Tips for Mercenaries (I've read the FAQ)

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User Info: ManjiSTP

3 years ago#1
The FAQ on here is more to do with maximising your high score, assuming that's the kind of level you're on. At the moment I'm struggling to even stay alive. My last two attempts ended in death after only killing about 20-30 enemies, prior to that I managed to just get a B (my best ever rank) and kill around 60-70 enemies before time ran out.

When I'm not dying, I often seem to just be unable to find any enemies and the combo just just drops. Several times in one game, I'll have a low combo of around 4-8 and then I can't see any enemies at all. For the record, I've completed all chapters including Ada's on Veteran. I would've posted this in the sticky but it's locked.

User Info: piecemealcranky

3 years ago#2
First of all, if you are on solo, trying to kill all enemies with the use of melee will be tougher and solo is just tougher overall. It would be helpful if you have a buddy to play duo with, get used to the three default stages, and learn the locations of time bonuses, combo bonuses, and health items.

Secondly, enemies spawn at different places depending on your current kill count, spawning different types of enemies at different kill counts as well. In solo it is much easier to find enemies for some reason based on my experience.

Thirdly, staying alive might have to do with the characters themselves. I would suggest unlocking all characters first (if you haven't already) and finding a character you can play fine with and stay alive. Start with characters that have more overpowered weapons (like Carla) or more healing items (like Sherry, in this case you'd just need two green herbs at start and you're good).
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User Info: sbn4

3 years ago#3
If you are having issues just staying alive, then you need to go to the skills settings and equip pharmacist. This doubles the effects of herbs. One pill will recover two blocks of health instead of one. Default Jake has the most healing items in stock at the start. But I believe it is the two Sherrys that may net you the best chance of survival. I believe both start with a first aid spray and have red herbs in their inventory.

Start out each run by hunting for green herbs. If you decide not to use the Sherrys then look for green and red. I think Default Chris has the most powerful loadout for killing enemies in general, but he's not a beginner friendly character because he starts with no healing items. There are quite a few healing items in the stages. I believe most have 2 first aid sprays to begin with on top of plenty of herbs.

Since you are also running out of time, I think its best to run around the map and familiarize yourself with all the timers. If you want, grab all the timers first and then start killing. To keep adding time, you can set up melees or coup de grace. Easiest way to melee is headshot and then melee for 5 seconds. Be warned that certain zombies have extra health so this method will not kill them unless you are Chris, Jake, or Ada. Coup de grace can be set up several ways. But the easiest way is to quick shot and then slide into the enemy. But its the most costly stamina wise. Counters are the best way to add time, but I think you should concentrate at one thing at a time.

Its also worth noting some maps generally have slow spawns. I find maps like Catacombs and Creature Workshop to be very slow. But you just need more experience. The enemies will get much tougher towards 100.

If you are interested I have a video or two where I play solo. I can post them or private message them to you if you like. I don't play all MLG pro, but they may help show you how to at least handle some enemies.
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User Info: Goldsickle

3 years ago#4
You shouldn't look out for the on-screen prompt for counter-attack melees.

Instead time yourself with the enemy's attack animation.
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User Info: CaptnMurica

3 years ago#5
which characters do you use on which stages?
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User Info: ManjiSTP

3 years ago#6
Thanks for those tips. That's just the sort of thing I was hoping for. And yes, sbn, please go ahead and post those videos. I'm just wondering, did the previous REs have this complete dependency on combos in their extra modes? I don't remember having this much trouble before. Anyway, I've only played on UC so far, it just seems like it'd be easier due to the layout being open and the enemies seem pretty basic.

The funny thing is, it's actually Sherry that I have most trouble with. I got that B rank I mentioned with Chris (default) and was in no danger of dying. My main problem was keeping the combo going the whole way, and also running out of ammo, but that was just me playing stupidly and not meleeing enough. Playing as Sherry (EX) I had problems with her rifle quick fire shooting several bullets and therefore needing to reload often, and just generally seemed to have really bad luck of a random dog knocking me over or the firemen zombies turning their backs to me as I shot them from close range (boom).

I know about the counter trick, where you aim and then drop the aim while spamming the counter button, but I find it hard to effectively use when surrounded by enemies since I still seem to get hit by an off-camera enemy rather than the one I'm anticipating the attack from. I've seen videos of this and the players there never seem to have this problem (though I've seen people that got around 1.4 million on UC still get grabbed by enemies from time to time, so I guess mistakes happen to us all.)

