Which characters would you like to be in Resident Evil 7?

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User Info: BlueSalvation

3 years ago#81
Actually, I wouldn't mind seeing her return. I'd like to see how they shape her character after everything that has happened. All I was getting at is she can only return alongside a star powered character at this point. I was just pointing out why she couldn't hold a lead role as her relationship to the stars of Resident Evil are at a minimum. What ties her to them is surviving the mansion incident and interacting with Chris as far as I know. She did survive that, right? My memory is hazy here.

I just feel like Capcom ignored her for this reason. She doesn't have a huge connection with the current primary cast.
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User Info: BasementDude

3 years ago#82
do you guys know how many barry sandwiches i would deliver to them monsters if barry were in another game?
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User Info: Blackfox2240

3 years ago#83
I'd love a Jill and Claire scenario. But separate like the original 2 Resident Evil games.

User Info: hera18

3 years ago#84
I don't ever wanna see Helena again. She already got her revenge, right? Piers too. I love Piers but there's just no way he could've survived the whole underwater facility exploding. Besides, coming back would put his heroic sacrifice to nothing. They should really stop introducing new characters and focus on bringing back those long-forgotten ones. Yes, I'm talking about Claire.
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User Info: bybyr

3 years ago#85
Rebecca, barry, bilky, although I doubt what kind of role they can have in the game already overly convoluted plot.

Jake, sherry, sheva, jill, and ada would also be nice. I think jake and sherry have a potential to replace chris and jill as re poster boy/girl, because they are hot.

User Info: zombiabsol

3 years ago#86
i want to see Claire Carlos and HUNK
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User Info: yamamotohariz

3 years ago#87

1. Leon
2. Chris
3. Claire
4. Sherry
5. Ada
6. Jill

That would be nice. 3 campaign, 2 players each.

User Info: bybyr

3 years ago#88
reading some posts here, I kinda understand why capcom doesn't want to return the old cast. however, at least they can update their whereabouts so the fans are not left off wondering. even wall of texts are fine. or maybe they are just lazy.
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