Saddest character death in the series? *SPOILERS FOR SERIES*

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  3. Saddest character death in the series? *SPOILERS FOR SERIES*

User Info: Dark__Throne

3 years ago#1
Which character death made you most sad? - Results (120 votes)
Edward (RE0)
0% (0 votes)
Richard Aiken (RE1)
1.67% (2 votes)
Enrico Marini (RE1)
1.67% (2 votes)
Annette Birkin (RE2)
10% (12 votes)
Mikhail Victor (RE3)
5.83% (7 votes)
Steve Burnside (RECV)
16.67% (20 votes)
Luis Sera (RE4)
8.33% (10 votes)
Piers Nivans (RE6)
50.83% (61 votes)
Joseph Frost (RE1)
0% (0 votes)
5% (6 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I think I mainly got the main deaths (Unless I'm forgetting some). Some of them are pretty minor like Joseph, Enrico or Richard from RE1 but I decided to include them just for sake of it since I had enough slots to fill in.

Other? That basically exists because I've never played the Outbreak or Survivor games. So I'm assuming there are character deaths that made people sad in those games.

But the only deaths that made me sad were Piers or Steve.

I'm going to vote Steve simply because his death hit somewhere harder because he was developed better then Piers I think.
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User Info: beefybuffalo

3 years ago#2
I don't know if "Sad" is the right word but Mikhail got me, mainly because he Kamikazes himself to save you . I know he was already dying and all but Jill, Carlos and Mikhail could have fought off Nemesis and kept him alive, maybe Carlos synthesizes a second vaccine for him and all three make it out who knows.

Piers is a close second.
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User Info: Ghaszaszh_Nyirh

3 years ago#3
Probably Brad Vickers' death. He was chased by Nemesis for a long time, fought through a zombie infestation and had many close calls, all the while counting down the time until Nemesis found him. Then when he finally gets caught you see him cower against a wall before being lifted up and face raped. Quite sad, especially when you see how damn terrified he is as he's faced with Nemmy's tentacle.
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User Info: sbn4

3 years ago#4
I think the ones who sacrificed themselves (Richard, Mikhail, and Piers) are the saddest.
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User Info: good_tobi

3 years ago#5
Steve Burnside, how he died was not sad but the words he said before his death made it sad for me. Others are just forgettable.

Hmm...if enhanced veronica is the game that Capcom will reveal at E3 next week, it will be nice to see him back.
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User Info: edward18

3 years ago#6
Look, it clearly comes down to Steve or Piers. And I'm gonna have to go with Steve cause he's been around longer and was in like my favorite game of the series whereas Piers 6.

Mikhail went out a true soldier to the end though. Stood right up to Nemesis.
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User Info: jpv2000

3 years ago#7
I went with Piers, but it is nearly a tie with Luis for me.
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User Info: DigimonTrainer

3 years ago#8
All the unnamed, countless civilians of Raccoon City and the world who never had the chance to survive or their story told.

Lolol but seriously, outside of "character" deaths, the ending of RE4 where you realize that the villagers most likely killed their own children is really depressing and solemn.
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User Info: slapper1

3 years ago#9
Mikhail is my pick. The poor guy is heavily wounded and suffering from mental strain when Jill first runs into him but he heroically sacrifices himself to save Jill and Carlos despite his injuries. Born a badass, died a badass. Rest in peace you awesome mofo.
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User Info: IlDanko

3 years ago#10
I would go for Annette.. Was killed by her husband, which was turned into an abomination that looked for her daughter to reproduce with her.. Plus died in regret for being a failure as a mother to Sherry, but at least gave Claire the chance to save her.
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