RE5=RE4 with Co-op

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User Info: qbertmaster

5 years ago#11
DarthRLink posted...
^Explain. Detail each way that RE5 is a complete failure and how RE4 was god's gift to gaming and not how the Resident Evil series jumped the shark.

Okay... I'll try...

1. Forced AI Co-Op had sacrificed the single player experience. RE's have been a long running line of single player games with a sense of isolation which increases tension and horror. In 5, you never feel that.
1.5 Sheva's AI is a fail
2. Short of the swamp and the place with the sun lasers, almost completely linear, shoot your way through levels. 4's levels had great design and I felt like I was in the village, castle, base. In 5, I felt like I was going throught levels on a generic FPS
3. RE5 clearly reused death animations from 4
4. Generic enemies are underwhelming, the increase of KILLING melee options and the addition of the partner made fights very easy
5. Unimaginative boss fights, whereas 4's were all solid. 5 even resorts to an arcade style shoot 'em up for a boss fight
6. Too many enemies with guns when the game wasn't designed to be a shooter; why wouldn't they add a cover system in general instead of designated interactive cover if gun toting enemies are abundant?
7. One, stupid easy puzzle
8. Uninspired ideas such as the hammer of dawn from gears of war/borrowed heavily from 4
9. No atmosphere, at all
10. Textbook definition of co-op where you need two people to press buttons, pull levers, whatever
11. No need to find save points or merchants. The former can be done whenever and the latter can be done between chapters, upon loading, and upon death; ruins RE identity
12. Abundance of ammo and money, ruins horror feel. 4 had this, but it was kept in check by the inability to get ammo for selling weapons/inability to grind
13. You can grind. Why oh why is this in RE
13.5 Why didn't anyone forsee rotten egg duplication exploit? Nice one Capcom
14. Terrible pacing, 4 had a great alteration between slow and fast segments and had transition from day to night which paralleled the situation becoming more grim, and when it became day again it assumed a cinematic epicness. 5 had an entire nighttime sequence be an arcade shooter and the other nighttime part had even more shooting; ruining its chances to become more horrific
15. predictable plot twist
16. shorter than Re4
17. Just wasn't very fun. The best parts were fighting the lickers and the public assembly because there was a little bit of urgency and survival without the frustration of projectiles

I do admit i exaggerated by saying 4 was perfect, but it is an incredible game and certainly less flawed/uninspired than 5.
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User Info: Mr Stick

Mr Stick
5 years ago#12
I love both games.

Pains me to see people still pretending RE5 isn't just RE4 with co-op though.

All the areas, types of Majini/Ganado and normal enemies were repeated in both games but now they are slightly different.

Bosses were different, but if anything RE5's were more impressive, and huge (RE4's only huge one being stationary).

They're the same, though, with some liberties. It just comes down to preference, but you're kidding yourself if you don't think they are ridiculously similar.

RE5 copied and pasted everything from RE4 and dressed it up fancy.

And okay, good for your exaggeration on Sheva's AI, but oh man, she actually shoots/does something, unlike Ashley.

Also, forced co-op's been around since RE0.
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User Info: DarthRLink

5 years ago#13
Sheva's AI>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The average player on XBL/PSN
For Professional anyway.
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User Info: RafNasty

5 years ago#14
Why isn't this topic in the RE5 board? This game is Resident Evil SIX
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User Info: P00DGE

5 years ago#15
shotgunheadshot posted...

I agree. People are way overrating re4 with a passion.

Spoiler Alert on life: There is no such thing as something that is overrated. "Overrated" is a made up word that doesn't apply to a single thing in existence. It is just a word people use when something they didn't care for or love gets alot of love from everyone else. They think their opinion is better than the majority's, and thus negate their opinions by labeling it as "overrated". When in fact, the item in question is widely loved, for one reason or another. Obviously, there is a reason people loved it so much, and their opinions are no better or worst than yours. You simply have different tastes, and they happen to not match a majority of people's in this scenario. That does not make something "overrated"... it just makes you conceited and spiteful for trying to bring down other people's opinions and preferences because you believe in something different.

GO ahead and continue to not share the same tastes as everyone else, no one cares. But realize that RE4 did do something very special for a majority of people, regardless of how you feel. It won Game of the Year after all. Just accept the fact that a majority of gamers fell in love with the game, and that you have different tastes than those people.
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