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User Info: OmegacCode

6 years ago#1
I wish they'd have rebooted the series to be honest even though I'm excited for this game. They could've taken the game in many different directions.

On a side note other games I'd like to see have another shot are:
Parasite Eve 1,2
Kingdom Hearts 1,2
Dino Crisis
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User Info: Tufty1988

6 years ago#2

I'm glad that they haven't completely rebooted the series, I like the way that the story and the characters have progressed.

User Info: edwiniseman

6 years ago#3
RE doen't need a reboot, it needs a conclusion. I thought everything was summed up nicely in RE5 since the main villain was dead, then boom, like 20 REs spawn from it. The madness must stop, and I'm hoping RE6 puts a cap on it before Capcom starts milking the dead horse...

Also, PE doesn't need a reboot, but a HD remake. The story is solid as is, they don't need to add anything else to it which is what they tend to do with reboots.

KH ended at 2 with me anyway, so couldn't care less for a reboot. Also, seems kinda too soon for one anyway.

And I agree, bring back Dino Crisis! You have the technology, Capcom.

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