What Would you do in a zombie apocalypse?

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User Info: neetking0021

3 years ago#1
If a real life zombie apocalypse were to happen, what would you do? Who would you call? Where would you go? How would you defend yourself?

Just a thought that came up when playing the game xD
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User Info: BlueSalvation

3 years ago#2
I'd die. Almost immediately.
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User Info: parkourboybryan

3 years ago#3
In the case of RE, if I wasn't part of the 95% of the population wiped out in the initial siege, then I'd probably focus on just getting out of town. I'm agile enough that I can outmaneuver the zombies and most of the B.O.W.s, but I'd probably have a problem with the Hunters, Grave Digger, and Dogs.

That's the problem though, it seems that in all RE games, not just the early ones, the main characters are incapable of doing simple climbing. You'd think with Jill's athleticism in RE3, she'd easily be able to run, jump, and climb over everything. Nemesis was certainly faster, but she's more agile. A few rail jumps and wall climbs and she's golden. Same went for Leon/Helena in Tall Oaks and Kevin/David/Alyssa in Outbreak
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User Info: Hewie3

3 years ago#4
The thing is though, if an RE outbreak happened for real nearly all of us would be screwed as there aren't shotguns, grenade launchers, & handguns around every corner so when it came to hunters, tyrants, lickers, etc, we would probably be screwed unless we could sneak by.
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User Info: slapper1

3 years ago#5
Depends on how quickly the initial infection spreads as if I'm in a city and it breaks out quickly then I'm almost certainly dead. If I'm not one of the initial ones to die/get infected, I'd get the hell out of dodge asap. Thankfully I'm both fast and strong so I would have a slim chance of getting out alive so long as I didn't run into any special infected (Hunters, pack of Lickers, Chimera's, any Tyrants/Tryant class enemy, ect) and I kept my wits about me. I'd still put my chances to be extremely slim that I'll escape with my life as the RE series does not f*** around with it's monsters, so that kinda sucks lol.
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User Info: FearOfTheLight

3 years ago#6
It really depends on the infection characteristics, zone of dispersal and containment possibilities.

Whether the infection spread among people in rural or urban areas. How our Government would react accordingly, as well as additional assistance from our neighbouring provinces once news breaks out.

Factoring all those reasons, I'd have to look at it from a practical stand-point. Living so far off from downtown central (the suburbs are really quiet out here) I'd have the isolated advantage of barricading my house.

If all else fails, wear the swimming trunks, fill up the bathtub, plug in the toaster, soak in, philosophize the last few moments and zap out...
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User Info: ManjiSTP

3 years ago#7
I think the same thing I do every day anyway; sit at home and go on the internet. I live on the 2nd floor so I'd feel quite safe in here. I'd just have to go on a few runs up to the two convenience stores a few minutes walk away to stock up on tinned food.

If we're talking about things like Lickers or Hunters being part of the outbreak, then I'd be completely screwed.

>"That's the problem though, it seems that in all RE games, not just the early ones, the main characters are incapable of doing simple climbing."
To be fair, that continues to the most recent ones, too. Most of the time Leon's progress is impeded in RE4 because he can't climb over a wall or gate. There are parts in RE6 where you have to take an entirely different route because of a waist high barricade that isn't programmed to be climbable. At least for most of the time in RE1 and 2, they're in a maze-like building so the only way between each area is through a (possibly locked) door.

User Info: 71ravn

3 years ago#8
@Manji: Don't forget to stock up on Twinkies.
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User Info: Relentless639

3 years ago#9
If the zombies were like, slow, I'd probably use blades to decapitate and dismember them. They also appear to be easy to make trip with a swift kick in the legs.

I wouldn't mind a zombie outbreak just for the curiosity of seeing how many actual zombies are in a horde in a given area. Because series like L4D and TWD (tv) make it look like those zones were overpopulated like China.

User Info: IlDanko

3 years ago#10
Stay in my apartment until I'm out of food...then go to the grocery store across the street really quick, scavenge some supplies and return to my home... I think I could manage to survive for a couple of months.
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