Resident Evil 7 should be...

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User Info: EQOAnostalgia

3 years ago#1
Just Resident Evil, drop the 7 and start over! This is my DREAM Resident Evil game, it may be rather ambitious but nevertheless it's what i want to see!

Classic style survival horror with a third person camera, (NOT over the shoulder! PULL THE DAM CAMERA BACK!)in an open world environment consisting of The arklay mountains with the spencer mansion leading down into raccoon city complete with the hospital, the RPD city hall and underground areas such as the lab! I mean EVERYTHING from RE 1,2,3, and Zero! Make it offline and online, offline you play as any major character from those earlier games and online you create your own civilian and explore with other survivors (kind of like Outbreak but much bigger and mostly seamless), level up skills and just adventure through the world! Weather effects like fog and rain, day and night cycles!

It may sound ambitious but it CAN be done and it NEEDS to be done! This is my dream game, and if you don't like it dream up your own lol.

User Info: edward18

3 years ago#2
I'm sorry, but I'll keep my REmake thank you very much.
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User Info: IlDanko

3 years ago#3
Actually, that doesn't sounds bad at all.
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User Info: EQOAnostalgia

3 years ago#4
edward18 posted...
I'm sorry, but I'll keep my REmake thank you very much.

As will i, i've had it for over a decade :P

User Info: FreakyFranc

3 years ago#5
Its funny,i always wanted a Resident Evil open world game,heck i think i even made a topic about it somewhere on gamefaqs,if only i could remember where?

(edit) i found it,here's the link

Im kind of sad about this topic i made,because not a single person had the decency to give a positive comment about the idea or even back it up.

User Info: Hewie3

3 years ago#6
I would like one too but I don't know about it being a "main title" in the series. Perhaps a side-game.
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User Info: gantarat

3 years ago#7
I don't know you come gamefaqs too

User Info: Brunozayn

3 years ago#8
You want gameplay from classic resident evil....??

I just want re7 like lost in nightmare
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User Info: TheSkinniMini1

3 years ago#9
This does sound like it could a fun side game I can't lie. Maybe it could be a spin off similar to ORC in that there are familiar characters, yet it's not canon.
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User Info: EQOAnostalgia

3 years ago#10
I see no reason why it can't be cannon, i'm talking about a complete reboot here. 0 all the way up to 3 in one game. Maybe release it in an eposodic fashion idk... i think at least an online spin off with all of these areas would be very very cool, maybe just call it Outbreak 3 or Outbreak Ultimate since Capcom loves that kind of lingo lol. Also what's up Gantarat! Yeah i been coming to gamefaqs for many many years.
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