User Info: 71ravn

3 years ago#7
For Quick Shot=>melee, use an appropriate weapon to ensure you don't kill the target outright.
-Crossbow (Normal)
-Stun Rod

-Assault Rifle
-Assault Rifle RN (running attack)
-Crossbow (Normal)
-Machine Pistol -- to save ammo and reduce chances of inadvertently killing the target, switch the Triple-Shot and MP-AF to single-shot
-Stun Rod -- grounded J'avo will stay down, but grounded zombies may squirm out

-Sniper Rifle

HIGHLY-RESILIENT ENEMIES (EX: Armored Napad/'Rhino Kong', Bloodshot, Whopper)
-Crossbow (Explosive)
Use ground melees from the side around face-down zombies as they might crawl onto you.

Also, don't be afraid to dodge, but be wary of using it in the presence of
-ZOMBIES: Zombies, Zombie Dogs, Bloodshots
-J'AVO: Ruka-Khvatanje (elastic-arm)
For zombie stages, if enemies can time it right, one can finish mauling you only for another to leap on before you can react; for J'avo stages, dodge to sideways around that particular enemy as they can still grab you if you're in range, possibly even mid-dodge.

And lastly, use Square+R2 to auto-mix your herbs -- but be aware that you can't do anything else while mixing them. "Anything else" covers firing/reloading a weapon, climbing/hurdling, dodging/sliding, etc.
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User Info: sbn4

3 years ago#8
Here is one video of me playing the Railyard. Its a J'avo map, but zombies can be tackled similarly in terms of CDGs. In fact, zombies are easier to counter as one bullet will set most of them up for a counter depending on the character. But if you use Chris, that's not even a concern as he decimates zombies. I generally dislike zombie maps as I find them really dumb in general.

Just a note, this is a fairly old video and I have since improved this score/run with Default Chris. But hopefully you can get some idea of how to tackle enemies in general. Urban Chaos is actually the hardest and cheapest map in the game. Zombies are borderline stupid, and the enemies have the most health. Maps like Steel Beast and Mining the Depths are actually simpler. Mining the Depths in particular as the zombies there have no health. The stage is also smaller so spawns are much easier.

I'm not sure why you would have trouble killing with EX Sherry, she has the strongest weapons in the game next to default Chris. The key to countering is getting enemies 2-3 at a time. If you are surrounded by a group. Don't stand still as it will make you and easier target. Also, if you only have 2-3 enemies at a time, its easier to counter the one you want. It becomes much more difficult when you get to 100+ combo.
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User Info: ManjiSTP

3 years ago#9
Well I seem to have actually got worse after reading all this. I just struggled through to getting a D with Chris on UC. I got to 18 combo at most, then couldn't see any other enemies. That happened a bunch of times. I guess it's time to try another map.

@sbn4: The reason I find it so hard with her is that her quick shot seems really slow, to burn through her ammo, and while I'm trying to quick shot -> melee various enemies, a dog always seems to come out of nowhere and pin me down. It's not so much that I have trouble with killing enemies with her, it's that both times I used her I died after a few minutes.

I'm also really not sure how counter attacks work. A lot of the time I don't even get the prompt. Do you have to be facing them directly? It's a bit confusing because sometimes I seem to get a prompt for an enemy I'm not even looking at and aren't trying to counter. I'm also having problems with the "aim trick" for countering since when I'm in the aim stance, I can't see what the hell the enemies are doing around me and just get swamped. In the various videos I've seen, the player never seems to be far away from a load of enemies (so they won't drop their combo) yet at the same time they don't seem to be swarmed. I'm not sure how that works. I'm either being swarmed by a load, or there's none around at all.

User Info: sbn4

3 years ago#10
In the beginning, its best to kill slowly. Don't go crazy with gunning them down and killing them so fast. In the beginning, enemies are really passive and won't attack often. It seems you need to learn enemy attack patterns. Dogs tend to pounce on you after a few barks and they run at you. Or if they are in your face and staring at you, they will pounce a few seconds later.

Sherry's quickshot is very similar to default Chris' so I'm still not sure how this is an issue for you. In fact, Chris' rifle shoots faster than Sherry's.

You do not have to be facing enemies to get a counter prompt. I've hit J'avos that were behind me. Counters in general is another thing that is something you just have to practice and get a feel for. It seems hard at first, but its actually really easy. RE6 Mercenaries in general is a much easier game than its predecessor. Its just cheaply designed to provide a sense of challenge. Practicing the timing is all I can really say. I've also never been a fan of the aiming method.

There is another method. You can look it up on YT. I believe if you kept spamming the "praise" command and holding the counter button, you will get a counter every time. Don't quote me but it my be worth looking into.
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