Best resident evil soundtrack?

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User Info: Brunozayn

3 years ago#1
For me pray - Resident evil 5

It's really beautiful and sad
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User Info: piecemealcranky

3 years ago#2
Not a fan of their OSTs (especially when they were often compared to the Silent Hill series back in the day; inferior in every way IMO) but I really have a nostalgic feeling everytime I listen to RE2 and Outbreak. RE3 not so much but 2 was definitely one of my favorites in terms of the more formal arranged pieces (like the one at the hall in the police department).
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User Info: edward18

3 years ago#3
Close tie between CV and 2, but I'd have to say CV. Has a lot more songs that are actually like songs and much more orchestral and grand. 2's main driving points are things like the Third Malformation of G (which I've NEVER understood why they left out of Darkside since it's practically a main theme of the game) and the Self Destruct Sequence and the final fight with the T-103 and stuff.

I would've said Remake, but that more or less has ambient noises as melodies (which is good, just not as much of "songs" as the others).

Oh, and no one ever forgets the Outbreak Theme and Third Time's the Charm.

Another honorable mention has to be Nemesis' final fight theme.
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User Info: FreakyFranc

3 years ago#5
Freakin' RE2 soundtrack.

I tell ya of all of the games in the series,dat game had a real good horror soundtrack.

User Info: Dark__Throne

3 years ago#6
REmake is by far the scariest but I gotta go with Code Veronica. Every track is a masterpiece in that game
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User Info: good_tobi

3 years ago#7
Don't need sharingan to see this.

User Info: Blackfox2240

3 years ago#8
They all have amazing tracks. I think overall I'd have to say 2,3, or Code Veronica X.

User Info: ItsAboutStyle

3 years ago#9
REmake. Although RE2 is definitely pretty damn close (its nostalgic effect it has over me doesn't help). Also, as awful as I think CVX is, it does have an awesome OST.
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User Info: GiftedACIII

3 years ago#10
5, by far, followed by RE2 and CV.
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