RE6 will NOT be released this year!

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User Info: salmanyousif

5 years ago#1

The news it just too good to be true. Doesn't it seem a little bit too early to release the game especially since ORC is not even released yet? (I know that RE:ORC is being developed by Slant Six Games)

I have a bad feeling that one of the two will happen:

1. The game will be delayed (be released mid-late 2013)

2. The game will be a disappointment for being released too early.

Trust me, this is one the of the best news I have ever heard for a very long time. RE4 and 5 were one of the best games I have ever played. 

I can't believe that they will release a RE6 by Nov20th that will be as good as R4 or RE5. The news seems too good to be true. 

I will be really glad if someone will prove me wrong!

User Info: Sombrero_Shadow

5 years ago#2
Resident Evil 6 has now been in development for 3 years. It will have been almost 4 years when the release date comes up.

Capcom revealed on the Stream today that the game has the most people working on it in the history of Capcom games.

Usually Resident Evil games take a while because they have to both get used to the hardware and usually they scrap ideas and builds and make new ones in development.

In this game, they are able to release a game on the same console they are familiar with as well and it seems they are aiming to make this the largest Resident Evil game without scrapped concepts and so they don't have to scrap it and start again since they know the direction they want to go with this.
Only if you pay me.

User Info: EpicVGKing

5 years ago#3
I didn't believe the release date when I saw it. I know they've been working on it for years now but I don't think November's a good month.

You know they really want their profits and since more and more gamers are tracking new games months before release over the internet now, why would they want to release it a week after the yearly behemoth that is Call of Duty releases?
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