Bring The Heat Trophy glitched?

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User Info: xRyudo

3 years ago#1
For some reason this damn trophy refuses to unlock. I'm doing it in the exact same spot as various videos in Chapter 2 of Chris (using Piers ofcourse), but no matter how far away I am, it won't register.

I know for sure I'm hitting the head, because I actually saw the head explode and it still wouldn't pop. The silly part is that there's some videos on YouTube that has people standing behind the pillar (which is actually closer to the target), and they get it right away.

Anyone else ever experience this or know what I can do to somehow fix it if it IS a glitch?

User Info: piecemealcranky

3 years ago#2
Just did this yesterday, um... Yeah I just stood near the starting zone, zoomed in to the guy just before the bridge, and he was crouching down when I got a headshot on him. Took me three restarts.
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User Info: LynchyGod

3 years ago#3
If that doesn't work, try the beginning of Chapter 4.

User Info: 4sakuraHa0

3 years ago#4
I got it last week.

Walk further away as far as possible (but you can still snipe the guy).
I hide behind my overturned car and snipe the guy from there.

It might take a short time(5-10 seconds) for the trophy notification to show up.
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  3. Bring The Heat Trophy glitched?

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