud in 4's beta, the whole cloning thing in 6 coming from Revelations' beta. ect. ect.

Well, I was just looking through the page about the T-103 from RE2 in the Archives the other day when I noticed a picture in the lower left corner of the page:

Now clearly this was a beta of the T-103 as it's under that creature's part of the page, but it looked a bit...eerily familiar to me. Then after some thinking it hit me. Blade-like claw and the other arm's normalish. That's the T-001! The Proto-Tyrant! At least...that's what I was thinking it could be. I know RE1.5 had that Tyrant Inferior ( ), but that felt more like the T-002 or G to me, especially considering the whole pants thing.

But what do you guys think? Could that have been the inspiration for the T-001? And what other "deleted" things have you guys come across that you think might've inspired later things in the series?
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