Saddest character death in the series? *SPOILERS FOR SERIES*

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User Info: elle_sweetie

3 years ago#41
Sbn, no apology necessary as I never thought you came across as jumpy. You were just defending Chris in the game from your viewpoint. Yes I did gather that you still like the character in the same way I'm sure you deduced that I like Piers a lot too.

I definitely agree that Piers' death was bittersweet and I completely understand why they did it so that it gives Chris a reason to finally put his past behind him and to live for all those lives that were lost. Nevertheless I was still upset at it though as it would have been interesting to see the two of them interact some more. The elevator scene was definitely one of the best scenes in the game, I agree, and yes I too thought the same that it was hinting that Chris would step down. Ultimately though as soon as Piers injected himself I guessed the earlier elevator scene was a red herring.

As for the gameplay though well actually I personally think Leon probably fares the best there. The QTE where you have to run from Haos in Chris' scenario could get incredibly annoying especially when teaming up with another player. I'm guessing it might be a lot easier if you just have the AI helping you but that's not how I played the game. I'd also probably say that Leon would have had the best story had it not been for Simmons being overused in his scenario.

Now Claire. There's a character I desperately want to see return to the franchise. I was appalled that she wasn't in this game (even as a cameo) considering everything Chris went through. I mean he becomes a raving, angry alcoholic. Her not appearing goes against everything that she had done up to this point. I think someone has already said this but in the past she doesn't see her brother for two weeks and goes searching for him out of fear for his safety. Here he's gone AWOL for six months and she doesn't even seem to care from what we can gather. I'm guessing that's the case anyway as Sherry namedrops her but doesn't mention anything about Claire being worried for him or anything. So if Claire does return at least I hope they have far better writers for both her and Chris' benefit.

I still stand by what I said though. I really, really cannot see Capcom killing Chris off. They might reduce his appearances to mere cameos but I just can't see him dying. He's become far too ingrained in the whole story not to mention he's the most popular character by far. If Chris doesn't appear in RE7 and only perhaps gets namedropped I wouldn't be completely surprised but if Capcom did kill him off that would completely take me by surprise.

User Info: Crimson_Rex

3 years ago#42
Albert Wesker *cry*
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User Info: Trent_Reston

3 years ago#43
It's not on the list but LEON SCENARIO A when Ada is shot and falls over the side... the music and the desperation from Leon as well as Ada confessing was.... pure greatness for a game in the 90s.
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