Resident Evil 7 should be...

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User Info: IlDanko

3 years ago#21
SiLVeR_420 posted...
IlDanko posted...
edward18 posted...
They shouldn't start over at all. Just do it better.

Of course they need. If there's a chance to undo everything post CV then I'll be happy if they take it. And you should be too, especially after knowing how much do you hate the fact that capcom killed umbrella in a one-paragraph intro.

Though Umbrella hasn't ever really been 100% gone.

Its gone, all that was left were posers as Tricell and that awful neo umbrella.
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User Info: SiLVeR_420

3 years ago#22
And wilpharma.
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User Info: Xion14thMember

3 years ago#23
REmake sucked, I'd rather play the classic.
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