Needs more Jill and Claire

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User Info: CTU_007

5 years ago#1
Jill because she makes everything awesome

Claire because she hasn't been in a main game in 12 years :(

User Info: Spiritlittle

5 years ago#2
Completely agree. I'm sick of Leon and Chirs. But a little bit of Rebecca would be nice, too...

User Info: Tartarusauce

5 years ago#3
Claire was in Darkside Chronicles but yes... I want to see Claire again!
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User Info: TheWayOfTheGun

5 years ago#4
Claire is the best damn character in the series I tell ya! And she was lookin mighty fine in Darkside Chronicles, mighty fine indeed.

RE7: Claire and Billy as the main characters ftw!

User Info: CTU_007

5 years ago#5
Claire's appearance in Darkside Chronicles doesn't count because she only appeared in a retelling of RE2 and CVX. She should have gotten a brand new story like Leon did in the South America scenario.
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User Info: halfassedcomics

5 years ago#8
I agree. I actually want to see Claire again AND control her. Darkside is lightgun so it didn't do it for me.
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User Info: sknmak

5 years ago#9

From: Spiritlittle | #002
Completely agree. I'm sick of Leon and Chirs

What......Leon never gets old [pun intended].....but hell with Chris. He's been overused and his time is up. He's in so many RE including Jill. I love Jill and all....but still I prefer Claire or Ada.....I wanna see some different characters in HD. Hell I loved Hunk in RE4.....I want to play as him in RE6. Well that is if my hype for the game rises and I actually purchase it.
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User Info: WellKnownNomad

5 years ago#10
maybe they aren't in this game because Claire and Jill met each other and decided to experiment on each other sexually
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