Imagine if Leon and Chris were co-op partners.

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  3. Imagine if Leon and Chris were co-op partners.

User Info: Z__UNiT

5 years ago#1
That would make this game a day one purchase
Self confessed Radioheadhead.

User Info: SoundNetwork

5 years ago#2
*leon runs from boulder like a girl*
*chris saves leon by punching it away*

User Info: lightning_hands

5 years ago#3
Leon would parkour over buildings, cling to ledges, and crack-wise ass remarks while looking sexy as all hell.

Chris would flex his biceps and infected's brains would explode from the the glorious radiance....

Ahhhh Resident Evil Fanboyism. Everything seems more awesome guised in your lens.

User Info: BertMacklin

5 years ago#4
I'd be willing to bet they make this scenario a reality at some point in RE:6

User Info: Super-Writer

5 years ago#5

This Game - Instant buy

Chris/Leon Co-op - Preorder

Barry Burton Cameo - Preorder 2 copies

Barry Burton Playable - Break in Warehouse and steal an early copy.

User Info: aburame13

5 years ago#6
It would be absolutely amazing if they did and I reeeeally hope they don't get lazy.

Although i'm not too sure if the current gen consoles can handle all the manliness that will radiate from that team up...
"Why eat? You're just going to **** it out later."

User Info: Z__UNiT

5 years ago#7
Leon taps A to run from boulders

Chris taps A to punch boulders.

between the two of them, they have all boulder related liabilities covered.
Self confessed Radioheadhead.

User Info: FatalxInnocence

5 years ago#8
It's bound to happen at some point in the story. If not, there's always mercenaries? or whatever mini game they decide to throw in this.

Besides, didn't they say the stories intertwine somehow?

User Info: SummerHero45

5 years ago#9
it wouldnt be fair for the zombies and other badies if chris and leon were coop partners...

User Info: astaroth1234

5 years ago#10
Leon Fights against the Gigante head on
While Chris hides behind a 50 cal.

Chris might punch boulders like a bad ***
But Still Leon has the Cojones to go up against Gigantes and not cower away behind a 50 cal machinegun.
I got reset, however they didnt reset my deaths, so at this point in time i have 148 kills and 6169 deaths, which gives me an epic k/d of 0.02! - Phil
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  3. Imagine if Leon and Chris were co-op partners.

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