What makes Jill the top heroine of this series?

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User Info: TheSkinniMini1

3 years ago#1
Jill is considered the best heroine in the series by most of the fanbase. But my question is why? What makes her a better heroine than every other woman in this series? No this is not a "I hate Jill" topic. I just really want to know bc I don't see it myself.
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User Info: parkourboybryan

3 years ago#2
Because she's one of the first two playable characters and has more starring appearances than any other female at 3, while Claire has 2, and every other female has 1.

Also because she's overcome just as much as any other protagonist, if not more.
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User Info: siberian142

3 years ago#3
I would imagine it's because she is one of the more iconic. She's been with the series from the very beginning and along with Chris, she's been in a lot of games. She's also a fairly safe/likeable character; she's a loyal, cut-and-dry badass devoted to fighting bio-terrorism.

The series has plenty of great female characters, it's just that none of them can really match up in popularity to a character who always gets playable roles. Some of them fill a certain character trope too, IE: seductive spy, etc, or have been around and playable for a much shorter amount of time.

User Info: sbn4

3 years ago#4
Because she was the first character in the first game. Most people probably chose Jill on their first run. Its also worth noting that she was the first character in the series to appear in a non Resident Evil games as well. I always felt her MVC2 appearance didn't make sense. Chris is the better fighter and would fit better in this type of universe. But I guess since she was more recognizable to people she got in. In MVC3 Chris was one of the marquee characters and Jill was a DLC character that few cared about. Which sucks because Jill is so fun to watch.

Even though she's my favorite female, I'd have to say she is the least interesting personality wise. I do like her because of what she's overcome. In fact, I relate very well to Jill based on my own personal life.

But I think her popularity has been hurt lately. Both her appearances in RE5 and Revelations are not enough to some, and I feel Capcom has hurt her in some ways. I love RE5 Jill (both aesthetically and story wise), but I cannot stand what has happened to her in Revelations and REORC. I actually see characters like Ada gaining more fans lately.
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User Info: skermac

3 years ago#5
Because she is hot
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The 1 Executioner 3 years ago#6
skermac posted...
Because she is hot

User Info: Turducken

3 years ago#7
Who else could it be?

User Info: edward18

3 years ago#8
Because she's a female Chris.
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User Info: VioletSystems

3 years ago#9
1. She's overrated
2. She's the first gurl protag
3. She's the gurl protagonist who has the most appearances
4. Because she's a female Chris.

5. Fanboyz
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User Info: slapper1

3 years ago#10
Because she was the first playable female protagonist in the series and because she is essentially an action hero like Chris. Had Claire, Sheva, or possibly even Rebecca appeared in as many playable leading roles as Jill has, then I'm guessing they would achieve equal popularity to Jill or possibly even surpass her due to their more interesting character traits/personalities. That's not to say that I dislike Jill as she is a fairly likeable character, it's just that her static action heroine personality makes her come off as less interesting compared to other females in the series (Sheva has arguably more personality then Jill and she was only in ONE game).

That being said, Claire and Rebecca are my favorite female RE protagonists in the Resident Evil series and I want to see them star in upcoming main title games (although I doubt my wishes will be fulfilled).
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