Resident Evil: Revelations 2 possible leak and Evil Within footage

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User Info: Da Dood

Da Dood
3 years ago#91
GodofLegend posted...
I just got Silent Hill HD and so far I'm enjoying the gameplay( most of it anyway), but the entire horror "part" had been a complete miss. I simply can't get into it....

How is Fatal Frame? Would any of you guys recommend it?

Both FF and Silent Hill rely on moody/disturbing sights and sounds to set the atmosphere. That said, of course, you don't have to be scared to enjoy these games. Fatal Frame is a typical Japanese ghost story. If you've seen movies like Dark Water and Ju-on, the tone is something like that. Ghosts appear frequently, although jump scares where something pops in your face with a loud noise are rare (in the first game at least).

The game's structure is similar to RE, a big mansion that you explore and backtrack for key items and puzzle solving. Sometimes they block entire sections of the mansion, but even then you still walk around a lot. I say 'walk' because the main character's (lack of) speed is a common complaint.

Combat is done entirely in first person view. You capture ghosts by taking their pictures with a special camera. Depending on how good your shot was (centered, multiple targets, taken right before getting hit, etc.), you deal considerably higher damage and earn more experience. Exp. points can be used to upgrade the camera's range, speed and power, and to buy secondary functions (like freezing the enemy). Takes a while to get used to the camera 'cause you can't run while shooting, and some ghosts teleport all over the place. For that reason, you should always learn their pattern before shooting. The ghosts also deal a ton of damage, even early on.

Ammo is not an issue in Fatal Frame, as you can restock on the weakest film at any save point. The stronger ammo types are a bit scarce, however. Healing items are finite, though there's definitely more than enough to get through the game. It's not a very difficult game to survive, it's just tricky to get used to the different combat mechanics and enemy design. My first time through was a disaster in the beginning, but fortunately it clicked at some point.
And this time!
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