Change to Co-op Gameplay.

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User Info: specialkid8

5 years ago#11
Mr_arizona posted...
From the trailer I'm seeing a Silent Hill / Gears Of War crossover and more and more anything having to do with with the old RE games are dieing out.Really Capcom is leaving old fans and trying to lure the COD/Halo fans into this franchise. I hope all this action doesn't kill the tension the other RE games had. Even RE4 had it's moments that fell in line with the past games.

The trailer is supposed to be filled with action. It's supposed to lure people in. We know nothing about this game,and your claims are just unfounded.

User Info: brickstyles

5 years ago#12
I'd love it if you had 3 different CO-OP experiences going on at the same time. Like what if you could play with up to six friends. But your all not in the same area Leon/Girl are in Washington, Chris/New Guy are in China, and Ashley/Hunk? are in another area of Washington or another city.

You're all playing together at the same time enjoying different experiences. And depending on how well you do it could change the out come of the game. Which of course the final chapter of the game you all end up fighting together. It could be a much larger take on one of my favorite aspects of RE:2 which was it's "Zapping System"

User Info: jawmuncher

5 years ago#13
RE5 gets far more hate than it really deserves.
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User Info: Bristow84

5 years ago#14
^I agree.
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User Info: xWade42x

5 years ago#15
Bristow84 posted...
^I agree.

Very true.
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