Cheating in multiplayer

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User Info: ManjiSTP

3 years ago#1
Just playing Agent Hunt and there's a Jake and Sherry that just can't seem to be killed. It's hard to say if they're playing duo or if it's a solo guy with AI because while only Sherry seems to shoot anything, Jake runs around in circles and does very weird things only a human would (or an NPC in a Bethesda game).

Me and some other guys have trapped them with Strelat shots and all sorts of other things but they won't go down. Is this all that common in RE6? It's the first time I've seen anything like this - I mean, who really needs to be invincible in Agent Hunt mode when the agents have such a huge advantage anyway - AND you can have infinite magnums and so on.

User Info: KeyToTruth12

3 years ago#2
Lag, maybe?
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User Info: SSJ_Jin

3 years ago#3
IIRC when you get killed then you drop health sprays for the people to pick up. So that could be why.

User Info: piecemealcranky

3 years ago#4
Haven't played survivors but I've had a guy with 99999999 points join in Mercenaries before... -_-
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User Info: BlueSalvation

3 years ago#5
Actually, I think your claims hold weight Manji. 2 days ago I joined a Helena game and played as Leon (I don't remember the online players name, but it had 5 numbers at the end). Everything was going normal and I was doing my best to be a team player. After a while of observing that Helena player's name always staying green despite taking damage from enemies, I became suspicious and decided to experiment.

Instead of helping Helena out of grabs I just let a zombie chew on her. Name was still green. No health tabs or first aids used. Another zombie attacked and chewed on her as I watched out of curiosity. User still remained green. Again, no meds used. Next enemy got her in a grab and I placed a bomb next to them. Killing the zombie and knocking her down. User name color stayed green and still, no health tabs or first aid sprays used.

I just quit the game because that took away the challenge of looking after your co-op partner. Based on my experiment, I can conclude there is cheating of this nature. Heck if you go on RE5 online, people have done all kinds of crazy cheats in it. RE6 isn't immune to the same treatment and I think it's the most low key cheat that most people don't notice.
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User Info: ManjiSTP

3 years ago#6
@SSJ_Jin and KeyToTruth12: This happened over a long period of time where me and the other hunter players were looking at Sherry or Jake the whole time, attacking them relentlessly and not being killed. They wouldn't really fight back for the most part, and we'd be knocking one or both of them onto the floor about 6 times in a row, then spitting acid on them, and Sherry wouldn't even be limping. Oddly, Jake would end up limping eventually but wouldn't visibly heal and still wouldn't die. As I said, it was even stranger because Jake was just mindlessly running into walls and tables, or running in circles. It reminded me of a bot in an MMO. It wasn't just the AI going crazy because he and Sherry would separate by long distances.

@piecemealcranky: Yeah, you'd think they'd be a bit more subtle with their cheating...

@BlueSalvation: That definitely sounds like the player had god mode on. It's particularly sad to cheat in co-op since it you aren't even competing with anyone.
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