Am I the only one who enjoyed Resi 5? (spoilers for 5 maybe)

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User Info: Shadow_n_Knux

6 years ago#1

I always hear a lot of hate about it.  Now I would not call it my favourite in the series (REmake and 4 tie for that prize) but I still enjoyed it a great deal.  I especially enjoyed Wesker's demise, two rockets to the face whilst boiling alive in a volcano!?  That's how I want to go.  Don't get me wrong I liked the character but I prefer when the villain is a faceless organisation such as Umbrella or terrorists rather than one person.  I know it's not scary but CAPCOM seem to be learning from that with revelations, DSC and Leon's sections in 6 proving that they are trying incorporate horror with the modern style of gameplay (something which I should add did save the series.)  Before I finish I'd just like to mention Sheva.  Yes, she's annoying, but she is also a step forward for Video Game characters.  African males are rare breed of hero in video games so it was nice to see anAfrican female share the lead role, especially one that wasn't overtly sexualised as most female VG characters.  Yes her secret costumes were a bit revealing but even Samus Aran shows up in a space bikini now and then, plus Chris got his shirt off too for his mad max costume.  Also gameplay wise, I'm a fan of both styles so I enjoyed that factor aswell.

User Info: C_Dub7

6 years ago#2
The hate for RE5 in a nutshell.


Oh, and Chris being on steroids apparently.
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User Info: ViEtNoBoY

6 years ago#3
Ok, first, paragraphs would have made your post slightly easier to read.

I personally enjoyed Resident Evil 5, and I didn't mind having Wesker's image as the man of evil. It suited him and his personality.

I also like to add, I think you're crazy for thinking Sheva wasn't sexualised. There's a difference between her and Samus if I say so myself. Not that I'm complaining. I thought she was a great addition to the series, but I'm doubtful she'll be returning to the series. Her interest lie with her country, not outbreaks around the world.
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User Info: DarkSymbiote

6 years ago#4
I enjoyed Resident Evil 5. It's just that I didn't enjoy it as a Resident Evil. Know what I mean?
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User Info: Yno

6 years ago#5
As a resident evil game, meh.

As one of the few awesome split screen experiences I can have with my honey, kickass game.

User Info: SummerHero45

6 years ago#6
i loved it, whether it was resident evil-esque or not, still a fun game.

User Info: LazyyAmerican

6 years ago#7
Great game...and look it added more memes to the internet as well. Win win :).
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User Info: EvVv3

6 years ago#8
fantastic game but i dont consider it Resident Evil
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User Info: TheGrandFinale

6 years ago#9
I loved playing it with a friend who's a huge RE lore fanboy like me. It's a blast in coop. But it's still a less intelligent and thought out version of RE4.

It's not the terrible game the majority would like you to believe but it's far from the series's top tier. A good game anyway. Loved the DLC too.

User Info: JohnnyShred612

6 years ago#10
Great game, not scary at all.

That's the consensus, not that it's bad.
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